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Novstrup: Working Hard Means Showing up One Day out of Four

The funniest thing said at Saturday’s crackerbarrel was the first thing said:

“We’re hard at it,” said Senator Al Novstrup (R-3/Aberdeen), who showed up for one day of work out of four at the Capitol last week.

So what do kids learn from this?

Governor Noem wants kids to score 70% on a civics test to graduate high school. Kids should figure they can get by scoring only 18%.

Some of Al’s Republican colleagues want college students to score an 85% on a civics test. Students working on the Novstrup standard should be proud of scoring 22%.

Many of those kids will go work for Al at one of his fine go-kart establishments this summer (in the jobs he doesn’t dole out to friends and family). Surely he expects hard work from his employees. Kids, Al just defined “hard” work as showing up one out of four scheduled days. Enjoy your summer.


  1. Donald Pay 2019-02-04 08:01

    Republican slackerism at its best. When you have a President who works an hour a day, why shouldn’t you just follow his example?

  2. leslie 2019-02-04 14:04

    Well Trump spends 60% of each work day in free-time. Heather Digby Parton writes on 2.04.19, SALON, that our elected officials, and state legislators like Al, I suppose, are completely ineffective of rationally governing. Trump has not the intelligence, stamina or interest in the complexity of the presidency. But Republicans got away with empty suits like Reagan and Bush, as stooges of the Republican Party before. Mitch McConnell is happy flying the confederate flag.

  3. Curt 2019-02-05 01:06

    I wonder whether a legislator still receives his/her per diem if “excused” during the legislative session.

  4. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2019-02-05 22:38

    When we discussed this during Senator David Novstrup’s Florida vacation in 2016, we learned there is no statute requiring absent legislators to forsake their per diem.

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