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Money Available for Wind Farms and CAFO Bribes, Not for Teachers and State Employees

Remember how back in September the state Board of Economic Development rejected Triple H Wind Farm’s request for a sales tax kickback? Just kidding—Merry Christmas!

The state board on Wednesday went into closed executive session to go through matters. The votes in open session afterward were unanimous and without discussion.

The board approved a reinvestment payment for Triple H Wind Project LLC of up to $4,828,058 — 50-percent of the state sales and use taxes paid on eligible costs — for a wind farm in Hyde County.

The company, based in Houston, Texas, will receive the payment. The board had voted 8-3 in September to reject an application from Triple H after the Governor’s Office of Economic Development staff recommended a denial [Bob Mercer, “Despite Tight State Funds, S.D. Projects Get Millions of Dollars in Sales-Tax Rebates,” KELO-TV, 2019.12.12].

The Board of Economic Development yesterday authorized another $2,966,507 in kickbacks to Houston-based Tatanka Ridge Wind. The BED also handed out to more CAFO bribes: $1,302,278 for Minnesota-based Riverview LLP to convey to Clark County and $217,926 for Leaning Oak to surrender to Spink County for pleasure of stinking up the countryside and potholing the roads.

That’s $9,314,769 handed out in one meeting to mostly wealthy corporations who would have built their projects with or without our tax breaks and county bribes while our Governor says we don’t have the money to give thousands of teachers or state employees cost-of-living salary increases.


  1. John 2019-12-13

    Pickin’ winners, that enduring rhino trait.

  2. Sam@ 2019-12-13

    We need to increase tax base in order to pay state employees. Many teachers make 2 to 3 times what the average resident makes.

    I notice state employees and teachers are not leaving in droves therefore the compensation package must be just fine.

    I support the gov on this one.

  3. o 2019-12-13


    Your off-hand salary assertions are not correct.

    2018 SD Department of Labor and Regulation says:
    Average SD wage is $41,813. No teachers are making “2 to 3 times” that. Cory has reported that “the average teacher salary statewide in FY2019 was $48,230.” That is above average, but the average accounts for all levels of education.
    Average SD wage for having a Batchelor’s degree is $62,028. The average teacher salary is below that – and many teachers have more than a Batchelor’s degree.

    When you say “I notice employees and teachers not leaving in droves . . .” what is the retention rate you re noticing? Is that affected by where you live; is that retention regionally influenced?

  4. Debbo 2019-12-13

    South Dakotans, there goes your tax $. It’s not going to your schools, your roads, your broadband, your health care or other serious needs. Nope. Your tax $ is going to out of state corporations. If you’re happy with that, keep voting R.

  5. T 2019-12-14

    You happen to know tax dollars given to out of state? Right off top of your head? There is this obvious amount but I’m curious as to others
    Thanks. On iPhone this morning hard to type with the gloves 😁
    These roads are terrible, counties and townships are broke.
    Trucking on trails we made to get this corn out
    Then I read this, unbelievable. Wonder what the assets are in these companies how much of this money is put back into SD

  6. happy camper 2019-12-14

    People often use the word average in speech to mean commonly/frequently. On the low end minimum wages earners at $9.10 would be quite a bit more than two. Interesting that those with Associates degrees make more than those with a Bachelors. No real jump till you get to Doctorate. Below are all categories from that link:
    Less than high school $25,071 $12.05
    High school diploma or equivalent $35,482 $17.06
    Some education beyond high school $43,052 $20.70
    Associate degree $65,592 $31.53
    Bachelor’s degree $62,028 $29.82
    Master’s degree $67,369 $32.39
    Doctoral or professional degree $122,795 $59.04
    Total, all occupations of all education levels $41,813 $20.10

  7. Debbo 2019-12-14

    T, I’m talking about the numbers in the post.

  8. T 2019-12-14

    Thanks Debbo
    I was just wondering this is large amount what else is going out if state thought u may know
    Thanks again

  9. T 2019-12-14

    Thanks for all articles CH
    Happy holidays
    This article is interesting as I’m wondering what will be dealt out to the companies that just installed in other areas.

  10. Debbo 2019-12-14

    The Hill reported on a candidate forum in Pittsburgh that was focused on education. The top 5 participated, plus Bennett and Steyer.

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