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Biden: Hire Thousands to Track Coronavirus, Certify Safe Stores, Support Small Biz and Child Care

Unlike Donald Trump, Joe Biden has a plan for rebuilding the economy amidst coronavirus:

Trump’s Democratic challenger is promising to guarantee testing for the virus and protective equipment for people called back to work, use federal money to ensure paid leave for anyone who becomes sick and oversee thousands of new hires to help track the spread of illness.

“Trump has basically had a one-point plan: open businesses,” Biden said at an event in Philadelphia with business owners and Rep. Dwight Evans, D-Pa. “It does nothing to keep workers safe, to keep businesses able to stay open, and secondly it does very little to increase consumer confidence.”

…Biden’s plan would seek to protect from discrimination older people, those with disabilities and others at high risk of infection from the coronavirus. He envisions a “safer shoppers” program intended to make consumers feel more secure. It would provide state and local officials with money to certify when businesses are complying with testing rules and conducting “spot checks as necessary” to prevent the spread of the coronavrius.

He also wants to make more money available for small businesses and provide dollars for schools and child care centers reopening.

[“Biden Releases Plan to Reopen US Economy Amid Coronavirus,” AP via Black Hills Pioneer, 2020.06.13].

Wow—won’t it be nice in seven months to once again have a President who can explain real policy proposals and handle other basic requirements of the most important job in the world?



  1. Donald Pay 2020-06-15 11:14

    We’ve cut back our spending a lot. We spend on nothing that isn’t a necessity. The “safer shoppers” plan sounds like a good idea, along with much tougher food safety and worker safety regulations.

    If I hear of a business that isn’t following what I think are good practices, both for customers or workers, I won’t go there. Right now it’s just word of mouth or on Next Door. Sometimes you don’t know if you are getting the best information.

    The only places I go inside now are grocery stores and garden shops. I haven’t been in a big box store or other retail business since mid-March. I doubt we will go into a restaurant again until there is a vaccine that is proven to work.

    As far as travel to South Dakota, that ain’t happening because there are too many yahoos and a nutcase for a Governor. Noem did the tourist industry no favors by being a Quisling when it came to COVID-19. What knowledgeable person is going to travel to a state that doesn’t value their health. What’s the new state motto: “See South Dakota, a Sick Experience.” Except “sick” will not mean what the kids think it means.

  2. Debbo 2020-06-15 21:53

    It will be something to have actual, transparent, legal policies created for citizens, not the rich. Shocking!!!

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