Angry Trump Makes Swift Condemnation of Violent Rhetoric More Important

Meanwhile, the President of the United States just threatened to “totally destroy” an entire nation and in literally the next breath called the ruler of that nation a playground nickname. Welcome to Presidency by a five-year-old.. or a madman.

The threat of violence seems to be a recurring theme in Trump politics. Last year candidate Trump snidely threatened that “Second Amendment people” should take Hillary Clinton out. Last month Roger Stone responded to questions about the prospects for impeaching the mad child in the White House by “predicting” widespread violence and saying “A politician who votes for [impeachment] wold be endangering their own life.”

Professor Frank O. Bowman doesn’t think violent rhetoric is grounds for impeachment. However, speaking specifically to Stone’s comment on impeachment violence but unknowingly addressing the DiSanto controversy, Bowman says he is troubled by the Trump party’s “casual approach to political violence”:

Even if comments of this sort can be discounted as unprofessional and insensitive but not aimed at incitement, the silence of many other Republicans shows a disturbing unwillingness to condemn political violence from persons associated with the party’s electoral base. After the Trump administration’s difficultly in denouncing Nazism and white supremacy, one must wonder whether Mr. Trump and his supporters simply do not understand the consequences advocating or failing to condemn violence, or if they simply do not care because it would work in their favor [Frank O. Bowman, “A Comment on Roger Stone’s Predictions (or Are They Threats?) of Violence,” Impeachable Offenses, 2017.09.20].

Bubbling under the surface of many Trumpist backers’ words seems to be a hair-trigger desire to start throwing punches. We must watch closely any political speakers who fan that simmering desire for violence and promote all the more vigorously the right of citizens to speak, to protest, and to pursue remedies to injustice through due process of law.

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  1. NPR Vietnam ep 2 “Asian lives matter” Pres Lyndon Johnson, 1967. Black Lives Matter. Ferguson. Indian Lives Matter. Hunkpapa Lakota fighting Oil pipline under Oahe reservoir at Standing Rock Rez. , Somebody Conzet, Flatter Lives Matter. Facebook comment about Charlottesville death and injury of anti-kkk folks like most of us.

    NPR Vietnam-ad “wars are easy to start, but ending a war is a whole different matter”. Trump did not serve in the Vietnam or even Korea military service. He learned nothing from the Vietnam war. I was a teenager and learned it in my pores. Of course I didn’t have a $ million from daddy to get started.

    Trump, contrary to Obama’s 8 years of obstructed action by the Republican party from day 1, was the best person for the job. On any metric his herculean efforts were in our middle class’ favor, despite Republican treasonous conspiracy of obstruction. I know republicans generally feel that our lack of support for Trump is just as bad. I would argue any point with any republican at any time. I will leave it to repubicans to pick and choose arguments against Obama.

    With respect to the Nazi issue that idiot heavily armed militia 2nd amendment rednecks coalesced around protecting their right to speak, to Jack Rosenthal, the hate-filled imagery was something he never thouht he’d see again, at least not in the United States. Rosenthal is one of 10,000 Romanian refugees who came to America after World War II. At 88 years old, he still mourns the loss of seven family members

    “You cannot compare fascism and Nazis to the other people protesting. Maybe there are people on both sides who are misguided, but there is simply no comparison,” Rosenthal said.
    And he reminded us that the consequences of going through horrific violence never really end. “It’s 70 years after the war and it still has a tremendous impact on me,” he said. “It’s something I’ll never forget and that’ll always be with me as long as I live.” …while reading about a Aug. 14 court hearing for James Alex Fields Jr., the man accused of plowing his car into a crowd of counterprotesters at the white nationalist rally, leaving a 32-year-old woman dead and injuring at least 19 other people…the article included a photo of Matthew Heimbach, who had helped promote the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. The white supremacist’s T-shirt was the first thing Rosenthal saw. On the shirt was a picture of Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, a pre-WWII leader of the Romanian fascist Legion of Saint Michael the Archangel and the Iron Guard political party, which were both linked to the Nazi party. Codreanu urged the destruction of the Jewish community in Romania. Members of his Iron Guard responded with brutality both before and during the war, including a horrifying massacre in Bucharest that killed over 100 Jews.
    “I recognized the name right away,” Rosenthal said. “You see something like this, you know, it brings back memories and I’m concerned about what could happen in this country,” he said.

    Republicans are in a dying party and we a witnessing this historic debacle right hear in red neck SD.

  2. Obama,, obviously the “best” not our idiot president trump that you republicans and idiot dems that may have been brainwashed that there was something wrong with Hillary, voted into off last November. Thanks a lot. No problem, we dems will fix the constitution and press on with the next century of the American Democracy that happens to be a republic.

    Here, not “hear”.