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Podcast #17: Greg Blair, California, High-Risk Pools, Pink Slime, and More!

Greg Blair
Greg Blair

Check out the latest Dakota Free Press Podcast! In Episode #17, Spencer Dobson interviews NSU art professor Greg Blair about his upcoming book on errant bodies, mobility, and political resistance (what’s an “errant body”? Think Amelia Earhart and Black Flag!), and gets Greg’s perspective as a native Canadian on contemporary politics and Canadian national identity.

But first, Spencer and I hash out California’s travel ban, high-risk pools, the pink slime settlement, NorthWestern Energy’s upgrades to our local electrical system, and gerrymandering. Just another day at the podcast office…

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Below are some resources for this week’s topics:

California Travel Ban

High-Risk Pools

Pink Slime

Northwestern Energy


Interview: Greg Blair

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