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Noem Still Hasn’t Finished Final Draft of State Hemp Plan

Did you really think Governor Kristi Noem was going to embrace industrial hemp? Four months after the Legislature passed 2020 House Bill 1008, Noem’s bureaucratic foot-dragging has ensured that South Dakota farmers will miss another year to establish their presence in the growing hemp market. Her lazy administration won’t even set a deadline for opening that economic door for farmers:

Industrial hemp became legal in South Dakota when Governor Kristi Noem signed the emergency measure March 27. More than 100 days later, her administration is getting closer to submitting a program for the U.S. Department of Agriculture to consider for approval.

State Department of Agriculture spokeswoman JaCee Aaseth said Thursday that South Dakota sent a preliminary version for USDA to look over. She also said state Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg’s office provided feedback on it this week.

Those perspectives will be reflected in the revised version, according to Aaseth. But any hope farmers had to plant this growing season likely has passed.

“The (department) is working to finalize the plan for submission, staff the program, and continue to work on drafting administrative rules. At this time, there is not a specific target date to start accepting applications,” Aaseth said in an email to KELOLAND News [Bob Mercer, “South Dakota Has Months to Go on Hemp,” KELO-TV, 2020.07.16].

Not all South Dakota farmers are missing out. Our tribal governments, often cited as examples of waste and inefficiency, have all managed to get hemp plans to the USDA faster than the Noem Administration:

Meanwhile, at least six tribal governments with land in South Dakota, as well as all six of South Dakota’s neighboring states, have received the federal government’s go-ahead to grow, process and transport industrial hemp and related products that have no more than three-tenths of 1% of THC.

…More than 30 tribal governments throughout the country have received USDA approval of their plans, including these with land in South Dakota [Mercer, 2020.07.16].

Maybe we need to send Governor Noem and the Ag Department her lieutenant is quietly running for her (with more attention, it seems, to the State Fair than to jump-starting hemp) to Pine Ridge and Flandreau for a workshop on government efficiency.


  1. grudznick 2020-07-21 07:29

    Hemp is bad. It is very bad. It is the gremlin weed of the demon weed family.

  2. Nix 2020-07-21 07:57

    Oh Grudz, Go have a drink.
    If you remember, our illustrious Dope
    Queen of Delusion signed the Farm
    Bill before she bailed on Washington.
    What in the world do you think was going to happen?
    The hold up is probably because the
    Queen and her three little dopes haven’t finalized the 3.5 million dollar
    Hemp defense squad.
    Remember, she needs additional Hemp Cops, drug dogs, additional storage facilities for all of the Hemp that will be confiscated because it is
    1 point over the THC content or some
    other dopey excuse they will use to try to keep South Dakota firmly entrenched in 1950.
    Our new add campaign out of Pierre:
    Great Farces
    Dumb Arsses
    South Dakota.

  3. mike from iowa 2020-07-21 10:54

    Noem Nothing has been rather busy on Fake Noize channel and also busy ignoring covid-19.

    Meanwhile, moar sexual allegations are flying at Fake Noize male hosts, which goes a long way to explain Carlson’s long planned emergency vacation.

  4. SDBlue 2020-07-21 12:09

    ‪Not even a little bit surprised. No Show is much too busy playing in her TV studio making ads designed to lure business here. She doesn’t have time to actually invest in her own damn state. ‬

  5. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-07-21 12:46

    Too bad we can’t make videos to lure hemp farmers here. Farming is a great job to have during coronavirus. You work outside, usually alone out in a field. Your product is relatively resistant to coronavirus downturns: people still gotta eat (hemp oil, hemp seed), and they may want to invest in durable clothes (hemp fiber) and durable home improvement goods (hemp plywood).

  6. jerry 2020-07-21 14:35

    GNOem is the top of the 6 most incompetent Governors in the United States. We’re number 1, woo woo.

    “South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem

    First up is South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem. She resisted stay-at-home orders in April, leading to a massive outbreak. In June, she released a video calling for “more freedom, not more government” while lashing out at the media. In July, she hosted Donald Trump himself for a no-mask appearance that was more of a campaign rally at Mount Rushmore. Noem had previously asked Trump to overturn the ban on fireworks around the monument. The ban went into effect after a pine beetle invasion devastated the area, leaving lots of dry timber to fuel fires, and because of concerns that fireworks debris was poisoning groundwater. Never mind it all, Noem and Trump wanted a big show of freedumb with no masks, even during one of the worst health crises in American history. For what it’s worth, there were rumors Trump liked her so much he was considering replacing Mike Pence with Noem, although people in Trump’s orbit later shut that down.”

  7. Bob Newland 2020-07-21 18:52

    I am mystified as to why anyone bothers to address the cowardly POS grudzfecal when it posts one of its juvenile comments.

  8. grudznick 2020-07-21 18:56

    Bob, you’ve always had that mystified glow in your eyes when you gaze upon me or read my words.

  9. Bob Newland 2020-07-21 19:14

    What I have is an overwhelming desire to walk on you with track spikes, spiced with human feces.

  10. jerry 2020-07-21 19:39

    How is Kentucky doing with hemp? Let’s see now, yep, they’re doing pretty good and they’re employing people with good jobs. No wonder GNOem is hesitant on bringing hemp in to do her damn job, there’s no corruption in it for her.

    “Hemp fields in Kentucky are multiplying. So, too, is the field of hemp-related jobs — both inside and outside the agricultural sector.

    At 60,000 acres, Kentucky has the most hemp acreage of any state, besting even Colorado, a known hemp (and marijuana) production giant. That is just one reason Hemp Industry Daily named Kentucky the second most prominent state in hemp production in 2018.

    Another reason: Since December 2015, almost 1,000 Kentucky jobs have been created in the hemp industry. According to the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, over 250 of those jobs were generated in the first half of 2019 alone.”

  11. grudznick 2020-07-21 20:07

    I am amazed at how many “hemp advocates” of the gremlin weed pretend to be agriculture and economic development advocates, yet they ignore corn and wheat, much better cash crops for farmers. I am also amazed at how many “hemp advocates” are really tokers of the demon weed and just want to hide their stash of doobies in the hemp fields.

  12. grudznick 2020-07-21 20:14

    Bob, now you’ve mystified yourself twice on the same night. I’m going to give your goat a haircut and make it wear a hat.

  13. jerry 2020-07-21 20:25

    Don’t be amazed Mr. grudznick, be disappointed that your republican party is such a bunch of doofus thinkers. A real party of fiscal discipline (joke intended) would want something that would generate jobs and tax revenue. The problem is with them is that they cannot figure a way to corrupt it as it’s dealing with farmers rather than fellow politician crooks and liars.

  14. Debbo 2020-07-21 20:34

    Daily Kos has the gov ratings about right. Kruel Kristi’s incompetence and uncaring has allowed South Dakotans to suffer permanent COVID-19 related injuries and even die. It seems that GOP SD has mirrored GOP DC in the preponderance of Peter principled people placed in positions of power. Rotten results have risen in both places and millions of Americans are suffering. They do not care.

  15. Nix 2020-07-22 09:34

    Mr. Grudz,
    I have never hidden behind a hemp cloud for cannabis, nor do I know of anyone hiding cannabis in hemp fields.
    Are you serious?
    I want cannabis legalization.
    Legally purchased and Adult consumed.
    By the way , your neighbor is smoking pot already.
    He just doesn’t want to go to jail for it.
    Not to mention, our state budget deficits will be a memory.
    Just like The Dope Queen of Delusion
    and her court jesters will be soon.

  16. jerry 2020-10-05 12:45

    mfi, that is encouraging news, a 9% failure rate is pretty good. Now to get federal crop insurance to cover the crops and processing without having to send to Colorado. Things that can make profits in the future, good for Iowa.

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