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Noem Loses Two More Staffers

Maybe instead of paying out-of-state Republican consultants to search for new staff, Governor Noem should just give that money to her own staff to keep them from quitting. Austin Goss reports more staff churn in the Governor’s office:

Caroline Thorman, Noem’s Policy Advisor and Federal Liason, moved on from the office sometime on May 17th.

Julie Muldoon, a former Director of Coalitions and Policy Advisor, moved on from the office May 28th. Muldoon will become the Vice President of Public Affairs at Finseca.

Thorman had only served in her role since October of 2020, replacing Noem’s daughter after she departed a few months before [Austin Goss, “Noem’s Office Sees Two More Staff Departures,” KSFY, 2021.06.07].

Goss notes that Finseca is the same financial security firm that pulled Maggie Seidel away from Team Noem in April. Funny: Seidel was going to be Vice President of Public Affairs and Marketing, while Muldoon is going to be Vice President of Public Affairs. Finseca must have enough public affairs for two vice presidents.


  1. Nick Nemec 2021-06-08 08:51

    Resume padding by the right wing.

  2. Donald Pay 2021-06-08 09:48

    I suppose you could call it resume padding, but it’s more that people try to find a “gig” that they want to try out for a couple years. This is more a pattern of employment you see these days in people under forty. My daughter has a similar pattern in China. If I’m honest with myself, it fits my pattern of employment until I moved out of South Dakota. I usually had two or three gigs at once or in rapid succession. It was only in Wisconsin that I found any job security at all.

  3. John Dale 2021-06-08 10:11

    There is no shortage of amazing and talented people who would step-up and help Governor Noem if called upon.

    Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

  4. Jerry 2021-06-08 13:28

    Seidel is a Senior Vice President according to her LinkedIn… looks like she pulled Muldoon to work for her.

  5. Porter Lansing 2021-06-08 13:49

    Still can’t find a job, huh John Dale?

  6. Eve Fisher 2021-06-08 13:57

    I just looked up Finseca. It’s mission statements says: “To advocate for the financial security profession, develop and grow its leaders, and promote the noble and necessary work our members do to provide financial and retirement security for the individuals, families, and businesses they serve.”
    In other words, all they do is public relations, i.e., bloviate. Sounds like the perfect gig for an ex-Noem employee.

  7. Mark Anderson 2021-06-08 15:08

    Well, she needs staff that know she’s going to run for higher office, she would look good for trump now wouldn’t she? Much better than DeSantis, better voice, and where would trump grab Desantis?

  8. John 2021-06-08 17:37

    “Public relations” is nothing more than propaganda. It was invented in the President Wilson era to whip up faux support, nationalism, and xenophobia to support Wilson’s about-face to get the US in WWI.
    Those WWI enemies turned propaganda, er, public relations, into a high art form in the decades following WWI.
    The present US and UK right wings are further stretching the truth and truthiness.
    The origin: read here.

    When the words “public relations” pass my eyes or ears, what I see or hear is, lying liars.

  9. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-06-08 18:15

    Eve: right! Finseca isn’t really providing financial security; they just talk a lot about doing it… so working for Noem would be perfect training.

  10. Arlo Blundt 2021-06-08 21:39

    Well…frankly unbelievable..doesn’t the Governor know anybody in South Dakota??? We have a story today about the investment council hiring bright young people from our Universities to do gang buster business and we have to hire some Trump syncopant in Kansas to find a graduate from Hillsdale College or somewhere. Stunningly stupid. policy and a totally out of touch management style.

  11. Laurisa 2021-06-10 20:33

    John Dale, anyone truly “amazing and talented” would have enough brains and sense not to want to have anything to do with Fascist Trainwreck Noem!

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