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SPLC Says TenHaken-Endorsing Family Heritage Alliance Stokes Anti-Muslim Hate

The Family Heritage Alliance, the conservative “Christian” organization endorsing Paul TenHaken for Sioux Falls mayor, has earned the attention of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch for its radical anti-Muslim activities in South Dakota:

Hatewatch identified several blog entries that praised and/or promoted anti-Muslim speakers or anti-Islam content on its website. Posted under tags such as “Islam,” “homeland security,” “Act for America” and “FHA Leadership,” most of the blogs were dedicated to promoting and summarizing events featuring known anti-Muslim figures including Phil HaneyJohn Guandolo, Chris GaubatzShahram Hadian, Tom WallaceACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel and Lt. Gen. (ret.) WilliamG. “Jerry” Boykin.

…Ed Randazzo, FHA’s director of political operations, expressed similar sentiments. In a public Facebook post on his personal profile, he voiced his support for Aynaz “Anni” Cyrus, an anti-Muslim figure, who travels the country spreading anti-Muslim hate at public speaking engagements. In his post, Randazzo characterized Islam as “this ideology described as a religion,” “an aberrant ideology already on our shores,” “evil,” and “an ideology that is antithetical to freedom and your well being” [].

SPLC’s Hatewatch documents six hate rallies that FHA promoted in South Dakota in 2017. SPLC also documents bills that FHA has pushed in the South Dakota Legislature that may appear reasonable but are actually copied from bills pushed in other states by hate groups trying to stir up anti-Muslim sentiment.

South Dakota Voices for Peace says that by spreading anti-Muslim hate, Family Heritage Alliance is straying from Christian values:

“The events and ideologies being sponsored by the Family Heritage Alliance throughout SD defy FHA’s professed ‘Christian values’.  Vilifying Muslims and other immigrants in our State, with no supportive evidence, and urging fear and disrespect of these neighbors in the name of ‘protecting freedom’ is not Christian.  Jesus’ command to ‘love thy neighbor’ was not an idle suggestion.  It lies at the heart of the Christian life,” emphasized Sister Lynn Marie Welbig, SD Voices for Peace Board Chair and Presentation Sister [South Dakota Voices for Peace, press release, 2018.04.30].

Paul TenHaken has yet to renounce FHA’s endorsement. Sioux Falls voters decide tomorrow whether to make TenHaken mayor or elect Jolene Loetscher, who thinks everyone, regardless of race or religion or any other artificial, exclusion-inviting category, has a place in Sioux Falls.


  1. Matthew Paulson 2018-04-30 21:10

    I wonder how many Sioux Falls voters have ever heard of this organization or cares who it’s endorsing in the mayoral election. I am guessing it is an incredibly small number (less than 50). I don’t know anything about this organization, but even if it were an organization with the most abhorrent beliefs ever, it probably wouldn’t have any impact on the election because nobody knows who they are or cares what they think.

  2. Warren Phear 2018-04-30 21:20

    You’re missing the point Matthew. ten haken knows who they are, and cares who they are.

  3. Anne Beal 2018-04-30 22:15

    The SPLC is nothing but Morris Dees’ personal piggy bank. He’s a white lawyer who has made himself very wealthy preying on guilt-ridden rich white people telling them that they should give him their money, so he can operate his crusade for justice for oppressed minorities.
    To keep the money flowing, the SPLC is required to make minorities think everything bad that happens to them is the result of bigotry, and make rich white people think it’s all their fault.
    The organization is always looking for new victims to exploit, and new suckers to manipulate.
    So now Muslims are the new victims ripe for exploitation, but if you are going to hit rich white people up for money you have to identify who it is who is victimizing them. So they have picked a target which, as usual, hasn’t done much of anything to anybody. They certainly haven’t been doing any lynchings or cross burnings but wow I bet they want to! So send us your money before they get started!

    I know about this crap because my late mother was on the mailing list. After she died at the age of 91 we found the fundraising appeals and the certificates of appreciation (suitable for framing of course) that the SPLC has sent her after she sent them money. I don’t even want to know how much $$$ they scammed her out of.

  4. Roger Cornelius 2018-04-30 22:16

    Townhall is a right-wing propaganda site.

  5. Jason 2018-04-30 22:18

    Roger as usual can’t debate the facts in my link.

    I’m guessing because he doesn’t have the intelligence to.

  6. Roger Cornelius 2018-04-30 22:24

    The fact is that is a conservative propaganda site.

  7. Jason 2018-04-30 22:24

    Cory said:

    “who thinks everyone, regardless of race or religion or any other artificial, exclusion-inviting category, has a place in Sioux Falls.”

    Can you link to where TenHaken said somebody doesn’t have a place in Sioux Falls?

  8. Jason 2018-04-30 22:25

    The fact is Roger is not intelligent and can’t debate the facts of the link.

  9. Donald Pay 2018-04-30 22:37

    I’ve been researching anti-semitism in pre-WWII United States. It’s eery how these anti-Muslim hate fests have been popping up in South Dakota. It’s very similar to what the KKK and other hate groups were doing to Catholics, Jews and blacks in the 1920s and 30s. It turns out German agents in the Bund were doing a lot of the propaganda for the anti-Jewish hate. Russia, in our own era, has done a lot of the work spreading the anti-Muslim hate in the US and Europe.

  10. Jason 2018-04-30 22:44


    The majority of Americans don’t like stoning of people, female genital mutilation, discrimination of women and killing homosexuals. That’s a just a few off the top of my head.

  11. OldSarg 2018-05-01 05:04

    Donald “I’ve been researching anti-semitism in pre-WWII United States. It’s eery how these anti-Muslim hate fests have been popping up in South Dakota” do us all a favor and publish your “research”. . .

    I’m also wondering what’s so bad about condemning “stoning of people, female genital mutilation, discrimination of women and killing homosexuals”.

  12. jerry 2018-05-01 06:24

    You’re correct Mr. Pay. The Russians have a great deal to fear from the Chechnya’s as they have been in uprisings for decades.

    There is a clever tactic being used by Putin to invoke hatred of Muslims by the West while he gives Muslims clear advantages at home. Putin is clear on his intent to sow discontentment in the West with Muslim hate while doing just the opposite at home to protect himself from a rebellion that was not to far off in the past.

    Folks in South Dakota are of mainly German/Russian and Bohemian stock from the old country just a generation or two from their immigration. So this hits right in their wheelhouse of fear. Well played Putin/republicans, well played. Now, all you have to do to make it a trifecta is toss in the Mexicans as they are American Indians. Nothing scares the bejabbers out of South Dakotan’s more than to think that there hold on stolen lands could come back and bite them in the boo boo. 150 years ago, almost to the day, the Laramie Treaty was signed and then abused while the ink was still wet.

  13. Steve Hickey 2018-05-01 06:37

    I’m not all that interested in this race. That said, I’m more relaxed these days about who endorses who. Lefty groups have their candidates of choice, righty groups have theirs. When you are running a race you want all the support you can get and most endorsements are welcome, and some create some fuss (to ignore). You keep your eye on the ball.

    The SPLC is a ideological hate group too. They are tolerant of the tolerant, and intolerant of the intolerant – which makes them exactly like the people they call out as intolerant. They even lead the way in intolerance. It is what it is. They are exactly what they hate in others.

    Heard a term the other day reading an article in the Guardian – muscular liberalism. Muscular liberalism has risen up (extremely aggressive intolerance, justifying violence and denial of free speech rights – ie no platforming) to counter religious extremism. In other words, the pot is calling the kettle black.

    Hope this isn’t too hard for you to see. But it is true.

  14. Steve Hickey 2018-05-01 06:44

    And Donald Pay, read some of Thomas Weber’s work – he has a new Hitler book and is from the university here. He clearly says – this is not that and we should quit saying so. And he says, Hitler was of the left, not the right.

    In the places where Islamists have moved in, there you see the scary stuff – the streets of Europe right now are not that safe anymore. Your daughter can’t where what she wants. You son can’t go where he wants. It’s not safe to be gay, Jewish or Christian. I don’t see this militant intolerance in American Christianity. I see people trying to get informed in a stormy sea of misinformation and propaganda.

  15. Porter Lansing 2018-05-01 06:45

    Jason quotes an invalid source. Annie Beale gives an irrelevant story about a deceased family member, then posts an invalid hate link. Sarge tries to conflate isolated incidents in a third world country on the other side of the world to the peaceful refugees in USA. Like Jerry said. It doesn’t take very big lies to scare the chickens in “safe as hell” South Dakota. It’s Russian propaganda designed to get Americans attacking other Americans and you fools eat it up. Pitiful!!

  16. Porter Lansing 2018-05-01 06:49

    Hickey is an exaggerated bag of bull s**t. The streets of Europe are very safe. Your daughter can wear what she wants. Hickey is a Putin tool and a menace to society.

  17. Jason 2018-05-01 07:18

    Porter as usual can’t debate the facts.

  18. jerry 2018-05-01 07:29

    Mr. Hickey, you are just another charlatan scattering scat about the streets of Europe. I have been on them very very recently and do not see anything more alarming than walking down the streets of Rapid City or any other place that has a population of over 50,000 with the majority being old stinkers that do not know how to drive. I read recently about a dude that stole a truck in Wyoming and intentionally drove it to harm American citizens. Nope, I feel just as safe in Europe as I do in South Dakota.

  19. mike from iowa 2018-05-01 07:43

    The ACLJ is nothing but Jay Sukulow’s personal piggy bank. He’s a white lawyer who has made himself very wealthy preying on guilt-ridden poor white people telling them that they should give him their money, so he can operate his crusade for justice for oppressed Jay Sukulow & Family.

    Fickstit for you, Ms Beale. My pleasure.

  20. Jason 2018-05-01 07:45


    Prove it’s his piggy bank.

  21. Steve Hickey 2018-05-01 08:06

    Every 90 minutes a stabbing in London. Like 1500 acid attqcks to far. There are no go zones. Shariah police in some areas. I’m just telling you what I read in the headlines here every week- France, Germany, Sweden, London. Yes women can wear what they want, and risk a confrontation. It’s actually worse than the media will report. Germany is back peddling on its open doors policies and paying heavily for what they have created. Meanwhile last week an official in Turkey makes a comment about sending 15000 more Islamist into Europe a month to destabilize it.

  22. Porter Lansing 2018-05-01 08:34

    Say it in Russian, JasonKM.

  23. Porter Lansing 2018-05-01 08:38

    Hickey … How many times do I have to tell people that what you read is invalid propaganda from hate groups. I made a list last time of the weird places you think news comes from. No stabbing, No acid attacks. Just BS.

  24. Jason 2018-05-01 08:46

    Prove him wrong Porter with facts. You saying a source is invalid is not a fact.

  25. Donald Pay 2018-05-01 08:46


    Of course there is this anti-Muslim scare campaign going on in the media in Europe, just as we have it here in the US. I would be surprised if the right, aided by Russians, was not neck deep in attempts to divide and conquer. There is a clear attempt by Russia to undermine the post-WW2 institutions of western democracies. One of the pillars of those institutions is not just tolerance of religious differences, but celebration of the fact that any religion can be freely practiced. In Russia those freedoms are constantly under attack, and Russia has used religious institutions to discriminate against gays, Muslim and anyone else who opposes Putin. They have tried to do that in the US with some churches becoming subsidiaries of the Russian propaganda machine.

    This isn’t that far removed from what Nazi Germany was doing in the US from the late 1920s-1941. We forget that millions of Jews were being rounded up while US churches, particularly in the Midwest, were cozying up to anti-semitism and extremist nationalism. The first “America First” in 1940 was very much like Trump’s current base.

  26. mike from iowa 2018-05-01 08:52

    Jason- up yers, Troll. The Democratic state law enforcement officials acted following the disclosure that Case and an affiliate have since 2000 paid more than $60m in compensation and contracts to Sekulow, his relatives and companies where they hold senior roles.

    Nonprofits are forbidden by law from giving excess benefits to the people responsible for running them. Case’s board is dominated by Sekulow and his family. The group is registered with state authorities to operate and raise funds in 39 states plus Washington DC, according to its last available IRS filing. It is closely entwined with American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), another Sekulow nonprofit.

    Now change the subject or move the goal posts where ever you want. You know you want to. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  27. mike from iowa 2018-05-01 08:53

    Game, set and match. I win. You lews, lewser.

  28. Jason 2018-05-01 08:55

    Mike, there was no law broken. Lawyers get paid a lot of money. You win nothing.

  29. Steve Hickey 2018-05-01 09:10

    Porter – you are obstinate and ill-informed. 2 seconds to find this, this stuff is always in the news here…

    There are CNN headlines on all this – do you like that source? How about BBC. Here’s a headline: Acid attack violence in London soars by more than 78 per cent.

    There are apps in France that tell you where the 20 no-go zones are in Paris.

    Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe. BBC. I’d put the links up here but I think Cory’s platform rejects more than one. Here’s a headline from the Telegraph: Swedish music festival to go ‘women-only’ following string of sexual assaults

    Donald – the media is trying to minimise the trouble in the streets here. You suggest they are spewing anti-Muslim propaganda. It’s the very opposite.

  30. Porter Lansing 2018-05-01 09:47

    Steve – You’ve become a Legacy of Lies.
    The knife attacks are gang violence. All major cities have violence. It’s a matter of how many vs population.
    No Go Zones? Where do your read this bunk? The grocery store lines. I’ll use my one link to prove this is a lie.

  31. Porter Lansing 2018-05-01 09:48

    Steve – You’ve become a Legacy of Lies.
    The knife attacks are gang violence. All major cities have violence. It’s a matter of how many vs population.
    No Go Zones? Where do your read this bunk? The grocery store lines. I’ll use my one link to prove this is a lie.

  32. Donald Pay 2018-05-01 10:14

    Yeah, Steve, my experience is quite the opposite. Where I live there are a substantial number of Muslims. My next door neighbor, a nice guy, is Muslim. His wife doesn’t wear a head covering, but several checkers at grocery stores nearby do. We garden with many folks who are foreign-born or foreigners, some Muslim, associated with the University. We live in one of the safest neighborhoods in town.

    One of the reasons for our safe neighborhood, I believe, is that we are welcoming. There are signs around here that say, “Wherever you are from, we are glad you are our neighbors.” They say that in English, Spanish and Arabic. If you treat people as, for example, Jesus said you should, you might find there is less to what the Russians are doing to scare you.

    I find the focus on Sharia law interesting for the Trumpsters. In the 1990s domestic abuse laws were being strengthened in South Dakota. The only opposition came from the Christian right, who thought it was interfering with the “Christian” idea that fathers should have a free hand to discipline their children and wife, even if it cause extreme bodily harm. And, I believe there is a outpost of the “Christian” child molester Jeffs family there in South Dakota. Let’s not talk about theoretical threats from Muslims, when Christians support their own brand of Sharia law.

  33. Porter Lansing 2018-05-01 10:20

    Hear, hear Donald. Many still believe they can shove around minority groups, as they did for decades against black people, Indians and Mexicans. When a minority group fights back, often with and eye for an eye, these white nationalists run and cry “Sharia Sharia”. If treated with respect and dignity believers of Islam are peaceful and community oriented. When verbally assaulted they’ll turn around and kick little Steve Hickey butts.

  34. Steve Hickey 2018-05-01 10:29

    You trust SPLC and Snopes. Both are fully compromised as sources for anything objective.

    Gang violence. I guess you could call it gang violence… “One eyewitness on London Bridge, told the BBC he saw three men stabbing people indiscriminately, shouting “this is for Allah”.

    No-go zones do exist…

    Your liberal sources want to say peace peace when there is no peace. In reality, there are real problems. But I’m sure if we could understand the arabic of the Imam’s in the mosques we’d all know for sure what is being preached.

    Back to the worry that this anti-Muslim sentiment is a repeat of pre-WWII attitudes toward Jews…. what I think is a repeat is the left saying there is nothing to it. It’s like the German church telling itself Hitler wasn’t what everyone was saying he was…

    How many women mentioned by name in the Bible? Over 170. How many women are mentioned by name in the Koran? One. Mary, and only because she produced Jesus who they deem a prophet. There is no way to spin this as liberating for women. Why can’t liberals see any of this? I have my theories.

  35. Steve Hickey 2018-05-01 10:39

    Donald – I have Muslim friends here and in the states. We talk. Last Friday I had breakfast with one. I apologised for 15 centuries of Constantinian Christianity (Catholic and Protestant/Evangelical) where we jettisoned the values of Jesus for the values of the Empire/sword. He made the case that most Muslims are ignorant of what they really believe. He told me they think dogs are unclean because the Koran says so. He said the Koran says nothing of the sort. He said the preachers of Islam don’t even know the Koran. He said one Imam has it memorised in arabic and he doesn’t even understand arabic. He memorised arabic words and prayers. Stunning. I couldn’t believe it. And we talked about America’s miserable foreign policy where we kill people every day with drones and the rest. I said I’m sorry and that I hope he can separate all of that from the person of Jesus. He told me about living in Baghdad under Saddam. He fears Islamist too. He’s a Sunni.

    Liberals are living in lies on this one and it’s dangerous. Does the SPLC have a list of Islamist groups/mosques in the states that preach hate? I don’t know, I’m asking.

  36. Steve Hickey 2018-05-01 10:59

    And to clarify, I’m for welcoming Muslims. I’m not for open borders. That means I think not everyone who wants in should get in and that there should be a rigorous process of legal immigration.

    We should put the full squeeze on Arab nations like Saudi Arabia to take refugees. It’s foolishness to resettle people on the other side of the world and then say it’s Anti-Christian to suggest here are other ways to solve these problems besides importing them. Especially when Saudi Arabia has an air conditioned tent city that can host 3million. They only use it once a year. We should send food and supplies and they just open up their borders and house refugees safely there.

    This doesn’t happen because they want to take the West. And they are succeeding.

  37. jerry 2018-05-01 11:03

    Wow, Mr. Hickey, 29 stabbing deaths so far in 2018 in Loundres, by no specific group in particular, no go indeed. Meanwhile in Las Vegas, there were twice that many killed in 10 minutes by a crazy white man. Would it be safe to say that the United States is a no go?

  38. Roger Cornelius 2018-05-01 11:10

    The Family Heritage Alliance is another hateful cult, they aren’t that much different from neo-Nazi’s and the KKK.

    In typical fashion republicans fan the flames of anti-Muslim hate and pretty much anti-anything that doesn’t fit their “Christian values”.

    For a so called Christian organization to promote hate of a specific group of people and their religion is not Christian, it is fear mongering.

    For a so called pastor to support the hate of the Family Heritage Alliance is a violation of the their beloved Ten Commandments, you know the Commandment, Love Thy Neighbor.

    It is past the time when Christian and religious organizations look at themselves and see the divisions they are creating in this country.

  39. Steve Hickey 2018-05-01 11:16


    One stabbing every 90 minutes.

    “In London, the problem was even more pronounced than the rest of the country, with 12,980 knife crimes taking place in the capital – 2,452 more than the equivalent year.“

    Roger – you don’t ooze love and peace . Lots of hate in there too. Are you on the list?

  40. jerry 2018-05-01 11:18

    Does anyone find it ironic that the American government, us’ins, just spent millions of dollars shooting at old donkeys in Syria under the guise of outrage over the killing by the Syrian government of Syrian Muslims, still refuses to allow those same Syrian Muslims political asylum here?

    Mr. Hickey, you have a Muslim friend like the rest of the white guys have a Indian friend and then, to get bragging rights, even a Black friend that knows a lesbian. Funny stuff for sure.

  41. Roger Cornelius 2018-05-01 11:20

    If you aren’t on the SPLC hate list, you should be.

  42. jerry 2018-05-01 11:26

    LOL Mr. Hickey. How big of a town is London? Is the population over that of Las Vegas, Nevada?

    “Although knife crime is on the increase, it should be seen in context. It’s relatively unusual for a violent incident to involve a knife, and rarer still for someone to need hospital treatment.

    Most violence is caused by people hitting, kicking, shoving or slapping someone, sometimes during a fight and often when they’re drunk; the police figures on violence also include crimes of harassment and stalking.

    The Crime Survey for England and Wales, which includes offences that aren’t reported to police, indicates that overall levels of violence have fallen by 25% since 2013.” “Most violent attacks, 77% of all, involve no weapons at all” Just a bunch of pissed off Englishmen and women. Nothing you should be bed wetting about. Here is the BBC on this very issue

  43. Curt 2018-05-01 11:32

    For the record, SPLC’s list of ‘Hate Groups’ does include Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

  44. Porter Lansing 2018-05-01 11:46

    No Go Zones DON’T Exist. Your link is from the Hungarian foreign minister Peter Szijjarto talking about a controversial Hungarian government leaflet which claims migrants have created no-go zones in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. A Hungarian’s opinion is of little merit. Your link is nonsupportive of your assertion that No Go Zones exist. Snopes is highly valid and recognized as such by credible news sources. Southern Poverty Law Center is highly valid and recognized as such by credible news sources.
    ~ Hickey … as sad as it is, people like you who harbor hatred in their heart, for souls you’ve not even met, deserve to be afraid. It’s God’s penance to you for the sin of blind hate. Be very afraid, every day and every time you awaken in the night.

  45. Roger Cornelius 2018-05-01 11:53

    Porter my friend

    Do you have any information on how many Muslims have been violently attacked or murdered in the U.S. since Trump took office?

  46. Steve Hickey 2018-05-01 11:54

    You are full of hate and spite. Now Hungary officials aren’t reliable sources but SPLC is reliable. You only hear what you want to hear and see what you want to see. There is no room for anyone else in your lalaland.

  47. Porter Lansing 2018-05-01 12:00

    America’s hate crime data is really bad.
    In the month after Trump was elected, there were more than 860 reports of hate attacks to the Southern Poverty Law Center — including school teachers making Islamophobic comments, and outright physical violence that was seemingly motivated by racism.
    There have also been reports of mosques being burned and violent attacks against Indians.
    The FBI, although it’s supposed to be our most reliable source of current nationwide crime data, is potentially undercounting hate crimes by a magnitude of more than 40 times.

  48. Porter Lansing 2018-05-01 12:04

    I’ll accept a Hungarian foreign minister that has real data and proof. Your guy has some leaflet that no one recognizes as anything but Russian propaganda.
    About my lalaland. There are more people who think like me. You’re part of a fringe, evangelical group with no validity. I’ve shown you solid proof of No Go Zones three different times and you won’t believe it. You’re like the “drunk uncle” at Thanksgiving. Better left ignored. I notice even the right wing Catholic blog thinks you’re a kook.

  49. Roger Cornelius 2018-05-01 12:15

    To further prove Hickey’s “kookiness” remember his very public obsession with anal sex?
    That one made national headlines and was featured on Comedy Central’s John Stewart show.

  50. Porter Lansing 2018-05-01 12:22

    Ewwwwww …..

  51. jerry 2018-05-01 12:23

    Hungary? The most nationalistic country in Europe as we speak is Mr. Hickey’s go to guide for peace and love. Kinda like Hitler declaring that Auschwitz was a good vacation spot.

    Hickey has never been to Europe, he just said he was in Scotland to lay low.

  52. jerry 2018-05-01 12:28

    Mr. Hickey, here are some numbers that you and yours should be ashamed of.

    ” In the month after Trump was elected, there were more than 860 reports of hate attacks to the Southern Poverty Law Center — including school teachers making Islamophobic comments, students telling Latino peers that Trump would deport them, and outright physical violence that was seemingly motivated by racism.

    There have also been reports of mosques being burned, violent attacks against Indians, and a drive-by shooting at the Tulsa, Oklahoma, headquarters for the LGBTQ organization Oklahomans for Equality. And then there were the white supremacist protests in Charlottesville, in which a Nazi sympathizer allegedly killed a woman after he drove his car into a crowd of counterprotesters. Not all of these attacks have been verified as acts motivated by bigotry, but they’re certainly a cause for alarm.

    The reality, though, is it’s hard to say if hate crimes are on the rise — even after the FBI’s latest report — because the data used to track these cases is so poor.

    Over the past two decades, the FBI reported between 6,000 and 10,000 hate crimes each year in the US. But when the US Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) surveyed large segments of the population between 2007 and 2011 to try to gauge the real number of hate crimes, it concluded that there are nearly 260,000 such crimes annually.”

    I am not a mathematician but those numbers look like they are higher than the ones you got from your boys over in Hungary.

  53. jerry 2018-05-01 12:34

    Here is Mr. Hickey’s Hungary with the best slogan on the streets ever.

    “As Mr Orban prepares to present his new government on 8 May, his opponents have been gathering in the squares.

    “Don’t cheat, don’t steal, don’t lie – because the government doesn’t tolerate competition,” read one of the posters at a rally of 100,000 protesters, on 14 April.

    That was followed by another protest of similar size on 21 April. A third has been promised for 8 May, as parliament assembles.”

    Hungary’s dependence upon Germany and her jobs is much like the legislature Mr. Hickey was once involved with in South Dakota, totally dependent on the Federal government to even flush a toliet.

  54. mike from iowa 2018-05-01 12:35

    Geez, less than 2 minutes after I proved Suckulow was using a charity as a piggy bank, as per Jason’s request, he comes back and shoved the goal posts over claiming there was no crime committed.

    Might be a new record for the old broken record TROLL.

  55. Roger Cornelius 2018-05-01 12:41

    mike from iowa
    The troll is likely employed by the Internet Research Agency, he fits their profile perfectly.

  56. mike from iowa 2018-05-01 12:43

    The thing about Drumpf is he never has a bad word to say about his white suckpremacist base. No matter how heinous the crime its the victims that catch Drumpf’s flack.

  57. mike from iowa 2018-05-01 12:59

    Never heard of them before, Roger. Thanks for the info.

  58. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-05-01 17:46

    So a day’s discussion has not provided any evidence to refute the facts reported by SPLC, specifically that FHA is actively promoting anti-Muslim fearmongering rallies in South Dakota.

    Kind of tough to demonize or dismiss a group that reports unrefutable facts.

  59. Jason 2018-05-01 17:49


    Does FHA promote them as anti-Muslim rallies? If not, then the SPLC and you are just giving your opinion.

  60. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-05-01 17:58

    Jason’s questions is already answered by the SPLC’s reporting of FHA’s Ed Randazzo’s own words. The events are clearly anti-Muslim. To say that’s just my opinion is to deny objective fact. Relativism and nihilism do not win arguments, Jason; they just make honest argument impossible.

    As an analogy to refute Jason’s assertion, if I rally some friends to lynch a black man, the fact that we advertise the event as “doing justice” doesn’t change the hateful, racist, unChristian nature of the lynching.

  61. Jason 2018-05-01 18:18


    Ed’s said that on his personal facebook. What I am asking is for a link to a flyer or invitation advertising the rallies.

    I am 100% against the Muslim Religion due to their practices I posted above. That does mean I am against the humans practicing it.

  62. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-05-01 18:56

    Yeah, and Klan meetings aren’t anti-Black; they’re just pro-White.

    The word games South Dakota’s anti-Muslim scapegoaters use distract and disgust.

  63. mike from iowa 2018-05-01 19:38

    Didn’t FHA give Krebs some kind of award and met with both Krebs and Jackley?

  64. Jason 2018-05-03 00:36


    Are you for the Muslim religious practices of stoning people, female genital mutilation, discrimination of women and killing homosexuals?

    I’m guessing not. There is only ONE religion that those things are done under.

    As for the KKK, those were Democrats. Have you forgotten the Republicans got rid of slavery?

  65. jerry 2018-05-03 02:14

    Christians don’t discriminate women? who you kiddin? Christians don’t kill homosexuals? Since when? Christians don’t stone people? You are correct on that, Christians just shoot them, indiscriminately. Christians don’t do female genital mutilations? Ask the Native American women that were surgically sterilized or the Black women who had vaginal surgery done to them without any kind of anesthesia. As far as the KKK goes, that is white. Does not matter what political party you are there, as long as you are a white Christian..the right kind of white Christian too. Jews and Catholics need not apply.

  66. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-05-03 06:51

    Jason, irrelevant to the point at hand: Mayor-Elect TenHaken embraced the endorsement of an organization that promotes religious bigotry and unconstitutional discrimination. I oppose the beliefs and practices of many religions, but as a matter of law, I can’t use your statement as justification for FHA/TenHaken’s exclusion of certain individuals professing a specific faith from civic and economic life any more than I can use Jerry’s statement to exclude TenHaken or FHA members for professing their specific faith.

  67. leslie 2018-05-03 17:41

    splc labled a hate group is like saying the marines are a hate group. oh wait…

    …Emily Gorcenski, a data scientist and trans woman from Charlottesville who had shown up to confront the rally’s hundreds of white supremacists. the marine bragged he had “drop kicked” that “tranny” during a violent nighttime march on the campus of the University of Virginia.

  68. Jerry Hoekstra 2018-05-04 07:36

    Thanks Anne Beal for sharing your first hand experience with SPLC. There is a lot of info here to process — to get to the bottom of what is going on with SPLC. Somewhere both Mark Twain and Louis Farrakan wrote about life in the South.

  69. Roger Cornelius 2018-05-16 21:53

    Speaking of hate and racism, today at the White House round table on immigration Trump came unhinged and called immigrants “animals”.

  70. grudznick 2018-05-16 21:56

    That’s terrible news, Mr. C. Terrible. It sickens my gut. My great, great grandmama was an immigrant, and she was not an animal.

  71. Roger Cornelius 2018-05-16 22:06

    It should sicken everyone, including Trump supporters, but his supporters will find a way to defend his vile comments.
    Trump failed to mention he has an immigrant wife, his in-laws are immigrants to this country by way of chain migration, and his mother and father were both immigrants.

  72. Jason 2018-05-16 22:55

    I love it when Trumps tells the truth and calls MS-13 gang members animals.

    I find it disheartening Roger and Grudz are defending MS-13 gang members.

  73. Roger Cornelius 2018-05-16 22:59

    I find it disheartening that Jason doesn’t know how to read, neither grudz or I mentioned MS-13.
    As much as I despise ANY gang violence such as the MS-13, neo-Nazi’s, or the KKK, I would never call them animals, they are human beings that commit hateful crimes.

  74. Jason 2018-05-16 23:03

    No Roger, you don’t know how to read.

    MIMS: There could be an MS-13 gang member, I know about, if they don’t reach a threshold, I cannot tell ICE about them. [Emphasis added]

    TRUMP: We have people coming into the country — they’re trying to come in, we’re stopping a lot of them — but we’re taking out of the country. You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people. These are animals. And we’re taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that’s never happened before. And because of the weak laws, they come in fast, we get them, we release them, we get them again, we bring them out. It’s crazy. The dumbest laws, as I said before, the dumbest laws on immigration in the world. So we’re going to take care of it. We’ll get it done.

  75. Roger Cornelius 2018-05-16 23:04

    I find it disheartening that Jason doesn’t know how to read and comprehend, neither grudz nor I made any mention of MS-13.
    I despise all gangs including MS-13, neo-Nazi’s, and the KKK, that advocate hate and violence.

  76. Roger Cornelius 2018-05-16 23:05

    I find it disheartening that Jason would support Trump’s vile comments about immigrants, including those that are within his family.

  77. Jason 2018-05-16 23:16


    “We want people to come into our country based on merit. We’re not looking to keep them out, we need to bring them in. We need them,”


  78. Roger Cornelius 2018-05-16 23:24

    Thanks for proving my point, Jason, particularly the quote about Trump calling immigrants “animals”.
    Trump is a hypocrite, he allows guest workers at his properties while other businesses are crying out for them and are told no by Trump.

  79. Jason 2018-05-16 23:31

    A guest worker is not an illegal immigrant.

    Does Roger know the difference between an illegal immigrant and a legal immigrant?

  80. Roger Cornelius 2018-05-16 23:39

    Immigrants are not legal or illegal, they are simply immigrants and human beings.
    Guest workers are in fact immigrants, where in the hell do you think they come from?

  81. Jason 2018-05-16 23:49

    1911. 8 U.S.C. 1325 — Unlawful Entry, Failure To Depart, Fleeing Immigration Checkpoints, Marriage Fraud, Commercial Enterprise Fraud

    Section 1325 sets forth criminal offenses relating to (1) improper entry into the United States by an alien, (2) entry into marriage for the purpose of evading immigration laws, and (3) establishing a commercial enterprise for the purpose of evading immigration laws. The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) amended 8 U.S.C. § 1325 to provide that an alien apprehended while entering or attempting to enter the United States at a time or place other than as designated by immigration officers shall be subject to a civil penalty.

    It took me 5 seconds to find that Roger. :)

  82. bearcreekbat 2018-05-17 11:15

    Roger, apparently when someone breaks a law, that person becomes an “illegal.” I have broken laws, hence in Jason’s view I am an “illegal.” In an earlier thread OldSarg demanded that I leave South Dakota due to my “illegal” status, but does not demand that Noem leave due to her “illegal” status – she has been caught speeding many more time than me or most South Dakotans.

    And when I asked where OS would exile me (I was born in SD) and my family to there was no response. I wonder if Jason has ever broken a law? Maybe he too has jay walked, sped, ran a red light or committed some other “crime” during his life.

    And labeling people as “illegals” because they commit the misdemeanor of crossing without papers, or because they overstay a visa (not a crime) seems premature and inaccurate. After all, no one can be found guilty of a misdemeanor absent a conviction. Many if not most of the people he calls “illegals” for the misdemeanor of crossing without papers are not technically guilty of any crime until they have have been charged, tried and found guilty in a court of law.

    And the people who have overstayed visa cannot be deemed “illegals” because they cannot even be charged with a crime for such behavior, let alone be convicted. Likewise, I don’t think children brought over by their parents can be charged with any crime, so these kids cannot be label “illegals” like me and my family.

  83. mike fom iowa 2018-05-17 11:35

    Jason, let’s talk about undesirable whites like yerself. Yer only trait appears to be belligerence and that would not be enough to get immigrants admitted on its face.

    So why are you still here?

    You demand Cory post this and answer that. Where do you get off demanding anything? Do you think it is a birthright?

  84. Roger Cornelius 2018-05-17 12:43

    Conservatives use the term “illegal immigrants” because they think it elevates their status and dehumanizes people of color.
    Jason got Trump’s White House talking points about Trump’s hate speech yesterday.
    Kellyanne Conway is now saying that Trump wasn’t talking about all “illegal immigrants”, just the MS-13 gang.
    Even so, MS-13 gang members are neither “illegal immigrants” or “animals”. Trump is just as vile and hateful as MS-13.

  85. bearcreekbat 2018-05-17 12:58

    Roger, I appreciate your willingness to call out the evil of using derogatory language in an effort to dehumanize any group of people. Frankly, I cannot understand how nastily labeling someone else can improve the self worth of those who do the labeling. It strikes me as a fool’s errand.

  86. bearcreekbat 2018-05-17 13:10

    Eugene Scott has a piece addressing Trump’s “animals” comment in today’s Washington Post. Since it is a pay site, I won’t try to link it, but will quote from it:

    . . . There’s important historical context here, too, that many social media users pointed out: Referring to marginalized groups as subhuman has been a way dictators have justified the abuse of those groups. This happened with the Jewish people during the Holocaust. It happen with the Tutsis during the Rwandan genocide. And it is happening with the Rohingya people in Burma. . . .

    Scott quotes Clint Smith:

    Before enslavement Africans were called “apes”

    Before the Holocaust Jewish people were called “rats”

    Before the Rwandan genocide Tutsis were called “cockroaches”

    Calling undocumented people “animals” as the president just did is gravely serious. It’s not just an offensive word. . . .

    It’s easy to dismiss what Trump said as nonsense & it’s easy to see discussion about its potential impact as hyperbolic, but there is a long tradition of entire groups of people being likened to animals before & during periods of mass violence against them.

    Scott then continues:

    Generalizations and stereotypes led many citizens of those countries to view entire ethnic groups of people so negatively that respecting their lives was of little priority. This empowered people to discriminate against or even physically harm and kill them.

    How else can we Americans justify ripping innocent children from their parents, breaking up families who have lived here for generations, turning our backs on refugee women and children trying to escape violence. What have we become?

  87. mike fom iowa 2018-05-17 13:29

    Jason and others of his ilk sure do enjoy lowering the standards of decency for Drumpf and others like him.

  88. Roger Cornelius 2018-05-17 13:32

    Thanks for posting Eugene Scott’s article.
    Trump is constantly inconsistent in his hate, he has disdain for MS-13, but refuses to call out the violence of the KKK and neo-Nazi’s whose violence and hate rhetoric have increased the 16 months Trump has been in office.
    Clearly, Trump emboldens hate and violence when he calls immigrants “animals”.
    Virtually everyday we see where some white person calls the cops on blacks, or someone berating Muslims and Latino’s in public.
    Whether it be a group of blacks barbequing in a public park, two black men waiting in a Starbucks, a patron in Walmart demanding that a Muslim woman remove her hijab, to the Trump supporting attorney in New York demanding that a Latino waiter and his Latino customers speak English or he’ll call ICE, they are all incidents inspired by Trump’s racism and hate speech.
    Indeed, what have we become as a nation that was once the bastion of safety and security for immigrants and refugees that helped build this country?

  89. bearcreekbat 2018-05-24 00:45

    Jason, that seems an appropriate comparison by SPLC. Labeling any group as less than human is a powerful incentive and justification for treating members of that group as less than human. Nazis needed public acceptance to discriminate against, and eventually slaughter, people without due process and the public dehumanizing of Jewish folks by Nazi political leaders and their propaganda efforts to dehumanize apparently did the trick.

    Condemning members of any group or “gang” without due process seems no different. If a “gang” member commits a crime, then prosecute him or her according to law. But that neither makes other members of the “gang” guilty of the crime nor does it transform the actual guilty person or anyone else into “animals.” Indeed, we do not even call people convicted of crimes and living in our prisons and jails “animals” (or “illegals” for that matter). And we know from the WW2 internment of loyal Japanese/American families that it has happened here and can happen again.

    I choose to align with those who see other people as human beings, not “animals,” “illegals,” nor any other characterization declaring anyone to be less than human. If you, Jason, on the other hand, are comfortable treating other people as less than human, then by all means you have a 1st Amendment right to cheer for Mr. “people are animals” Trump’s hateful rhetoric.

  90. Roger Cornelius 2018-05-24 08:00


    Admittedly, I’m not familiar with the activities of MS-13, but I rather suspect that their involvement includes dealings in drug and internal violence, or violence against other competitive gangs.,

  91. bearcreekbat 2018-05-24 10:01

    Roger, I am not an apologist for MS-13 or any other so-called “gang,” such as the Hells Angels, Bandidos, Sons of Silence, et al. I do recognize, however, that MS-13 appears to be primarily Hispanic as it was apparently formed to protect Salvadorian immigrants from other Los Angles gangs.

    What is troubling is he attempt to dehumanize these Hispanic people. I don’t see the Trumpys talking about other non-Hispanic or mixed race “gangs.” That shows an ulterior motive for the dehumanization – namely, gin up support for restricting all immigration from the South and make it easier for the public to accept the breaking up of non-gang Hispanic families, who have committed no crime other than the misdemeanor of crossing the border without papers, or the administrative violation of overstaying a visa, or the offense of being brought across the border as a child without papers.

    As for those gang members who commit serious crimes, prosecute them just as we would prosecute any non-gang member for committing serious crimes.

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