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Podcast 012: Mike Olson, Black Hills, Borehole, Raw Milk, and More!

Dennis "Mike" Olson, Aberdeen City Council. Photo by Spencer Dobson, 2017.05.24.
Dennis “Mike” Olson, Aberdeen City Council. Photo by Spencer Dobson, 2017.05.24.

The newest Dakota Free Press podcast is ready for your ears! In Episode #12, incumbent Aberdeen City Council candidate Dennis “Mike” Olson tells all about the fundamental role water plays in developing our city. Olson also talks about his experience in code enforcement, his satisfaction with the city manager and department heads, and his views on the public library and Aberdeen’s ability to welcome new folks to town.

But first, Spencer Dobson and I discuss his smashing trip to the Hills, the Deep Borehole Field Test, new U.S. House candidate Eric Terrell, election nerd news, and raw milk!

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Spencer’s Weekend in the Black Hills [00:40]

Deep Borehole Field Test Canceled [03:40]

Eric Terrell, GOP Candidate for Brand New Congress [09:40]

Election Nerd Feature: Statistics in Petition Certification! [14:00]

  • House Bill 1035 (see Sections 7 & 8 for the new statistical standards!)
  • DFP explanation of HB 1035!
  • I can’t stop shouting! Math is fun! :-)

Raw Milk [18:30]

Interview: Dennis “Mike” Olson, Incumbent Candidate for Aberdeen City Commission [27:20]

We also mentioned the South Dakota Democratic Party’s Summer Issues Caucus in Sioux Falls June 9–10—learn more about that event at the SDDP’s website.

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  1. Porter Lansing 2017-05-24

    Another great podcast, Spencer and Cory. I look forward to it, now.
    ~ And for all Republicans who read the FreePress (because Pat Powers blog is as dry as a Harley rider’s garage floor), I recommend listening to Cory “tell” you what Cory thinks instead of reading Powers tell you what he “thinks” Cory thinks. Pat’s got that auctioneer con going on which is kinda based on getting you to do something you know deep down you shouldn’t but somehow you come home with some junk you don’t need. When Cory Heidelberger talks, the good sense just flows like Spearfish Creek in June.
    ~ I have two anecdotes about raw milk. First, as a teen on the farm I drank raw milk all day, every day. It hadn’t been homogenized either and was so creamy we’d just put a little sugar in it and called it iced cream. I also worked the night shift at Frigo Cheese in Big Stone for a year and know cheesemaking pretty thoroughly.
    Second is an anecdote that relates how the French feel about their food. As a chef I worked for a while with a chef from Paris. He’d accurately criticize American cheese because we use pasteurized milk, which diminishes the highs and lows of the flavor profile. I once said, “Phillipe, people in France die from eating raw milk cheese.” In his Frenchness he responded, “You’ve got some nerve to think about French people dying from raw milk when thousands more in USA die from all your unnecessary guns. Besides … not that many in France die compared to how good the cheese tastes.”
    Nowadays, as an “emeritus”chef/food photographer, I don’t drink raw milk (I don’t see a benefit.) but I will sometimes eat Grafton, Vermont raw milk cheese (only recently allowed by FDA), because I’ve been to their dairy a few times and I trust their cleanliness. (It’s about the bleach.)

  2. grudznick 2017-05-24

    Best pod blogging yet. You mentioned The Borehole and beer and Talleys Silver Spoon and your buddy pointed out they have great breakfasts all within the first few minutes, so you packed the parts I was interested in into a very short part of the tape. Thank you, Mr. H.

  3. Porter Lansing 2017-05-24

    Grudzie… Do you eat the duck, duck … goose French dish? lol 🦆 🦆 🐣

  4. grudznick 2017-05-24

    No, Mr. Lansing. I often find French things too pompous and pretentious. I usually have the meat lovers with a sidecar, and a small glass of milk. I swear, sir, everything on that breakfast menu is very good, and probably even a chef fellow like you would enjoy it.

  5. Porter Lansing 2017-05-24

    French food is just the opposite of pretentious. It’s the same techniques I learned on the farm, using all the parts of the animal, just like farmers do. Very simple and meticulous, at heart. I’d fit in very well on Talley’s production line.
    I’ve sautéed many kilos of fois gras, baked hundreds of bain Maries of pate’s and terrines and my pheasant leg confit may well be the best wild pheasant dish ever created by a SoDak cook. 👨🏼‍🍳 (If I do say so myself) 😂

  6. grudznick 2017-05-24

    You’re the cooker, sir, I’m just an eater.

  7. Porter Lansing 2017-05-24

    And eaters like you are the most important part of the whole darn story. Thanks for the belly. 🎩🎨🐐

  8. grudznick 2017-05-24

    Eaters like me are few and far between, my young friend, and we are most definitely the most important part. I’m already salivating about a nice Saturday breakfast.

  9. Porter Lansing 2017-05-24

    Sorry … closed to the public this Saturday for a liberal banquet and meditation session.

  10. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2017-05-25

    I figured Grudz would enjoy the Tally’s mention. Something for everybody….

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