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Noem Amends and Extends Campaign Finance Filings

Since my last check of Kristi Noem’s campaign kitty on Tuesday morning, the Secretary of State has posted three more campaign finance filings from our absent Governor. There are now five supplementals on file documenting contributions to Noem since October 16, plus an amended pre-general report:

The amended pre-general report apparently rectifies Noem’s illegal omission of several addresses of donors. It also moves $100 (likely from the previously unaddressed Allan Brown) from the itemized donations to the unitemized donations. The amended report subtracts $1,000 from the entities contributions, reducing an illegal $5,000 contribution from The Presidential Coalition of 1006 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC, to the statutory per-donor annual maximum of $4,000. The amended report adds $8,000 in donated goods or services and subtracts that amount from reported expenses on consulting (Kristi’s favorite lawyer/lobbyist Matthew McCaulley and her chief of staff Tony Venhuizen each giving her $4K of free legal services). So we’re down 1K on income and down 8K on expenses, leaving Kristi with $7K more cash on hand than previously reported, $817,748.31 total as of October 16.

The two new supps add $28,563.13, bringing her two-week take here at the end of October to $224,072.72. The supps only show income, not new expenditures, so we can only estimate that her new contributions bring her cash on hand to $1.042 million, minus whatever she’s spending to shack up at Mar-a-Lago during this workweek.

The new supps show another $11,500 from Texas donors, bringing the likely haul from her swanky Dallas fundraiser last week to $71,083.96. Those new Texas dollars include a $2,500 contribution from “Tucker S” of 2229 San Felipe, Suite 1600, Houston, Texas. At least she’s got the address, but come on—you cannot report donors by first name and middle initial! The report should likely read Tucker Spence Knight of Berkadia Commercial Mortgage. (When you file that amendment, Kristi, you can add me under Tony V. on your donated services line.)

The new supps also show two more state poobahs paying to keep playing:

  • Director Banking Bret Afdahl: $1,000
  • Deputy Transportation Secretary Joel Jundt: $1,000

Stay tuned for more supps: any money Kristi receives between now and Election Day needs to be reported to the Secretary of State within 48 hours. Watch those reports for all the Nebraska, Maine, New Hampshire, and Florida addresses about to come rolling in….


  1. Bill Kennedy 2020-10-30

    I have not noted any contributions from the State Attorney General yet. What is up with that?

  2. jerry 2020-10-30

    GNOem needs to get her fanny back to South Dakota to supervise her failure here.

    “Even as South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem continued to dismiss calls for a mask mandate, declared the pandemic under control, and insisted the state’s hospitals have plenty of room, Doug Raysby of Sioux Falls died of COVID-19 without getting the ICU bed his doctor said he needed.

    “I think that people really recognize that leadership has consequences,” Noem told Fox News on Oct. 21, the day of Raysby’s death. “And what we’re doing in South Dakota is Republican leadership.”

    Raysby’s viewing was four days later, on the same weekend Noem hosted a mass gathering in Sioux Falls that included an indoor concert, the latest of a series of events she has endorsed in defiance of CDC protocols. Raysby’s 6-year-old stepson, Kalvin, known as Nugget, stood silent before the open coffin and placed a pencil drawing of the family inside.”

    The super spreader GNOem, is being noticed as a failure. That makes the legislature of South Dakota, willing accomplices to that failure. They do not demand hospitals answer up for their lack of care for us, nor do they care about that care or its availability.

  3. Jake 2020-10-30

    Thanks, Cory, for exposing that list of Noem donors to us! Thanks for showing us that these items are available for the public to see, thanks to progressive thought legislation and regulations that our Guv keeps saying are going to kill us off. The GOP has been crying wolf against regulation for so long…..

  4. james 2020-10-30

    We were running about 50 COVID cases a day in June and July. That was just before Kristi went all in on her anti-science crusade. Today, 1,559 cases! And close to a 50% positive rate.

    Kristi Noem sold out our seniors and vulnerable citizens for national fame and fortune. This was all on purpose. She bragged that, “According to the experts, we did everything wrong.”

    Yes Kristi…. yes you did.

  5. james 2020-10-30

    Kristi Noem is so weak on this issue. Maybe one of you connected folks could get a wealthy contributor or set up a website to attract donors so we can let everyone know how badly she has screwed this up. An ad campaign.

    So, she wants to make a name for herself? I think we should help her.

  6. Debbo 2020-10-30

    James, I share your anger with Kruel Kristi for casually dismissing these deaths.

    I have relatives and loved ones in SD that I worry about daily. Not that their gov cares about them.

    Medical experts say that Covid Brain Fog is more common than initially recognized. It’s duration is unknown. Again, not that Kruel Kristi cares.

  7. leslie 2020-10-30

    Cannonball “5RIOT BOOSTER” Kristi is definitely running with wolves, and not in a good way. And Tucker S!


    1.) “Acting” DHS Secretary Chad Wolf is implementing Trump’s “private” army in the election run-up.

    “Trump finally announced his plan to nominate Wolf to serve permanently. He still hasn’t been confirmed by the Senate, and a federal judge recently ruled that Wolf was likely serving as secretary illegally.

    [Immigration Nazi] Stephen Miller is the key to understanding Chad’s rise in this administration (Stephen really tried to be the shadow secretary of Homeland Security,” says a former DHS official, “and his vessel for doing that was Chad.”)

    After a four-month stint at the Transportation Security Administration in the beginning of the Trump administration, Wolf joined the DHS front office as deputy chief of staff to then deputy secretary Elaine Duke. He stuck by Duke when she was elevated to acting secretary as a result of Secretary John Kelly and Kirstjen Nielsen taking White House positions. When Nielsen returned to DHS and was confirmed as secretary, Wolf serving as her chief of
    staff. After Kevin McAleenan took over from Nielsen (another illegal Trump “appointment,” Wolf was confirmed as undersecretary….
    When McAleenan left, Wolf was one…to fill the leadership void…given the agency’s hollowed-out ranks. The bombastic [illegally “Acting Deputy Secretary DHS as he calls himself now] Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Morgan fell higher on the list but were ineligible. [Typical of Trump administration chaos, Twitter locked the account yesterday of DHS Portland camouflaged agents of Customs and Border Protection led by “senior official performing duties of Commissioner” Morgan who tweeted Trump’s wall was keeping out “murderers and sexual predators “. CNN]

    Kelly, Nielsen, and McAleenan had résumés that allowed them to stand up to the White House and Miller, albeit to varying degrees, Wolf does not. He lacks the same level of experience applicable to running a sprawling patchwork of a department encompassing (240,000 employees!) everything from the Coast Guard to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Critics point to the Portland fiasco as evidence of his knowledge gaps.

    In September Brian Murphy, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence division (tip of the spear in Portland) filed a whistleblower complaint accusing Wolf and other top agency officials of pressuring him to whitewash threats from white supremacy and Russian election interference. He also came under scrutiny after NBC News reported that the consulting firm where his wife works received millions of dollars in federal contracts from DHS. A series of recent moves—including a major ICE raid in California, a new policy to expedite deportations, and a highly unusual billboard campaign in the swing state of Pennsylvania—have drawn criticism that DHS is being used to boost Trump’s reelection….”

    This has all been going down these last six months.

    2.) @steve_vladeck
    There is *overwhelming* evidence that Republicans are engaged in a coordinated and systematic effort to suppress through regulation and litigation valid votes expected to be unfavorable to them.

    SCOTUS Chief Roberts got this ball rolling gutting the 1965 VRA in 2013.

    3.) And the following abuse of force has been going on for the last five months.

    · 3h
    SCOOP: The initial investigation by the D.C. National Guard into the two Guard helicopters that flew low over protesters [military show of force to suppress BLM 1st amend rights of public protest] on the night of June 1 found they weren’t properly authorized to be there & were directed by a Lt. Col. who was driving home in his car. Inspector General investigation report of military leadership responsible is imminent. (After the election?)

    Lawless “law and order” GOP/LEO/DHS/DOJ

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