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Noem Assumes Emergency Powers, Lifts Trucking Regs, Tells State Employees to Work from Home

Governor Kristi Noem issued two executive orders yesterday aimed at controlling the spread of covid-19.

EO 2020-04 declares a statewide state of emergency. It vests oversight of all covid-19 control and containment measures in the state Department of Health, exempts from federal motor carrier safety regulations “the transportation and delivery of emergency relief supplies and services such as vaccines, antivirals, prescription drugs, protective equipment, and other necessary medical assets.” (Toilet paper is not mentioned.) The state of emergency stands until April 12, unless the Governor says otherwise.

Governor Kristi Noem, Exceutive Order 2020-04, 2020.03.13, p. 1.
Governor Kristi Noem, Exceutive Order 2020-04, 2020.03.13, p. 1.
Governor Kristi Noem, Exceutive Order 2020-04, 2020.03.13, p. 2.
Governor Kristi Noem, Exceutive Order 2020-04, 2020.03.13, p. 2.

EO 2020-05 orders all non-essential state employees under the Governor’s control to work from home Sunday, March 15, through Saturday March 21. Those who can’t work remotely get administrative leave. The Governor is also banning work-related out-of-state travel during the coming week.

Governor Kristi Noem, Exceutive Order 2020-05, 2020.03.13.
Governor Kristi Noem, Exceutive Order 2020-05, 2020.03.13.

Having declared an emergency, Governor Noem now has the statutory authority to, among other things, seize private facilities, equipment, and supplies (though not cash or guns); suspend the rules of state agencies that might hinder response to the epidemic; restrict travel into, out of, or within South Dakota; and control “the occupancy of premises within the area.”

Neither of the orders includes the Governor’s request that South Dakota’s K-12 schools not hold classes next week. However, while school closings are usually a local decision, that last emergency power I mentioned would appear to allow the Governor to order that no one may occupy the premises of any school, public or private, for whatever period of time she feels necessary to address a public health emergency.


  1. Buckobear 2020-03-14 12:13

    Ah yes. A respiratory illness helped by toilet paper !!
    Possibly useful for the trumpublicans who’ve had their heads up where the sun don’t shine.

  2. Loren 2020-03-14 13:32

    Just like the national level, wouldn’t be nice to have the least bit of confidence in leadership? But she looks good on a horse… !@#%^&*

  3. jerry 2020-03-14 13:50

    Maybe from the rear. I find it interesting that GNOem now claims to have tested 100 in South Dakota, a state that has had one death and a handful of incidents. Meanwhile in Washington State, where the virus has cause severe issues, they have very few test kits.

    “Scarcity of coronavirus testing continues to stymie Washington
    In the U.S. epicenter of a pandemic, panicked Seattle residents consistently complain that they can’t get tested. Behind the complaints are delays in making reliable tests available and a bottleneck of test orders within an overburdened health care system, hindering a clearer understanding of the fast-spreading virus.” Seattle Times 03.14.20

    How can that be?

  4. grudznick 2020-03-14 15:09

    I think some of you libbies are full of irrational hate and whine only because you like the hum it makes in your ear bone when you hit that one particular note of hate, and the way it makes your eyebrows vibrate.

    Wash your hands. Stay a respectful distance from grudznick. And quit bitching like an overpaid fat cat administrator with spittle flying around endangering the rest of us who are less full of irrational and unproductive hate.

  5. Debbo 2020-03-14 15:10

    We could have had all the test kits we needed from the WHO, but Dr. Duma$$ said no and still says no.

    The Mayo Clinic, John’s Hopkins and similar institutions are creating and assembling kits ASAP. I laud them for stepping up While the Virus is Spreading, due entirely to Dr. Duma$$.

  6. jerry 2020-03-14 15:17

    “And quit bitching like an overpaid fat cat administrator with spittle flying around endangering the rest of us who are less full of irrational and unproductive hate.” Best description of trump and his supporters that I’ve “heard” lately.

  7. Debbo 2020-03-14 16:03

    Wapo has a good Coronavirus update and it’s free, no paywall. You can sign up for it delivered to your email.

  8. Clyde 2020-03-14 20:04

    State of Emergency……wonder if there are any Initiated measures state leadership wants to toss out while they are at it.

  9. John 2020-03-14 21:07

    I like the handle: “boomer remover” for COVID-19. Though I am one. Because the boomer political & cultural attitudes need to find the grave for the US to progress.

    Expect NOem to continue the school closures for up to 6 weeks.
    Expect limited activation of national guard units.
    Expect things to get worse, before improving.

    The video shows two editions of the local newspaper “L’Eco di Bergamo”. Bergamo is one of the cities that’s been hit the hardest. At the beginning of the video, they show that the in the 9/2 edition they had 1.5 pages of obituaries. Yesterday they had 10 PAGES.

  10. jerry 2020-03-14 21:19

    Greta Thunberg for president of the world.

    “Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg on Wednesday said that campaigners must avoid mass rallies amid the escalation of coronavirus cases around the world. Instead, “digital strikes” would be the way forward during the crisis, she said on Twitter.

    “We young people are the least affected by this virus but it’s essential that we act in solidarity with the most vulnerable and that we act in the best interest of our common society,” Thunberg said on Twitter, where she has over four million followers.

    In a series of tweets, the 17-year-old urged fellow climate campaigners to follow the advice of experts in an attempt to “flatten the curve.” This means to lower the rate of infection by taking countermeasures in the early phase after an outbreak.”–2645468316.html

    We boomers have mucked up the world with our greed and our selfishness. Through our own doing, we have created our own ending at least for many of us here and around the world. If the young like Greta Thunberg stay with it, they could actually save this planet.

    This is from the New York Times. Pretty sobering but that is the way it is and will be.

    ?Between 160 million and 214 million people in the United States could be infected over the course of the epidemic, according to one projection. That could last months or even over a year, with infections concentrated in shorter periods, staggered across time in different communities, experts said. As many as 200,000 to 1.7 million people could die.”

  11. McCloud 2020-03-15 14:38

    Me thinks grudznick doesn’t grip the frustration and anxiety shared by many of us about gummit leadership and ineptitude and the typical conservative bluster about private capitalism being better equipped and spend thrifty at biomedical research and development to protect the masses. Congress spends more time arguing “anything gummit can do, private enterprise can do better”, than they do addressing the problem.–alert-national&wpmk=1

  12. Debbo 2020-03-17 14:37

    From today’s Axios AM by Mike Allen:

    Space companies and agencies tasked with keeping an eye on the Earth from above are key to understanding the scope of the coronavirus crisis as it unfolds.

    Driving the news: Satellite images show large pits being dug in Iran to bury the victims of the coronavirus outbreak in that country.

    Air pollution can be seen clearing above Italy as the country has been locked down.

    Space companies like Orbital Insight can also aid in transparency during worldwide events like these.

    The company has used its space-based tools and analysis on the ground to track foot traffic to various companies, including 3M, which makes protective masks, to show how they’re responding to the crisis.

  13. Debbo 2020-03-17 15:05

    I feel so much safer living in Minnesota. The state government has got my back. By unanimous vote in the Democratic House and the GOP Senate, the legislature has passed and Democratic Governor Tim Walz has signed a bill to spend up to $200 million on the pandemic. This is what this money is for:

    “The money can be used for reasons including creating temporary sites for testing and treatment, more beds, covering staff overtime and hiring costs, buying more protective equipment and cleaning supplies, emergency transportation, temporary IT systems, and developing screening and testing procedures.

    “A further $50 million will be placed into a public health contingency account that can be used by hospitals, nursing facilities, and clinics.”
    Bring Me the News, no paywall

  14. Debbo 2020-03-17 15:11

    Hennepin County, Minneapolis, is releasing some suspects who are awaiting trial from jail.

    Lunds & Byerlys, the most expensive grocers in Minnesota, are reserving their first hour every day for oldies only.

    The Mall of America is closed. BOOM!

  15. jerry 2020-03-17 16:06

    So far, South Dakota has allocated a grand total of zero care for Medicaid Expansion. republican response to the needy getting healthcare, let them eat cake.

  16. jerry 2020-03-17 16:56

    Pentagon releases ventilators and masks

    “While the Department of Defense and civilian public health officials discuss what troops might be able to do to help treat and combat the spread of coronavirus, Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced Tuesday that the military will open up its stockpile of medical supplies to back up civilian public health agencies bracing for an outbreak that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated could affect more than 100 million Americans.

    Up to five million N95 breathing masks and 2,000 ventilators are on tap, as requested by the Health and Human Services Department, Esper said, for distribution to civilian medical providers. However, he cautioned against the inclination to call on the military to step in and take over the country’s response to the pandemic.

    “I think, in some ways, we want to be the last resort,” Esper said.

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