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For Your Review: Full Courtroom Transcript of SD Voice v. Noem II HB 1094 Trial

In my coverage of the SD Voice v. Noem II trial, I noted that it is difficult for me to report accurately when I’m a witness on the stand.

Well, for those of you legal eagles who’d like to check my veracity and see what exactly was said by whom as we successfully overturned yet another of South Dakota’s attempts to trample on your right to petition your government, here’s the full courtroom transcript.

My testimony begins on page 26. The state’s cross-examination begins on page 63. My attorney Jim Leach conducts brief redirect recorded on pages 67–69.


  1. Curt 2020-03-20 12:40

    Perfect for a day of isolation. What else is in the cue?

  2. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-03-20 13:04

    Social distancing is good for quiet, extended reading. :-)

    Next up in the queue? I am curious whether the Legislature plans to adopt emergency rules to allow them to conduct Veto Day by teleconference….

  3. jerry 2020-03-20 18:25

    Man, that is some serious stuff that happened, what a total bunch of thugs. Wouldn’t surprise me at all to find they are also paid to destroy collective bargaining. Of course, we already have those kind of anti collective bargaining thugs on the republican side of the aisle in Pierre.

    You had a very good case Cory and an outstanding attorney.

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