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DiSanto Accuses Democrats of Buying Votes; Adelstein & Cromwell Say She’s Lying

Rep. Lynne DiSanto once again demonstrates she has no regard for truth or decency, this time by trotting out an unsubstantiated claim of vote-buying in Indian Country:

Lynne DiSanto, campaign FB page, screen cap 2018.11.01.
Lynne DiSanto, campaign FB page, screen cap 2018.11.01.

Her Rapid City neighbor and fellow Republican Stanford Adelstein, who has been doing his part to encourage our Lakota neighbors to vote, thinks DiSanto’s claim is an “outright lie“:

Stanford Adelstein, FB post, 2018.11.01.
Stanford Adelstein, FB post, 2018.11.01.

If DiSanto had real evidence of vote-buying, why would she not report this criminal activity to the proper authorities? Why would she not specify “the Indian reservation” (we have nine, right?) where this crime is taking place? And why, when questioned by Adelstein and other South Dakotans concerned with law and truth, would she delete the post from her campaign page?

DiSanto’s wolf-crying is more evidence that Republicans will use false fears of voter fraud, tinged with racism, to suppress voters. It is also more evidence that DiSanto has little regard for truth or her fellow citizens and cannot be counted on to represent all South Dakotans.

Meanwhile, DiSanto’s challenger in the District 35 Senate race, Democratic candidate Pat Cromwell, says the real crime against the voting franchise is vote-suppressing lies like DiSanto’s:

Pat Cromwell, campaign FB post, 2018.11.01.
Pat Cromwell, campaign FB post, 2018.11.01.

Nice to see District 35 has a Democratic choice for Senate who will stand for all voters and for simple honesty.


  1. mike from iowa 2018-11-02

    Voter fraud, by any method, is still rare. A study by News21 — a consortium of journalism schools — found 867 cases since 2000 in which someone had admitted guilt or been convicted of a voter-fraud offense. That was out of about 146 million registered voters

    From the Troll’s WAPO link. I’m guessing the fraud to votes cast ratio is similar to Drumpf’s truthful statements versus his constant lies ratio- miniscule as to be non-existent.

  2. jerry 2018-11-02

    I welcomed the relief for the last two election cycles when Marty Jackley shut his pie hole about “voter fraud” on the reservations. The reason being was there was not a real competitive race in those elections. Now, Marty is out the door and so these piece of white nationalistic trash rears her ugly voice. Nothing to see here but the trolling of an indiot who fits right in with our white nationalistic Russian trolls. Disanto is on the Russian paytroll is all that can be surmised.

  3. Roger Elgersma 2018-11-02

    Natives do not need to be paid to vote democrat. They may need a ride to the polling place because they are short on gas money but a simple ride would do.

  4. o 2018-11-02

    Roger, by why chance that they might vote Democrat ?– easier to just make it impossible to vote and be done with it. (snark)

  5. Dana P 2018-11-02

    I would think that a state representative would immediately call for a criminal investigation of this, yes? Oh my gosh, she didn’t. She just threw out a baseless, and fact free statement.

    Like always, Jason (and many others that DiSanto intended this for) chased the shiny object.

  6. Donald Pay 2018-11-02

    “Just got a call.” Sure, you did, probably from one of the many cuckoo birds that are endemic to District 35. A responsible person would take that information, provide the name of the caller to authorities and let them do an investigation. But what does DiSanto do? She doesn’t appear to have gone to anyone in authority with any evidence. She grabs her phone faster than Trump can grab vaginas and, instead of calling authorities she tweets, because Disanto is an idiot. Of course, she fails to disclose who made this call, if it was actually made at all. (I think, really, she made it up, like just about everything we hear coming out of Donald Trumps piehole.) Does this person who called (if there was a call) have any evidence? She appears not to have been interested enough in facts to actually write this in her tweet.

    I just got a call. DiSanto is a liar.

  7. o 2018-11-02

    Donald, presumptions of innocence and requirements of proof are reserved for only conservative Supreme Court appointees.

  8. Loren 2018-11-02

    If “alternative facts” are OK at the national level, why can’t DiSanto use them at the state level? Lee Atwater’s soul lives at the GOP!

  9. Jim in DC 2018-11-02

    Jason – Do you have proof that DiSanto is telling the truth? She proved herself that she was lying by deleting the post. Do you have access to a gun range? If so, please go there to shoot holes in things instead of trying to do it with every decent conversation on this site. You have got to be tired because it is exhausting just to read your dribble.

    That’s right, I don’t live in SoDak so I am pretty sure what your reply will be.

  10. mike from iowa 2018-11-02

    Speaking of extreme conservative nominees for SPOTUSm the * circuit court of rubber stamping wingnut wishes says the complaints sent to them by Justce Roberts do not pertain to Kavernmouth’s time as a judge and they will not investigate perjury allegations.

    Who, besides obvious trolls, did not see this decision coming?

  11. mike from iowa 2018-11-02

    for SPOTUS, the 8th circuit……. It should have read.

  12. bearcreekbat 2018-11-02

    DiSanto is running in District 35. It appears to me that District 35 does not include any part of any Reservation.

    This makes DiSanto’s post even stranger. Whether there are the activities she alleged or not on “the resevation” such activities would not seem to affect the District 35 Senate race. She must think District 35 voters are actually that uninformed, or perhaps, racist. If these voters select DiSanto over the much more highly qualified, and ethical, Pat Cromwell, perhaps DiSanto’s teams’ assessment will be validated. I sure hope my neighbors in District 35 are much smarter than that.

  13. Debbo 2018-11-02

    SD racists blow their whistles hard whenever they feel politically threatened.

  14. 96Tears 2018-11-02

    Racist Barbie Doll Lynne DiSanto strikes again.

    Only a year ago, she used her Facebook page with the infamous “All Lives Splatter” jab to help support her pals in the KKK and Nazi networks in Charlottesville, Va. Racist Barbie Doll Lynne DiSanto pulled that racist smear down when people started complaining. Twelve months later, she posted her patently false accusation that Native people were selling their votes to benefit Democrats. This is an attack on the integrity of Native people in South Dakota. And, again, she pulled down her Facebook page when her racist smears attracted public displeasure. This proves she knows it’s a lie designed to offend people who support Democrats in South Dakota.

    If I were a West River conservative, I’d be highly offended. DiSanto seems to act as though it’s not possible to be a conservative without also being an Indian-hating racist.

  15. Jenny 2018-11-02

    The Republicans are just worried about the Natives showing up to vote. I sure hope the SD Democrats do what the MN DFL does and keep watch and make sure that the Republicans try not to do anything sneaky like turn someone away from voting that has every right to vote.

    It’s just too bad that SD does not have same day voter registration. Not having that is really called voter suppression. Everyone should be given the opportunity to fill out a registration form on election day. SD is a very small state so it’s not like there would be long lines of waiting.

  16. Jenny 2018-11-02

    And giving an old person or a poor person a ride to vote on election day is not voter fraud.

  17. Pat Cromwell 2018-11-02

    I got a call too! The call? I received a very nice phone call from Stan Adelstein offering his endorsement for me in District 35 Senate race.

    ……… at least that call really happened

  18. mike from iowa 2018-11-02

    Obama appointed judge in Kansas told Dodge City officials did not have to open a second voter polling station because the court did not want to get involved this close to the election. Last week Kansas officials closed the downtown polling place and moved it out of city limits and a mile or more from nearest bus stop in a city of 60% Hispanic voters. For everyone’s convenience I’m guessing. Kansas wouldn’t attempt to suppress likely Democratic voters, would they?

  19. jerry 2018-11-02

    DiSkanko is a white nationalistic traitor that should be booted from the legislature for being such an ass and for being such a racist as well as antisemitic. She and her irk attack Stan because of a couple of things, Stan’s religion as well as his stand for Native’s. DiSkanko can get a twofer on this deal then, what a bum.

  20. jerry 2018-11-02

    Here is how they want to end Democracy with a 51st state.
    “When Washington state Rep. Matt Shea looks out before him, he sees a mostly male crowd in militia T-shirts smiling back. Gathered across an expanse of suburban grass, they hold yellow Don’t Tread on Me flags. A handful carry AR-15s and are dressed in tactical camouflage vests loaded up with ammunition. It’s a hot August Saturday at a public park in Spokane, Washington. Wildfire smoke blurs the sun.”

    Traitors all.

  21. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-11-02

    Jason, DiSanto made the affirmative claim that a crime is being committed: she has the burden of proof. Making a claim with no proof places no burden on the rest of us… other than the burden of having to put up with her lying and racism.

  22. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-11-02

    Stan Adelstein appears to have all the proof he needs to determine that Pat Cromwell will represent all the voters of District 35 better than DiSanto will.

  23. Rorschach 2018-11-02

    Just got a call … Voter fraud occurring in District 35. People being PAID to vote for Lynne DiSanto!

  24. T 2018-11-02

    Lol Rorschach

  25. grudznick 2018-11-02

    Maybe young Ms. DiSanto is just blathering in the wind. She has been known to do that. Ask that nice young Mr. Johnson fellow from my neighboring district.

  26. Porter Lansing 2018-11-02

    Is grudznick going to vote no on everything, again?

  27. grudznick 2018-11-02

    I can’t vote on Ms. DiSanto, Mr. Lansing, as she is in District 33 and I vote in District 32. I urge all Rapid Citians who have Ms. DiSanto on their ballot to Vote No on her. Bullet vote your preferred candidate.

    I have my own casserole of derelicts in D32 to deal with. I’m leaning towards bullet voting for Oakes.

  28. Debbo 2018-11-02

    Just got a call, voter fraud being committed in Georgia against Stacey Abrams, in Texas against Beto O’Rourke, and on every reservation to stop American Indian citizens from voting.

    Really, I just got a call. . . . .

  29. Debbo 2018-11-02

    Just got a call . . .

    Ransbutt tried his first case! In small claims court. Judge threw him out for ineptitude.

  30. grudznick 2018-11-02

    Ransbutt? What office in your state of MN is he running for, Pastor Geelsdottir?

  31. Curt 2018-11-03

    Jeez, Grudz! Where do you think you live? Are you even real? If so, look up your sample ballot. If you actually live in Dist 32, you not only cannot vote for or against Ms DiSanto (who is in Dist 35 – not 33, as you indicate) but you also cannot vote for Mr Oakes (who is a candidate for Dist 30 Senate). And I think your therapist just called.

  32. leslie 2018-11-04

    Just Grdz’s continuing disinformation. Like troll Jason. Howz that Foxconn deal goin’ for Wisc Gov Walker, Jason?

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