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Sign Blames Russians for Jackley Loss

I labor under no illusion that the hard-fought Republican primary has left any lasting division that will induce Marty Jackley to do anything other than rally behind the woman who beat him, Kristi Noem, and advocate four more years of (corrupt, wasteful, hypocritical) one-party rule.

I thus share this photo from Lead, South Dakota, taken this afternoon by my friend Shari Crouch Kosel, to ask you, dear readers, to divine what signal the following sign-defacer meant to send:

Photo by Shari Crouch Kosel, taken in Lead, SD, 2018.06.07.
Photo by Shari Crouch Kosel, taken in Lead, SD, 2018.06.07.

Humor? Sour grapes? A sore-winner potshot by some high-country Trumpist who needs to view Kristi’s win as a Trumpist victory over the deep state (since Trumpism crapped out in pretty much every other race Tuesday)?

Technology, not Russians, fouled up voting on Tuesday morning. Reliable American election workers solved the problem with pens and paper. I don’t know what Marty Jackley learned from this election, but perhaps county officials and voters should learn that we should keep everything related to the casting of ballots offline, on paper… and take advantage of early voting!


  1. grudznick 2018-06-07 21:38

    Mr. Jackley should be blaming Ms. Krebs for his whomping. Had her issues not driven hordes of voters away from the polling places in the county of Pennington, never to return, he might not have suffered as ignominious a defeat. Losing by 6% is better for your ego than losing by 14%.

    But those people in Lead, like my good friend Stan, and other good friend Stan, are sharper than most people give them credit for, despite their joke bone inbreeding.

  2. Dale Zoybe 2018-06-07 23:58

    grudzslut, you need to stop the inbreeding, ASAP, Kristi was like Saint Patrick, running the snakes out of the city. William – Billie Sutton, well I have never met him but he may run more snakes out? But please stop the inbreeding in your county. I would ask everyone of you here to call Kristi and ask to have a personal call back to your phone, be it a home phone or a cell phone, NOT A TEXT. I only need 3 minutes of your time and I will be fine with that. PollictalRats are all busy you now, all trying to raise money for the 180 days max that they serve us in DC. Are they really serving us?

  3. Dale Zoybe 2018-06-08 00:00

    grudznick, No idea how that happened?

  4. jimmy james 2018-06-08 07:53

    So… Laura Kaiser is Russian?

  5. jerry 2018-06-08 08:33

    Jackley needs to recuse himself from the Gear Up he was going to personally litigate and take charge of how those pesky Rooskies got to the voters. I think that he should probably start to look at the NRA and how much they paid to defeat him. Everyone knows that the NRA and the Russians are joined at the hip, so looking into that should hit pay dirt for Marty. Sic’m sir. BTW, it was good to see him get his arse handed to him.

  6. Chuck Point 2018-06-08 09:02

    What did Krebs do to make folks Not Vote in the Hills? Thanks.

  7. W R Old Guy 2018-06-08 12:00

    The Jackley campaign may have lost some votes due to an ill timed robocall. I received the call about 2 PM on June 5th,the day of the election. It was recorded by one of Jackley’s children. I was amazed when I was told I could “vote at the courthouse until 5 PM today or at the polls from 7 AM to 7 PM tomorrow.”

    I wonder if anyone went to the polls on June 6th.

  8. Roger Cornelius 2018-06-08 14:55

    Can Jackley jump into the republican AG race at this late date?

  9. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-06-08 16:23

    Roger, Jackley cannot join the AG race, since Article 4 Section 7 has since 1992 prohibited anyone from serving more than two consecutive terms to A.G., SOS, Treas, Aud, or CSPL. Article 4 Section 2 put the same limits on governor and lieutenant governor in 1972.

    However, any other interested party can seek the nomination. Larry Long or Mark Barnett could jump off the bench. Roger Tellinghuisen or Mark Meierhenry could apply.

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