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Trump Issues Boilerplate Tweets for SD Primary Shoo-Ins

Pat Powers hollers “Breaking” over the unimpressive news that the fascist in the White House waited until Primary Day to endorse South Dakota incumbents Rep. Dusty Johnson and Senator Marion Michael Rounds.

Trump boilerplate fundraising tweets for Johnsona nd Rounds, 20200602
Trump boilerplate tweets for Johnson and Rounds, 2020.06.02

This isn’t breaking news; it’s boilerplate.

  1. Name+Trumpy adjective+office+state.
  2. Burp, burp, generic issue burp.
  3. FirstName “has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” (gratuitous capital letters for to look authentically Trump)
  4. Link to fundraising.
Trump Primary Day boilerplate, 2020.06.02.
Trump Primary Day boilerplate, 2020.06.02.
Trump Primary Day boilerplate, 2020.06.02.
Trump Primary Day boilerplate, 2020.06.02.
Trump Primary Day boilerplate, 2020.06.02.
Trump Primary Day boilerplate, 2020.06.02.
Trump Primary Day boilerplate, 2020.06.02.
Trump Primary Day boilerplate, 2020.06.02.

The tweets for Johnson and Rounds aren’t earth-shaking endorsements. They are last-minute ploys to slap Trump stickers on a primary vote in which the majority of ballots have likely already been cast by mail and in which the 70–30 outcomes for the incumbents (and 30 is a generous prediction for low-visibility challengers Elizabeth Marty May and Scyller Borglum) are foregone conclusions. These boilerplate tweets will allow Trump to turn around tomorrow and lie to the nation about how his “endorsements” helped a whole mess of Republicans win.


  1. Donald Pay 2020-06-02 14:18

    Here’s a question I wonder about. How do you explain to your grandchildren being endorsed by the worst President this country has ever known?

    I’d go take a shower after that endorsement, and I’d put out a video of it so posterity would know I wasn’t caught up in the filth of this administration.

  2. Cathy 2020-06-02 14:44

    No votes for Dusty or Rounds from my house.

  3. Loren 2020-06-02 16:00

    Rounds? Noem? Thune? Johnson? You just can’t get a straight answer from any of them. Without the GOP daily talking points, they are complete empty suits… well, in Kristi’s case, empty flannel shirt.

  4. Ryan 2020-06-02 16:48

    Dusty was on the corner of 41st and Louise this morning in sioux falls with 6-8 sign holders. They were waving at traffic. Kitty corner across the intersection was another crew holding signs for a state’s attorney candidate that I had not heard of. I wanted to yell something at dusty to encourage him to be better, but I didn’t think he would listen.

  5. Debbo 2020-06-02 18:51

    Nothing boilerplate here. This is real leadership, a really plan, real strategy, real, uplifting hope.

    What Killer Mike Can Teach Us About Leadership

  6. Paul 2020-06-02 19:25

    BFD, an endorsement from the tyrannt wannabe Trump is a red letter for any incumbent. As a dedicated political atheist I voted early and was forced to go with the open Democratic Primary, which meant a limited choice between Sleepy Joe and The Bern. Rounds and Johnson are only interested in $$$. The corrupt GOP would not buy my vote, though full of neglectful, fat, and greedy putas. They want only their whites-only doctrine. Yet, they are happy to take $$$, and favors, from a gun-running Russian trollope.

  7. grudznick 2020-06-02 20:38

    grudznick has declared Mr. Johnson the winner.

    Move along here, nothing to see but a deluded friend of the blog’s good friend.

  8. jerry 2020-06-02 22:52

    Steve King gets his arse kicked in Iowa. Another danger to America gets the boot.

  9. jerry 2020-06-02 22:54

    Beat that boy like a damn drum too. King will now go out to pasture.

  10. Debbo 2020-06-03 00:05

    Hooray about that scummy racist King! One less in Congress.

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