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March for Health Care in Aberdeen May 19

Do you go to the doctor? Does someone you love go to the doctor? Are you worried that Kristi Noem and Donald Trump are trying to take away your insurance so you can’t afford to go to the doctor? Well, then we’d like to have you come march with us and tell your story at the March for Health Care here in Aberdeen May 19!

Our plan right now is to march and protest outside, then convene at the Ward Bar for a short program with speakers talking about the importance of health care and the gross deficiencies of TrumpCare compared to the status quo. I’ll report more details about the evening as they become available. Come march, come talk, come learn!


  1. Porter Lansing 2017-05-06

    Outstanding. Bravo!!! And the timing is perfect. What are most SoDakers doing on Fridays at five o’clock? They’re boozin’. And what do they do while boozin’? They talk. Not that the subjects available are limited but they’ll be boozin’ and talking about Trump’s attempt to take booze money from the poor and give it to the expensive French champagne boozers. Hoping the weather is agreeable. March On ….

  2. Roger Elgersma 2017-05-06

    Rounds is insisting that everyone has to come to him to buy health insurance and stating that you can not wait till you get sick to get healthcare. Noem says they will raise your rates so when you get old you can not afford it and drop your care. Just proof that single payer is necessary. Then all will pay and no one will get dumped when old and need it.

  3. Porter Lansing 2017-05-06

    I was wondering if the USA Senator still had the monopoly on the product that he’s helping decide the price and availability of. Doesn’t that strike the majority of voters as just plain wrong?

  4. Porter Lansing 2017-05-06

    My bad. Research shows that … Rounds is a “former” partner in Fischer Rounds & Associates, an insurance and real estate firm with offices in Pierre, Rapid City, Mitchell, Watertown and Sioux Falls.

  5. Jenny 2017-05-06

    Rounds claims he’s a Catholic but doesn’t follow the historic Catholic Social Teaching to take care of the poor and vulnerable first. This repeal that was passed will hurt the working poor the hardest, not to mention the millions of children and babies that will have to do without.
    The republicans have decided that this is the kind of country they want – tax cuts for the richest and screw the poor.
    Just one of the reasons why I left the Roman Catholic Church – too many hypocrites in it.

  6. Troy 2017-05-06


    1) To judge the Church by the sinners it called to minister to and not judge it according to its Lord is ludicrous.

    2) While there may (or not) be a plurality of Bishops (I suspect there is a majority who are silent* now that it appears many of the religious liberty issues are being resolved in the courts or via Trump Executive Order)) who oppose the GOP proposal for changing Obamacare, this is a matter of each practical Catholic to discern their position and is not a matter of Faith and Morals upon which a practical Catholic may be bound. As learned as you might think you are on Catholic Social Teaching, you are neither a Bishop or a theologian. * A majority of Bishops who spoke on Obamacare during its original debate were in opposition but much of the opposition was grounded in certain religious liberty matters and not the insurance concept more broadly.

    3) Because this doesn’t change Medicaid options for the poorest in this country, playing the “preferential option of the poor” card is a non-starter. In the United States, 1/3 of the people are eligible for Medicare or Medicaid. Discerning the proper balance between solidarity and subsidiarity for those whose income is at least 133% the poverty line is a matter for each practical Catholic to discern on their own.

    4) Anybody who might be affected by a change in Obamacare is in the top 15% (maybe 10%) of income in the world.

  7. Jenny 2017-05-06

    Troy, please read up on the Catholic social Teachings. It doesn’t say anywhere that the poorest of the poor should be the only ones that get help. Poverty is not measured in the Catholic Church because every human life is sacred. It specifically says that the poor and vulnerable are to be helped first.

    You can spin it anyway you want to make you feel better, but the Catholic Church is supposed to (Pope Francis preaches) to be taking care of the poor. I know you don’t want to believe it b/c it sounds so, well kind of Socialist (icky), but that is your Church and its Values.

  8. Richard Hilgemann 2017-05-06

    South 1st. *Avenue* and Main St. you mean??? Your followers are confused enough don’t need bad directions on top of it ;-)

  9. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2017-05-07

    Rich, thank goodness we have you to keep our directions straight. I have edited the location above. Thanks—bring your signs and your pre-existing conditions! (Life is a pre-existing condition.)

    Hey, maybe folks should organize more marches to go by the Fischer Rounds offices around the state!

  10. Troy 2017-05-07


    I assure you I have studied Catholic Social Teaching more than you and more than most Catholics. I assure you I have discussed these matters with appropriate authorities in the Church. I’m quite comfortable both your understanding and your judgment of me and my motives is false.

    I laugh at people who don’t adhere to the Pope’s binding teaching, his pastoral teaching, or prayerfully consider his personal teaching but want to give me advice on what his teaching means and what I should believe/practice/do.

  11. Porter Lansing 2017-05-07

    Troy laughs at criticism and advice. He’s above it …..

  12. Jenny 2017-05-07

    I know, Porter. Catholics should face the fact that their religion is based on socialism and taking care of the Common Good. Pope Francis pleads with the world all the time to take care of the Poor! Good for him!
    Catholics are supposed to be pro-Immigration also. The Catholic Church is a staunch supporter of welcoming in refugees. How many South Dakota Catholics are following that rule?

    I got out of that Church full of hypocrites b/c I was sick of seeing total hypocrites treating me and other people like crap. I’m a better person than most Catholics. I continually am helping and am full of empathy towards people that struggle from being poor.

  13. Porter Lansing 2017-05-07

    It seems the “Republican Catholics” in SoDak would rather Pope Francis would just go away like his predecessor. Francis teaches exactly what you pointed out, Jenny and that’s contrary to the selfishness and greed these RepubOlics live by.

  14. CLCJM 2017-05-07

    Good for you and the resides of Aberdeen!! Make your voices heard! And let the corrupt politicians you’re holding them accountable for what this bill will do! Every single person that this will affect should be out in the streets showing their outrage! And that’s almost all of us! The only ones that would be better off are the top .1 of a percent who would get a big tax break!

    I’m going to see if a march is planned here in Sioux Falls!

  15. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2017-05-08

    Catholics, Lutherans, Jews, Muslims, and anyone else who might have to see a doctor and go broke because of it under Trumpcare are welcome to join us for the march.

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