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Watertowners Neighbors Say No to Noem

Kristi Noem got some folks who live near Billie Sutton to recite her partisan tropes about him. Some folks who live in Watertown, just up the road from Kristi, are offering their own neighborly take on the Governor’s race:

No Noem sign, Watertown, South Dakota; photo received by DFP 2018.10.31.
No Noem sign, Watertown, South Dakota; photo received by DFP 2018.10.31.
Noem/Rhoden sign repurposed, Watertown, South Dakota; photo received by DFP 2018.10.31.
Noem/Rhoden sign repurposed, Watertown, South Dakota; photo received by DFP 2018.10.31.

I’d suggest just those two signs land a stronger punch than Noem’s expensive “Neighbors” ad.

Six more days until our yards and airwaves go back to normal.


  1. Adam 2018-10-31

    I love it!

  2. DR 2018-10-31

    I think these are pointless and so is the ad the congresswomen is running. ALL and I mean ALL candidates will have one neighbor that wont vote for them. Cory, you have, and I also did in my measly city council race. You cannot get everyone…unless of course you are US Sen John Thune and no one runs against you!

  3. OldSarg 2018-10-31

    FiveThiryEight is showing Noem up 7.2 as of today. With the 30% advantage Republicans have over Dems in South Dakota it will probably turn out even greater as most people just vote the party ticket and the national dems have all been professing their promise of raising the taxes on all of us isn’t helping Sutton at all. He should do what that crazy lady from Missouri is doing and turn against his party. It’s his only chance. I know, I know, he came out pro-life, conservative, reach across the aisle but it isn’t helping enough. He got caught lying about being a Bernie supporter so he needs to do something more dramatic. Oh, I know!!! Think about it, he is a cowboy (though the first liberal communist cowboy ever, but a groundbreaker if there ever was one) He should promise to free all the horses in the state or take down all the fence to let the animals run free! That would be the ticket to fame and fortune!

  4. Debbo 2018-10-31

    I looked at that 538 site too. I think MN is going to flip 2 seats to Democrats and lose one. Good. We’ll get the governor to keep us safe from our Pootiepublican state house leader. Best of all, I think my disgusting slimeball rep Lewis is going down!

    If Sutton wins –go Sutton!– he’ll have a pragmatic, centrist Democratic governor Tim Walz in Minnesota who’ll work with him for the betterment of both states. Walz is to the left of Sutton, but that doesn’t take much.

    If Cory and Toni Miller in SD-9 win their statehouse contests, both the Senate and House in Pierre will have strong, honest, conscientious voices for their constituents. Hopefully there will be more Democratic wins and SD will have a cleaner, citizen focused government.

    Good luck Democrats!!

  5. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-10-31

    DR, I agree with you. No one but Saddam Hussein had 100% support from his neighbors (I believe I left the Thune line blank in 2010). Everybody who voted against me in 2016 and the smaller number who will vote against me this year is a neighbor of mine. The increasing number who vote against Al will be his neighbors.

    That is an important point of my Sunday critique of Kristi’s “neighbors” ad, which critique I extend with this post. Rolling out neighbors who plan to vote against a candidate is no unique or compelling argument to vote against that candidate. If Kristi continues to make neighborly disagreement an issue, we can easily neutralize it by taking more pictures of more Sutton signs around District 4 and District 2.

  6. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-10-31

    OS, I know you love bludgeoning hopes (and empirical facts) with your wishful thinking, but before you launch into your usual frothings, please take a moment and enlighten us: how is that you give more credence to the 538 projection model over the empirical data of local polling? Please tell us what you read in Nate Silver’s methodology that you think ensures that this national punditry model effectively accounts for the unique local factors of this contest.

  7. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-10-31

    Those who say No to Noem need to say Yes to all the honest Democrats who would back Sutton’s efforts for reform and bipartisanship.

  8. OldSarg 2018-10-31

    Cory, it’s just a source I like. I don’t get the bias of people personally involved in the contest. Sure, we can all find things biased to support one’s views but I like 538 because they have no play in our state of South Dakota.

    [… edited for irrelvance… CAH]

  9. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-10-31

    So you don’t really have any basis for assigning greater credibility to 538 over the actual polling on the ground; it’s just what you want to believe? You didn’t even look at the methodology, did you?

  10. Sam@ 2018-10-31

    I am from Watertown. I also say no to Noem. I just do not have a sign in my yard

  11. jimmy james 2018-11-01

    Maybe Kristi can save her campaign by getting Rep. Steve King (Iowa) to endorse her like Shantel Krebs did. Although he may be in trouble in his own campaign because of his racist antics, it might gain Kristi some big press coverage.

    You have to wonder. Of all of the possible endorsements that you could seek in the whole world of politics, why did Shantel promote that one?

  12. Ed 2018-11-01

    One of the neighbors in the anti Sutton ad. the guy who appears last in the ad, is a convicted drug felon with three drug felonies and breaking into people’s homes to steal their prescription drugs. He was the former mayor of Gregory. Billie Sutton should be proud to have that guy supporting Noem. So much for Noem’s promise of accountability and transparency. Like Trump, she picks the best people. Really?

  13. o 2018-11-01

    OldSarge, as an staunch anti-tax increase voter, I am glad you will be supporting Sen. Sutton. After Rep. Noem’s 57 tax and fee increases, you certainly have had enough.

  14. Jenny 2018-11-01

    Remember Nate silver was wrong in 2016 with going for Hillary as was everyone else. I really don’t think Silver focuses on South Dakota that much. This is a unique year for South Dakota Democrats when it comes to the gubernatorial race. They are hungry for a win And all indications are that this is a close race.

  15. Porter Lansing 2018-11-01

    predictit – Noem 64 cents – Sutton 35 cents (down 15 cents) – 9811 shares traded

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