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White House Tells Noem Mask Mandates Work Against Coronavirus

The Center for Public Integrity continues to collect the White House Coronavirus Task Force reports to states that Governor Kristi Noem is trying to keep secret. KELO-TV notices that the Center for Public Integrity scored a coup before Thanksgiving and obtained the full 50-state set of reports issued November 22 and reads that the White House itself once again contradicts Noem, saying that putting on masks is far more effective than sticking our heads in the sand:

“Given the extraordinarily high test positivity and incidence, among the highest in the world, aggressive measures to limit additional hospital overruns and preventable mortality are warranted and strongly recommended,” the task force said in its Nov. 22 report.

…“Requirements for face coverings, especially in indoor public or commercial settings, have been shown to improve adherence and lower transmission,” the report said in recommendations to South Dakota officials.

All 50 states should “ensure that masks are worn at all times in public, increase physical social distancing through significant reduction in capacity in private and public indoor spaces and ensure that every American understands the clear risks of ANY family or friend interactions outside their immediate household indoors without masks,” the report said [Rae Yost, “White House Task Force Says South Dakota Needs Aggressive Covid-19 Measures,” KELO-TV, 2020.12.01].

I can’t wait for Noem spinster Maggie Seidel blast back at Team Trump, “Mask mandates don’t work—they haven’t worked anywhere in the world. We respectfully request that the White House cover the facts.”


  1. John Dale 2020-12-03

    I found nothing compelling in the evidence you linked.

    If you’re sick, stay home. Masks do little to stop the spread of viruses from sick people.

    Did you notice that “covid-19” has been changed to “coronavirus” in MN?

    The fascism will come for you, too, eventually.

    It’s time to bolster the spine.

    Are you ready for what is coming?


  2. Jenny 2020-12-03

    You really and I mean really really really need some quality things to do in your life, Dale. It would get your mind off your paranoid schizophrenia.

  3. Mark Anderson 2020-12-03

    Gee john, I’m always ready with my Q stencil just like you. Kristi’s just proving the Ronnie statement that government doesn’t work, hers doesn’t. So just ignore Vermont and the far east, Australia and especially New Zealand. Its just so horrible that people are shamed into wearing masks, right Kristi? She will continue to lie about the effectiveness of masks. Kristi’s a trumpie like desantis and they learned at the Donnie apple seeds events across America. They don’t care folks, they have bigger ambitions

  4. mike from iowa 2020-12-03

    Here are the death rates per 100,000 residents over the last week, according to the CDC.

    South Dakota 2.1
    North Dakota 1.3
    New Mexico 1.2
    Illinois 1
    Iowa 0.9
    Michigan 0.9
    Montana 0.9
    Rhode Island 0.9
    Guam 0.8
    Indiana 0.8
    Minnesota 0.8

    Ever heasrd of South Dakota? Must be run by a bunch of noem nothing wingnuts.

  5. james 2020-12-03

    I believe that historians will write:

    “They knew what worked. They knew that masks were effective at slowing the spread of the virus and social distancing worked as well. They knew to avoid crowds and large indoor activities. They were aware of the need for increased testing. They knew Covid-19 wouldn’t just disappear. They ignored all that they knew. Instead, the Republican Party and it’s leaders chose a broad path of deadly lies.”

  6. Jenny 2020-12-03

    Democrats always knew that republicans were never focused on the Common Good, we just didn’t realize how extreme and misguided their freedom and money fetishes had gotten where they still don’t care when human lives are lost.

  7. Eve Fisher 2020-12-03

    James & Jenny – you’re both 100% right.
    The GOP has spent most of the last 40 years trying to prove Reagan’s statement about government by getting elected, robbing the till, gerrymandering their own seats until they are almost undefeatable, and doing nothing for any Americans who make less than a 6 figure income. And now that the largest # of American citizens in history turned out to vote – and 8 million more of them voted for Biden than for Trump – they are actively pursuing subverting the Constitution, our rights, and democracy itself in order to maintain power. Or at the very least, they are staying silent while others do the dirty work. All while ignoring the wildfire spread of the worst pandemic in modern history.
    Always remember, never forget. Vote them all out, and keep them out.

  8. Vicky 2020-12-03

    Regarding Governor Noem… As that great philosopher Obi Wan Kenobi asked Luke, “Whose the more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him?”

  9. Whitless 2020-12-03

    Here is today’s COVID-19 summary report that compares South Dakota and Vermont:

    New Cases: 1,145 for SD; 178 for VT
    New Deaths: 38 for SD; 1 for VT
    Total Deaths: 1,033 for SD; 75 for VT

    Why compare SD and VT? Both are low population states and have Republican governors.
    Only one state has a mask mandate: VT, effective August 1, 2020.

    Source of Information: Each state’s DOH website.

  10. Moses6 2020-12-03

    History will tell us masks worked social distancing also.Our Gov may go down in the history books as some one who looked like she did not care.

  11. jerry 2020-12-03

    third person in their 20’s died today from the covid. All ages now

  12. John 2020-12-03

    Now the US has more dying per day than were killed at Pearl Harbor, or during 9/11. One regiment a day. Or about killing the South Dakota Army National Guard per day. Or about killing, 3 times, the South Dakota Air National Guard per day. Some hoax.

    Yet noem has the gall employing a trump-lying apologist as a public information officer.

    The legislature practicing oversight would cut that FTE and funding for it.

  13. mike from iowa 2020-12-03

    drumpf/noem body count started the day at 179,979, first thing I checked this morning. Currently the body count stands …

    United States
    Coronavirus Cases:

    Over 1500 moar bodies today. When/where will it end?

  14. kj trailer trash 2020-12-03

    It would be horrible but fascinating if someday people, who Noem would call “so-called experts”, could trace deaths in Iowa, Illinois, and Nevada back to Noem’s rodeos and rallies and gatherings of all kinds. Why those states, you ask?
    Iowa never topped 45 Covid deaths in one day till today’s 70, a 55% increase over the old high.
    Illinois? Well, they hadn’t topped 200 ever till the last 2 days’ reports–266 followed by 228.
    Nevada never went over 38 till today’s 45.
    3 of 50 states have broken Covid death records today and not all have reported yet.
    South Dakota is at 38 new today, which is only the 6th highest one day total yet. C’mon maskless wonders–you can do it!! Kruella DaNoem can rest easy, though, knowing that, as usual, we are leaving North Dakota in the dust.

  15. SD is 20 per cent nonwhite 2020-12-03

    Impeach and remove Noem.

  16. Eve Fisher 2020-12-03

    It took us 216 days to reach 500 deaths in South Dakota.
    Then it only took us 1 month to reach 1,000 deaths.
    Heck of a job, Kristi.

  17. Darrell Solberg 2020-12-03

    To bad the Noem self-deniers didn’t see this coming, as she has again proven her incompetence! She is so far over her head in governing and it seems that her enabling staff won’t admit it!

  18. Bill C 2020-12-03

    and about the Vermont v South Dakota thing?

    Population Density of VT? 67.7/sq mi
    Population Density of SD? 11.44/sq mi

  19. Jake 2020-12-04

    Dave FN; best I’ve read yet on the effect of this virus epidemic on the health care people. I’m sorta aware as a daughter covers Cedar Rapid’s hospital employees as a PA. Far too little of Noem and Reynold’s concern is about the populace _ only the politics of bolstering the economy…..

  20. kj trailer trash 2020-12-04

    Jake, your last sentence about bolstering the economy is all too true. It’s all Noem cares about. That and constant applause and adulation from rightwing nutjobs on FB or twitter who still think Covid is just another virus and that masks don’t help at all. Yesterday she was bragging about having high-rated rodeos or some crap—nothing about Covid.

  21. cibvet 2020-12-05

    About damm time!!

    Doctor Who Refused to Wear Mask and Supported ‘Stop the Steal’ Rally is Suspended

  22. Jake 2020-12-05

    If Noem would spend more time tending to running our government instead of looking at Parler or Facebook for adulation, she would have a healthier state. These 3 nationally picked rodeos are nothing of HER doing! Tend to business, governor–and that is to govern..

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