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Board on Geographic Names Approves “Arikara Creek” for Often Dry Run Near Pierre

Bob Mercer reports that the South Dakota Board on Geographic Names has proposed naming a creek south of Pierre Arikara Creek, in recognition of the tribe that inhabited the area hundreds of years ago. The name was suggested by Joseph Ashley, a member of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe with Rosebud tribe affiliation and a program specialist at the Department of Social Services. Ashley’s suggestion got a second from his Pierre Riggs 1979 chum Troy Jones of Sioux Falls:

Troy Jones, excerpt, e-mail to SDBGN Chair June Hansen, 2020.10.09.
Troy Jones, excerpt, e-mail to SDBGN Chair June Hansen, 2020.10.09.

“Arikara Creek” received mild opposition from one Tish Gilmore, who suggested that the Arikara deserve more robust recognition than their name on a mostly dry watercourse:

Tish Gilmore, excerpt, e-mail to SDBGN Chair June Hansen, 2020.10.13.
Leticia Gilmore, excerpt, e-mail to SDBGN Chair June Hansen, 2020.10.13.

Dribbling, weak, and faltering? Suggestions will surely abound from the peanut gallery. Given other names proposed to the board—”Crone Creek” from Gilmore, “Mush Creek” from fellow local Nancy Dewell—perhaps the perfect name would be Kristi Creek. Ah, alliteration….

South Dakota’s name board now forwards “Arikara Creek” to the United States Board on Geographic Names for final approval.


  1. Bob Newland 2020-12-07 11:49

    “Dribbling, weak, and faltering?…—perhaps the perfect name would be Kristi Creek.”

    Those are rather complimentary adjectives for the regime of Kween Kristi.

  2. Mark Anderson 2020-12-07 15:40

    Good name, there are rock circles on the farm near Hosmer where my wife grew up and she owns some of the land. Perhaps they were put there by the Arikara a few centuries ago. Won’t ever be moved. Its something to stand by them and wonder. Its a beautiful and desolate place where I’m sure they hunted buffalo and moved on. Anyway, someone put them there centuries ago.

  3. cibvet 2020-12-07 23:42

    Quite appropriate Mr. Newland although I suggest Kween Kristi Kreek

  4. Troy 2020-12-11 20:19

    First, I’m embarrassed by my typos. I wrote the paper over 35 years ago.

    Second, I get the tendency to always try to make fun of things to score political points. But, doesn’t it sometimes get tiring?

    Third, I’m not sure I ever “explored” this particular creek growing up but it was a common summer activity. I often remember us coming back and trying to find out the history on why the gulch, creek, etc. had its name. Whenever I learned the history, I was richer for it. As will someday a small kid in Hughest County doing as I did.

    Finally, and most important, Joe Ashley is one of the most thoughtful people I know. He’s such a good thoughtful guy, his take on me would be a bit more nuanced. If he recommends something, he has thought about it, looked at it from all sides, and goes forward. People who the little things like this deserve appreciation. Thanks Big Guy.

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