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Noem Lobbysist McCaulley Enjoys $354K in State Contracts

In an article leading with the fact that Governor Kristi Noem put her deputy chief of staff Beth Hollatz on unpaid leave starting February 3 to focus on campaigning for her around the state (Noem doesn’t face reëlection until 2022, and the article does not indicate whether the current public health crisis has persuaded Noem that she needs all of her talent focused on government rather than her personal political future), Bob Mercer slips in an undercard on cronyism in South Dakota government, tallying all of the lucrative contracts that über-lobbyist Matt McCaulley‘s Redstone Law Firm:

The Redstone firm currently has:

A $58,775 legislative consulting contract for Governor Noem;

A $71,400 addendum for legal services for the governor’s office;

A $50,000 contract for the state Bureau of Administration, to represent state government’s various departments and agencies;

A $44,040 contract to provide legislative lobbying services for the state Board of Technical Education, whose members the governor appoints;

A $50,000 contract to represent the state Board of Regents, whose members the governor appoints;

A $50,000 contract to represent the regents on technology contracts; and

A $30,000 contract to represent Northern State University, which the regents oversee.

McCaulley also represents private clients on legislation [Bob Mercer, “Hollatz Has Moved from a Top Spot in Noem’s Administration over to Noem’s Campaign,” KELO-TV, 2020.03.21].

$354,000 from the taxpayers—that’s enough to keep at least a couple friends of the Governor in fancy suits.


  1. Buckobear 2020-03-23 12:13

    I’m confused. Isn’t the Attorney General supposed to be the State’s lawyer ??

  2. jerry 2020-03-23 13:08

    Buckobear, there is nothing behind the curtain, just smoke and mirrors for the great Oz…er Rav doing absolutely nothing.

  3. jerry 2020-03-23 13:09

    Jackley must’ve gotten shafted by the regime, so they bought in this money vacuum.

  4. Buckobear 2020-03-23 15:15

    Are these “contracts” subject to bid ?? If not, why not??
    I realize the voters rejected an overqualified candidate for the office … go figure.

  5. Debbo 2020-03-23 21:53

    Is McCaulley hiring? Just thinking of the littlest Noem.

    BTW, any lay offs coming his way?

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