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Noem Takes Best Campaign Photo Ever at Bull Bash

But holy heck! How can Kristi Noem not run for President in 2024 when she takes great campaign photos like this:

Gov. Kristi Noem, South Dakota State Fair "Bull Bash", Twitter pic, posted 2020.09.04
Gov. Kristi Noem, South Dakota State Fair “Bull Bash”, Twitter pic, posted 2020.09.04.

Noem’s clever use of South Dakota tax dollars to air the first television ads of the 2024 Presidential campaign is all great and fine, but this photo—this photo!—wins elections. Kristi Noem, big as life, hat and horse, smiles and rides right into the camera, flag waving in her boldly raised hand, while real men in fancy chaps stand at attention, hats over hearts, eyes fixed reverently the queen of their hearts, the queen of the rodeo, the Queen of the American Reawakening that she will lead after years under the dark shadows of Biden and Harris.

Whoever took that picture deserves a raise. Anyone who says the Noem ’24 campaign shouldn’t use that photo should be fired from Team Noem and banished from the Lewandowski bunker.

Of course, my enthusiasm for this photo as a campaign banner assumes that a nationwide audience thinks just like South Dakotans do, fantasizing that, deep down, we are all cowboys, and deeming people who don’t love rodeo pantywaists or Frenchmen.

Plus, the photo shows Kristi at something called the “Bull Bash“, which could easily be confused for the Republican National Convention—

—but hey! Shut your mouth about facts and policy and demonstrated inaction and ignorance in response to a pandemic and recession! This photo is the picture of your next next President! Yee-haw!


  1. Loren 2020-09-05

    I’m not sure the whole country can be persuaded with a horse and tight jeans like South Dakotans can. When you add ups all her accomplishments (?), her nepotism, her faux bootstraps bio and her full-Trump impersonation, the country may want a tad more. Nice pic of the horse, tho. ;-)

  2. Eve Fisher 2020-09-05

    Nice to see her making her entire platform so clear. ME ME ME ME!

  3. John Dale 2020-09-05

    For the 4th of July parade in Spearfish this year, I saw a Democrat species-ally appropriating a horse in the same way.


  4. mike from iowa 2020-09-05

    Snopes is fact checking Spearfish 4th of July to see if they can identify a Democrat appropriating a horse, any horse.

    SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness) needs to come to fair and check out the animal treatment and video tape the whole show and document animal abuses.

    SHARK also exposes which cops are on the animal cruelty purveyors payroll.

  5. james 2020-09-05


    How high will our Covid cases get before Kristi is forced to mandate masks and distancing?

    Will she enjoy South Dakota’s number one hot spot status and do nothing?

    Or… is the cowgirl aiming for herd immunity?

  6. mike from iowa 2020-09-05

    Guv Noem nothing is keeping her foot in ranching stuff since it doesn’t appear her political trough feeding will last too long.

  7. Debbo 2020-09-05

    That is a superb photo and the accompanying post is very entertaining.

    The images of South Dakotans in hospital beds and filling up cemeteries? Not at all.

    Both aptly summarize Kruel Kristi.

  8. jerry 2020-09-05

    Like trump, Genocide is what GNOem will be remembered for. The stench of blood on her hands will follow this skunk until the very end. South Dakotan’s will remember the hundreds of preventable deaths on her watch along with the misery of an economic meltdown. Yes, Tinker Belle GNOem can ride her widdle pony out on the fairgrounds to play act, but she is not a little girl, she is a true monster just like the rest of the fascists.

  9. Nix 2020-09-05

    Is this a double exposure photo?
    Has it been photo shopped?
    If this is an unretouched photo, it should be hung in the State Capitol.

    Two Horses asses in one photo.

  10. Buckobear 2020-09-05

    Loren — nice picture of the horse’s ass too.

  11. DeejayBeejr 2020-09-05

    Yes, indeed, Pony Girl does ride again…

  12. T 2020-09-06

    My thing is, yes the governor should take things more serious, however why is everyone demanding a shutdown? There are no consequences if you don’t during the the time, just financial money is why people and business do it not for health reasons.
    WE as people are only ones that can protect ourselves. Even when we were “shut down” we got out of state traffic for fishing and tourist traffic because we are “isolated”
    Our very own county is reaching numbers not anticipated and it’s business as usual! School, sporting events with masks being optional! WTH is local governments doing?
    Scream at the governor all you want but save your breath for your local jurisdiction as well. Tax dollars go to all levels.

  13. Donald Pay 2020-09-06

    Ah, rodeo. With roots in Mediterrainian culture stretching back to the Greeks, developed further in Spain, transported across the Atlantic Ocean where Spanish/Indian vaqueros developed the skills of rodeo on their rancheros. It’s as American as Mom, apple pie and the flag Noem is carrying. The problem is Kristi is all hat, no cattle.

  14. Loren 2020-09-06

    T, there has to be a plan somewhere, from someone. Donald doesn’t provide it, so it drops to Kristi. Her plan is “keep on truckin’.” Now, I don’t care if you are in gov’t, military, or private business, if there is a task to accomplish, you don’t leave it to each individual. There has to be a central plan so everyone is pulling in the same direction. This “individualism” that Kristi claims as “freedom” is crap. You don’t send the Air Force on a strike mission and allow each pilot to do his/her own thing. You would wind up with a total disaster, which brings me back to Donald/Kristi’s plan… or lack thereof.

  15. Grandma 2020-09-06

    I talked to my sister-in-law from New Mexico this week. The governor has mandated that all citizens wear masks everywhere. In their cars, outside anywhere including their own homes. Their yards will have people with masks on as well. There are stiff fines $100 plus if you are caught not wearing a mask. How about that.

  16. Grandma 2020-09-06


  17. Grandma 2020-09-06

    Nothing to post.

  18. grudznick 2020-09-06

    The Rodeo should be banned. Not because of the animals having fun, because of the stenchy cowboys and their big-buckled jeans-wearing gals who come to town.

  19. leslie 2020-09-06

    The New York Times Retweeted
    Dionne Searcey
    Across the US statues are falling and flags are coming down. But America’s racist history is also woven into the streets people drive on, the schools they send their kids to and, in Omaha, the biscuits and gravy at a popular diner.

    Yes even grdz’s breakfast is racist.

    And not an original thought in his head (“big-buckled jeans-wearing gals who come to town.”)

  20. T 2020-09-06

    Loren I totally agree there has to be a plan
    We are not getting it nor are locals taking this seriously. Our grocery store workers don’t even wear masks. It’s in our school and rising daily, yet arrogance or drumpf supporters in this state think we don’t have too. She isn’t going to give us a plan, almost guarantee it.

  21. 96Tears 2020-09-06

    So, based on the three people who have served as governor since Janklow Part Deux, it takes no insight, talent, competence, scruples, experience and reliability to be governor if you are the winner of the SDGOP primary. I don’t blame the system or the governors or their party. This one is on the voters being stupid. So, Mr. and Ms. South Dakota voter, how low do you need to sink before you realize you are living with skunks? You’ve put another skunk in the $3 million Governor’s Mansion, and she now wants a half million dollars to put fence around it. Whose state is it anyway? What happened to “good ol’ fashioned South Dakota values,” unless it means you will fall for anyone who has an R with their name?

  22. 96Tears 2020-09-06

    I meant to add how COVID Kristi appears so pandering in this photo. Naked aggression to make such a vapid impression on voters outside our state. A state which suffers the highest rate of infection from COVID-19. COVID Kristi should do a competent job as governor of a small, backwater state first before jumping 12 steps into the presidential sweepstakes for the 2024 cycle. If she fails to fix problems in a state less than 1 million residents, why would anyone consider as a serious choice for a nation of 331 million residents?

  23. chris 2020-09-07

    Kristi’s a super-spreader

  24. Darrell Reifenrath 2020-09-07

    I like going to rodeos. Have not gone to a single one this summer because they have all been all been turned into political events featuring this fake cowgirl’

  25. grudznick 2020-09-07

    Ms. leslie, grudznick does not like cowgirls coming to town. Deal with it.

  26. CraigSk 2020-09-07

    It is too bad when Kristi NOem gave all South Dakotans’ the freedom to follow guidance and “do the right thing”, most South Dakotans chose to show the rest of the United States that we will choose to do the WRONG thing. We were given the opportunity to show the nation that we do not need to be mandated to slow the spread. Well… we proved when giving the choice we will choose to allow COVID 19 to take over. Too bad SD, you had your chance and blew it. The take home message is if you need an answer to a problem, logic says, ask a South Dakotan and then do the opposite. My apologies to all those from SD that are doing it right. Good luck and stay safe.

  27. SDAnnie 2020-12-05

    Not all South Dakotans are so easily fooled by the big-buckled-fake-cowgirl, not all vote for people with that magic R in their names, and many will leave the state because they will see the reality of being outnumbered by the skunks unleashed by the fake-cowgirl. Many of us have pleaded with leaders for mask mandates and other protections from the beginning, but the leadership is not there – absent. It is tragic that local leaders and school boards will not step up and put the protections in place that will save people – their people. The lack of leadership has turned some of the people in the state into medical and legal experts, and it is embarrassing to read their remarks/responses to local and national media updates on FB, Twitter, etc. These self-proclaimed experts speak with such authority.

  28. John Dale 2020-12-14

    I think this is a fabulous photo of the governor.

    I don’t agree with much she does, but horse back riding at the rodeo gets two thumbs up.

  29. MaryD 2021-09-14

    She thinks those guys standing at attention with their hands over their hearts are standing for her. She completely misses the fact that it is for the flag and not her.

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