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Schoenfish Backs Wek Against Adelstein’s Guy Nelson, Who Backs Aylward

As Senator Stace Nelson notes in my bubbling Election Eve comment section (don’t we all have to go to work tomorrow?), Republican Representative Kyle Schoenfish isn’t afraid to help a Democratic neighbor. According to Ardon Wek’s pre-general campaign finance report, the Republican incumbent has given the District 19 Democrat $250 to help beat the sitting Republican Senator.

It’s worth noting that Schoenfish did not give Wek money out of his own pocket. Schoenfish donated to Wek from his campaign fund, a war chest built on the money of good Republicans who surely expected their money to support a good Republican.

Then again, when I look at Schoenfish’s pre-general report, I find very few donations from individual Republicans. More than 90% of Schoenfish’s money comes from PACs, and PACs care less about party than making sure their legislators are properly fed and watered and thoroughly bought… which means they probably wouldn’t mind Schoenfish using some of their money to try ousting the incorruptible maverick Stace Nelson.

Senator Nelson has received some PAC money this cycle—$850 total the ethanol producers, dentists, nurse anesthetists, and rural electric coops. He’s raised over $13,500 from individual donors, including $200 from Stanford Adelstein, who is far from Nelson’s far right but who, if I had to bet, may consider Nelson a brother in arms against the childish berations of the SDGOP spin blog.

Wek’s whole individual take is over $4,700; his personal spending of $2,850 (no, candidates, never spend your own money!) brings his total pre-general take to six hairs over $9,000, 58% of Nelson’s $15,600.

Interestingly, Senator Nelson has engaged in his own cross-partisan contributions. Among his expenditures of over $4,600 on campaign knick-knacks that he has donated to a couple dozen conservative campaigns, Senator Nelson has forsaken a well-established Republican incumbent and thrown some buttons, keychains, and cetera to Libertarian House candidate Aaron Aylward in District 6.

Who woulda thunk it—supposedly rock-solid Republican District 19 is full kindly fellow feeling for people of other parties!


  1. Debbo 2018-11-06 14:53

    I disagree with most of Stace’s policy positions, but he has more integrity in his little toe than the SDGOP leadership put together. Can’t beat that.

  2. OldSarg 2018-11-06 15:04

    Debbo, why do you even give your opinion on topics involving politics of a state you don’t live in?

    I guess I’m just a bit confused by all of you that keep insisting that your opinion has anything to do with, or should even be considered by, people in our state. Is it that bad where you presently live that you don’t feel welcome in your own state? Minnesota needs you Debbo.

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