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Firing and Backlash over DiSanto’s Violent Anti-Protest Meme Drive Powers into Self-Contradiction

In response to Keller Williams’ booting of Lynne DiSanto from its realty roster, Pat Powers continues to feebly excuse the radical right-wing Representative’s posting of an offensive “All Lives Splatter” post-Charlottesville meme on Facebook:

As I noted earlier, it’s not something I would have posted on social media. (The last things I posted were that I bought Shania Twain tickets, a picture of Thune Staffer Ben Ready, and a meme over the unending Garth Brooks posts we’re now being subjected to).

But even moreso in light of this action, if Facebook memes are the things we get outraged about, we’ve apparently run out of real things to be outraged over [Pat Powers, “State Rep. Lynne DiSanto’s Employer Parts Ways with Her over Meme Controversy.,” Dakota War College, 2017.09.19].

Powers forgets how quickly he runs out of things to be outraged over and rakes his political targets over the coals for their social media postings:

Last month, when I responded to a citizen who called me a liar by posting on Facebook a quote from Dr. Frank O. Bowman’s Impeachable Offenses blog on Donald Trump’s persistent lying, Powers worked up his predictable outrage at me (though notice he focused on attacking me personally, not challenging the main thesis that his party’s White House occupant really is an inveterate liar).

Last April, Powers immediately pounced on newly declared Democratic U.S. House candidate Chris Martian for posting swear words online. When Martian called Rep. Kristi Noem a “shameless lying moronic piece of s***” on Twitter last May, Powers said the posting showed “the kind of decorum and spirit of compromise he hopes to bring to Washington.”

In 2014, after realizing Annette Bosworth was not useful to his political purposes, Powers found Bosworth’s online postings worth reprinting to erode what little reputation she might have had left.

This month he whined and moaned about Shantel Krebs’s apparent decision to block him from her Facebook page. For thinking online postings aren’t worth getting worked up over, Powers sure cries if he’s not able to access those postings to take easy potshots at candidates he doesn’t like.

Once again, Pat Powers needs to pick a lane. The easier lane would be to acknowledge that our words matter, online and off, and that the folks (including her former employer, Keller Williams) who are upset with Rep. DiSanto’s casual endorsement of violence against protesters are at least as justified in calling DiSanto to task as Powers is in spotlighting the social media activities of other public figures.


  1. Mr. Lansing 2017-09-20 07:00

    Excellent, Cory. Our words really do matter, online and off.
    I interpret “All Lives Splatter” as highly and offensively racist, and here’s why. It’s a take-off on “All Lives Matter” which is a banner for the white privileged. It’s “dog whistle” for “Hey, my life matters as much as a black person. Probably more, because I pay my taxes and all black people are on welfare!”
    White privileged don’t care to see that it’s dangerous to be black around police and it’s safe being white around police. White privileged CAN’T see this distinction because their eyes are glazed over like sugar donuts with a white privileged filter.
    Maybe I see it because my life is surrounded (happily) by minorities. Maybe because I’m a stark, raving liberal intent on leveling the playing field for all Americans. Maybe because that whitey filter was washed off as a poor kid in South Dakota. You see … in SoDak poor folks and Indians are the minorities. That’s why white privileged cling to God and guns to imply, “I may be poor but I’m still better than you blacks, Mexicans and Indians, no matter how educated you think you are!” Or … the poor people quietly move away, where it ain’t so white.

  2. Jenny 2017-09-20 09:12

    Pubs like Lynne Di Santo and Pat Powers need to think outside of their old partisan box once in awhile and take a look at the bigger picture.

    Again, the ‘pubs preach with pride about a free country but don’t want other sides to take part in the freedom of protesting, LGBT rights, other religions beside Christianity rights etc etc etc.

  3. Donald Pay 2017-09-20 09:29

    Exactly, Jenny. They want a conformist and slavish sort of “freedom” for people who look like and think like they do. They would put the rest of us in concentration camps if they could get away with it, though DiSanto seems to support a sort of terroristic and messy “final solution” to the freedom for some.

  4. Kelly Cooper 2017-09-20 12:04

    Pat Powers is a jerk. First of all he loves to make fun of and embarrass women. If you are not on his list of favorites, he attacks, attacks family members of candidates, etc. Let us all remember that the reason Jason Gant lost his job as Sec of State is because of Pat Powers. Pat is a want to be. But he will never BE.

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