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House Brings SB 54 Back from Dead; Plastic Ban Ban Goes to Governor

Just when we think the Legislature has come to its senses, it proves us wrong. After voting last week 30–33 to throw away Senate Bill 54, the plastic-cup-and-straw-ban ban, Representative Doug Post (R-7/Volga) fished the bill back out of the trash for the Retailers and other business interests and got the House to reverse itself and vote 46–24 to send this bill to the Governor’s desk.

The long weekend and some lobbyist arm-twisting flipped the following floppers to make sure litter-conscious local governments don’t foul the state’s primary economic development plan, anarcho-capitalism:

Straw Legislature
Big Business will drink your milkshake whatever way they want.
  • David Anderson (R-16/Hudson)
  • Kirk Chaffee (R-29/Whitewood)
  • Roger Chase (R-22/Huron)
  • Bob Glanzer (R-22/Huron)
  • Taffy Howard (R-33/Rapid City)
  • Steve Livermont (R-27/Martin)
  • Tina Mullaly (R-35/Rapid City)
  • Tony Randolph (R-35/Rapid City)
  • Nancy York (R-5/Watertown)
  • Larry Zikmund (R-14/Sioux Falls)

Also adding Yeas after missing last week’s vote:

  • Fred Deutsch (R-4/Florence)
  • Julie Frye-Mueller (R-30/Rapid City)
  • Jon Hansen (R-25/Dell Rapids)
  • Jess Olson (R-34/Rapid City)
  • Sue Peterson (R-13/Sioux Falls)
  • Mark Willadsen (R-11/Sioux Falls)

Attentive citizens may show their appreciation of those plastic-minded pols by decorating their lawns with plastic straws standing at attention in proud formation.


  1. John 2020-02-19 17:30

    Retail businesses with a brain and social conscience can just say, no,; and stop supplying plastic bags and straws. The market will eventually fix this — but a government nudge would’ve helped.

    Evidentially the regressive SD legislature thinks it knows better than do local governments, on what’s good to combat increasing plastic litter.

  2. Robin Friday 2020-02-19 18:43

    You’ve all heard of this one in Iowa? Iowa Republican wants record of people’s sexuality information.

    Dennis Guth, a member of Iowa’s Fourth District, is sponsoring the Senate File 2130 bill, which would require Iowans applying for a marriage license to disclose their sexuality before getting married. . .

  3. Debbo 2020-02-19 23:11

    I think people ought to collect their straws, plastic bags and any other trash included in the ban bans and dump it on the front step of each of the idiots who voted for it.

    What is that saying about sex and the GOP? Something about they’re afraid someone is enjoying it, shame free, so they write laws, trying to make everyone feel as nasty as they do.

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