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Noem Continues Merry Tilt Toward Anarchy, Suspends 14 Laws

Governor Kristi Noem won’t enforce measures to protect public health, but she’s happy to use the pandemic as an excuse to repeal laws. In yet another round of pandemic deregulation, Governor Noem issued Executive Order 2020-21 yesterday suspended twelve laws related to titling and registering mobile homes and vehicles and two laws related to training for police and 911 operators.

We are still in a state of emergency, and Governor Noem says we don’t have to do any of the following until 60 days after she ends the emergency:

  1. Obtaining title to a newly purchased mobile or manufactured home (SDCL 32-3-3.1).
  2. Applying for title to a newly purchased automobile, trailer, or semi-trailer (SDCL 32-3-26).
  3. Paying a penalty for late application for vehicle or trailer title (usually a buck a week for the first 25 weeks late; a flat $50 for any longer dilly-dally; SDCL 32-3-27).
  4. Applying for title to a newly purchased large boat (defined as any boat more than twelve feet long, not counting canoes, inflatable boats, kayaks, sailboards, and seaplanes; four laws suspended here! SDCL 32-3A-21, 32-3A-23, 32-3A-29, and 32-3A-40).
  5. Paying a penalty for late application for title to those large boats (same as for vehicles; SDCL 32-3A-41).
  6. Renewing your car and boat tags if they were due in March or May (cars SDCL 32-5-2.4; boats SDCL 32-3A-13).
  7. Registering newly purchased vehicles (SDCL 32-5-2.5).
  8. Replacing the dealer permit with full registration and plates (SDCL 32-5-2.9).

If we are inclined to do any of the above business, the Governor’s order encourages us to not bug our county treasurers and instead go to a DMV Now Kiosk (there are ten in the state: Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and Pierre each have two; Yankton, Watertown, Mitchell, and Aberdeen each have one), apply online, or mail your papers and fees to the courthouse.

Governor Noem is also suspending training requirements for police and 911 operators. New or temporary cops normally have to pass the Law Enforcement Academy course within a year of their appointment. Folks new to answering 911 calls normally get a year to complete 911 Academy. Executive Order 2020-21 lets new cops and 911 operators go without training for six months past the end of the state of emergency.

Even in a state of emergency, the Governor says all we need to reopen the bars and bumper-car palaces is fourteen days of declining coronavirus cases and maybe some hand sanitizer at the door, and even that is just a recommendation. But there’s still too much risk of disease to properly document our vehicles or train our rookie law enforcement personnel.


  1. Donald Pay 2020-05-01

    The whip-toting capitalist pigs are such hypocrites, aren’t they? Yeah, the proletariat who gut hogs so the capitalist class can eat high off the hog had better get their rear ends to work on this May Day, but the petty bourgeois government office clerks deserve protection from the prols who register their property to be taxed. I assume that means that fees and taxes will be delayed as well, which won’t do much for the proletariat when they end up 6 feet under.

    Something from Karl Marx to ponder on this May Day: “The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.” …

    You do have to admire Karl Marx for telling truth to power, even if some of his followers were inclined to extreme and evil measures.

  2. Debbo 2020-05-01

    My Minnesota driver’s license is nearly a month overdue, but Gov. Walz has suspended penalties for that and similar things. However, he is consistent in his efforts to balance economics and human safety. The shutdown order continues through May 18, with some exceptions.

    For Democrats, the right to a decent life is birth to death.

  3. leslie 2020-05-01

    When will we have ar15 toting kevlar armored militia goons in tactical ball caps (like Noem nods too every foto op w/ here camo/patched tatical ball cap) in our legislative houses again threatening liberal law makers with violence. Michigan’s Governor called them out as swastica/automatic rifle carrying. Trump will succeed in using others’ violent hysteria to distract from his utter criminal/incompetent presidency. Ugh

  4. Debbo 2020-05-01

    Michigananders with intelligence call them “baby men.” I’ve also seen them referred to as “white terrorists.” Both are quite apt. Apparently Blue Lives no longer matter to the GOP.

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