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Video: Putin Playing Trump’s Predictable Immaturity—Cabinet, Please Save Us!

Oh! And Todd and I made video, too!

In case you’re not clear on where I stand on foreign policy under the incoming administration

I call Trump lots of things; Todd Epp calls me “inimitable.” Thanks, Todd! :-)


  1. grudznick 2017-01-14

    Mr. H! I have not yet viewed your movie but I am about to, but I wanted to let you know I like that you’ve grown out your hair long and have the beard thing going again. Now that you are not a politician for a while I think it suits you. I think it is a swell look for you. Now off to watch your movie!

  2. caheidelberger Post author | 2017-01-14

    [“grown out your hair long”—hilarious that my current 3/4-inch ‘do now counts as “long”. 1988 Cory is spinning in his grave. @:-{D} ]

  3. John 2017-01-14

    The child’s paranoia has no end. He’s pulling the Major General in charge of the inauguration from his post at 1201 hours on Inauguration Day – in the middle of the day.

    What the child fails to understand is that officers’ oath is to support and defend the US Constitution. Officers’ do not take an oath to support the president or any office holder. Sole allegiance to the US Constitution gives the officer corp the unvarnished right, nah the duty to “do the right thing” for the nation. While the president and subordinate secretaries bandy-about assignments so they rearrange the chairs on the deck of their own Titanic. Rumsfeldt, et al., were adept at finding sycophants supporting their lies underpinning endless war in tribal societies while being incompetent to find or kill Bin Laden.

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