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Neighbor Tells Aberdeen Chautauqua About Building Tiny House

Green Aberdeen held its Chautauqua 2019 at Easton Castle yesterday. Among the speakers in the verdant front yard was Leslie Barbour, who told the crowd about living more simply in her new tiny house, all 200-ground-floor-square-feet of it, at Jay and 4th Northeast:

It’s too bad such a worthwhile project faced so much red tape from the City of Aberdeen. Perhaps Mayor Schaunaman can turn his deregulatory attention to our zoning laws and help clear the way for more Aberdonians to live more simply in tiny houses.


  1. grudznick 2019-09-22 19:54

    Most people like big houses, with large TVs and huge living rooms and bathrooms you can play racquetball in. At least grudznick does.

    Regardless, that’s a really swell, if inefficient looking little house. What it appears Aberdeen needs to turn its attention to is lawn mowing and weed ordinances, and making people trim trees back so they don’t brush the rooftops of even tiny houses.

  2. Debbo 2019-09-22 21:36

    It looks pretty nice, though I’d prefer 600-700 square feet.

    Tiny houses and micro apartments are becoming more and more common while mcmansions are falling out of favor. Plus, the aging population is downsizing from their raising-a-family home to something much smaller.

    It’s due to the high cost of housing in most cities and the urgent need many are feeling to shrink their carbon footprint.

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