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58% of Primary Voters Cast Absentee Ballots

The Secretary of State’s Office told the Government Operations and Audit Committee that absentee voting was more popular than in-person voting in South Dakota’s June primary:

[Secretary of State Steve] Barnett said registered voters requested 112,222 absentee ballots, compared to 23,146 in 2018 and 19,124 in 2016. He said the costs came to about $325,000 for mailing, printing and design. More than 98,000 voters already have requested absentee ballots for November, he said.

Jason Lutz, the deputy secretary of state, said 58 % of votes in South Dakota’s primaries came by absentee ballots. The turnout of 28% was the highest for a primary election since 2008 when there were two competitive presidential contests. “We would hope that would continue this fall,” Lutz said [Bob Mercer, “S.D. Election Official Answers Legislators’ Questions About Recounts in Two Primaries,” KELO-TV, 2020.07.23].

Funny: amidst all that mail-in voting, we’ve heard no cries of fraud or vote-stealing, and 18% of voters have already signed up to vote that way again in the fall.


  1. cibvet 2020-07-24 13:05

    The only states where republicans cry fraud are in democratically controlled or democrat leaning.
    Yet it mostly appears the minuscule fraud discovered is in republican states.

  2. Buckobear 2020-07-24 15:03

    Important to remember Dep’t: the ballots require EXTRA POSTAGE (because of envelope size not weight).
    I checked with the Pennington County Auditor’s Office and was told they were aware of the problem and said they had agreed to “make up” the difference.
    I chose to go to the County building and deposit our ballots in the box provided.
    With trump’s disdain for the Post Office and his recent appointment of another hack as postmaster general, I’d advise (if at all possible) choosing the “drop off” option.
    Those of you that participate in “social media” might want to get this word out to your friends and neighbors.
    Vote as early as possible and remember when you drive choose “D” to go forward.

  3. leslie 2020-07-25 20:51

    Yes i heard this too. Republican GOP State admin put burden on county secretively? Lost votes??

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