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Month After Standard 2% Raise, Noem Gives Son-in-Law 5% Raise

Speaking of nepotism, Governor Kristi Noem’s son-in-law appears to have just gotten a raise.

Last week, on noting the departure of Noem’s daughter Kennedy from her “policy analyst” sinecure in Pierre for graduate school in Tennessee, I checked the salary of Kennedy’s brother-in-law, Kyle Peters. listed hunky Kyle‘s salary in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development at $60,377.63. That’s the figure we expected from the 2% raise all state employees got on July 1.

Evidently Kennedy’s departure has freed up cash to sprinkle some more grandbaby incentives on Kyle:, salary information for Kyle Peters, screen cap 2020.08.09., salary information for Kyle Peters, screen cap 2020.08.09.

Whatever Kyle is doing, he must have done 5% more of it in July, because he’s getting 5% more in his paycheck now than he was after last month’s 2% raise. Keep up the good work, Kyle!


  1. Jake 2020-08-09

    Does anyone doubt the cricket’s silence from SD GOP as a whole over her blatant display of nepotism for her family on taxpayer dollars? Those dollars come largely from us buying our basic needs for living, like food, diapers, medicine and utilities. But she, approaching the millionaire plus class, enjoys living and providing for her family off the taxpayer paying his sales taxes….

  2. grudznick 2020-08-09

    Mr. H, was there an explanation handed out for this blatant raise of more than others got?

  3. leslie 2020-08-09

    1st sentence, 1st words. You are welcome.

  4. Debbo 2020-08-09

    What is Kyle supposed to be doing?

    “Policy Analyst.” GOPese for, I’ll just take that tax $ of yours and pour a little more into my own pockets and those of my equally grifty family.

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