Between Burning Effigies and Buying a Gun: The Proper Response to the Führer

Anti-Trump protests broke out last night in various cities:

From New England to heartland cities like Kansas City and along the West Coast, demonstrators bore flags and effigies of the president-elect, disrupting traffic and declaring that they refused to accept Trump’s victory.

Flames lit up the night sky in California cities Wednesday as thousands of protesters burned a giant papier-mache Trump head in Los Angeles and started fires in Oakland intersections.

…Chicago resident Michael Burke said he believes the president-elect will “divide the country and stir up hatred.” He added there was a constitutional duty not to accept that outcome [“‘Not My President’: Trump Denounced in Protests Across America,” Ap via Politico, 2016.11.10].

Anti-Trumpists protest outside federal courthouse in Sioux Falls, 2016.11.09. Photo by Julia Tibbetts.
Anti-Trumpists protest outside federal courthouse in Sioux Falls, 2016.11.09. Photo by Julia Tibbetts.

A youngish group armed with signs occupied the federal courthouse steps in Sioux Falls after business hours yesterday to protest the incoming Führer’s targeting of various scapegoatable groups.

A neighbor who supported my failed Senate campaign tells me he plans to fly his flag upside-down on Veterans Day.

A friend and friend of the blog writes that he is “tired. Tired of beating my head against the wall. Tired of progressives treated like second class citizens. Tired of making no progress in this very red state.” He plans to buy his first handgun to deal with the chaos he sees coming.

I know their feelings. Similar thoughts have popped into my head, including the thought that maybe I need to buy a gun.

I have rejected that latter thought. I won’t buy a gun. I’m saving my money to deal with a Trump economic downturn (the businesses he run go bankrupt; why should we not expect the same of a country he runs?). If chaos is coming , there are still many other practical items we can invest in that will provide more utility—canned goods, seeds and garden tools, sturdy boots and winter clothes…. I just can’t place my faith in a gun, which symbolizes the breakdown of faith in civil institutions.

I still believe the First Amendment protects our freedoms far better than the Second. The street protestors and flag inverters are exercising their First Amendment rights (though not when they break windows and block traffic), and they are right to vow to fight a sexist, racist, fascist President. Protests are an important part of effective resistance to the Trump Reich. Protests (as well as the constitutionally irrelevant but politically meaningful popular vote) signal to political leaders that they can resist the Führer and still win their state and local elections.

But those protests must have a practical political component. When the kids get home from the busy street corners, they must then check their e-mail and their Facebook Events pages to make sure they don’t miss the voter registration drive next week. They must pay attention to Congress and their state legislatures and lobby against the egregious curtailments of civil liberties and health insurance that will come from Trumpist leaders. And they must make clear to every good anti-fascist from Senator Bernie Sanders (he is now the leader of the Democratic Party, right?) on down that we have their backs and will not just vote for them in 2018 but call and knock and fundraise and bring ten friends to the polls to ensure that we stage a Coffee Party electoral revolt in 2018 that dwarfs the Tea Party backlash that wrested Congress from Democrats in 2010.

(Quick check: how many of you protestors voted for Democratic Legislative candidates Tuesday? How many of you can name your Democratic Legislative candidates?)

Our protests against Trump’s fascism must not be mere show or catharsis. We must back those protests with the practical, tedious, media-invisible work of organizing, campaigning, and winning at the ballot box the next time around, and the next time….

*     *     *

At least the street protestors are not withdrawing from politics. Withdrawal is tempting—I can envision getting away from daily public writing and instead focusing on finally writing novels. But then I think of the dismay I felt every time I knocked on a door during this year’s campaign and got some cranky neighbor who said, “We don’t do any politics!”

Spock McCoy Omega Glory
Spock, I’ve found that evil usually triumphs, unless good is very, very politically engaged.

Disengagement is how the extremists win. Decent people disengage before the dedicated troublemakers do, leaving the troublemakers an open field.

As long as we live in a community, we do politics. That’s just the price we pay, as surely as taxes and politeness.

I can’t take an action that, if done by everyone, would lead to the collapse of the system. If everyone stays engaged, there may be more arguments, but democracy continues. If everyone withdraws permanently, democracy does not continue.

Politics can be a darned dirty chore, and this year, for decent citizens, it’s got darned little reward. We have bills to pay, kids to love, yards to rake, bodies to keep in shape, good books to read… we can’t be marching all the time.

Trump Führer Dummkopf
Bumper stickers are an acceptable component of protest, but you still have to get up and vote in 2018.

But I will keep finding time to march. I won’t make anyone march with me… but I will welcome those who can help in any way, even if it’s no more than a quiet vote, or a ring of the tip jar, or a commentless click of the Share button. With your support, I will keep blogging, providing encouragement, advice, and healthy debate to help good liberals, progressives, and other patriots fight the fascism that invades the White House on January 20, 2017.



71 Responses to Between Burning Effigies and Buying a Gun: The Proper Response to the Führer

  1. Steve Hickey


    People need to chill, listen to the Miley Cyrus’ crying reaction which she posted when Trump won. Probably on youtube now. Wonderful sentiments, and from Miley Cyrus,

    A German-born socialist and WWII-era history scholar here at the University of Aberdeen says any similarities between Hitler and Trump are at best superficial, distracting to focus on, and that the dissimilarities are quite substantial.

    Here’s to hoping your team joins our team and together we fight the structures that liberal Robert Riech says explain the Trump victory. This is the best post-election analysis I’ve seen. And from Robert Reich. I usually don’t agree with him much.

    Democrats once represented the working class. Not anymore.
    “What has happened in America should not be seen as a victory for hatefulness over decency. It is more accurately understood as a repudiation of the American power structure.”

    I don’t see the Trump victory as a victory for the Republican party – that party threw him under the bus and didn’t help him a bit. This was a working class uprising. Comparisons between the Sanders appeal and the Trump appeal need to be better understand. We both have a common enemy as articulated here in Reich’s article:

    “At the core of that structure are the political leaders of both parties, their political operatives, and fundraisers; the major media, centered in New York and Washington DC; the country’s biggest corporations, their top executives, and Washington lobbyists and trade associations; the biggest Wall Street banks, their top officers, traders, hedge-fund and private-equity managers, and their lackeys in Washington; and the wealthy individuals who invest directly in politics.”

    Let’s join together and fight these structures.

  2. mike from iowa

    Comrade Drumpfski swore over and over the election was rigged. Let’s take him at his word (good luck with that). I noticed a number of his boon companions weren’t surprised that he won. What did they know and when did they know it?

    Wingnuts swore up and down the Scotus could function just fine with only 8 justices. Let’s take them at their word (good luck with that). Dems need to obstruct Comrade Drumpfski’s entire presidency, just as wingnuts did for Obama.

    Wisconsin Guv Snott Wanker sez to wingnuts get rid of the filibuster so they can tilt the Scotus far right with only 51 votes which is the precise number of wingnut sinators out there.

  3. MFI, your names are funny, you really should try out to be an SNL writer! It is wrong, but it is still funny! GOP South Dakotans should realize that people like jerry and MFI don’t mean any harm.

  4. Darin Larson

    Steve Hickey, the problem with the election of Trump is that he has pledged to support tax policy that tremendously favors the 1%. The Republican Congress favors tax cuts that will disproportionately favor the rich while making our national debt even more of an issue.

    Trump’s generic rhetoric of tearing down the power structure of the political elites does not match his policy proposals. He may have a few sacrificial lambs that he will send to slaughter, but for the most part, I think Trump is just as likely to be co-opted by big money political elites. His policies will not favor the middle class. He will run into the reality that most of the jobs that were lost were not lost because of trade deals, but they were lost because of automation and technological efficiencies. Much of his rhetoric was empty platitudes with no real policy proposals.

    I do agree often with Robert Reich and I would take his advice seriously.

  5. Here is Michael Moore’s suggested Morning After To-Do List: (remember Moore called this one in defiance of the pollsters)

    1. Take over the Democratic Party and return it to the people. They have failed us miserably.

    2. Fire all pundits, predictors, pollsters and anyone else in the media who had a narrative they wouldn’t let go of and refused to listen to or acknowledge what was really going on. Those same bloviators will now tell us we must “heal the divide” and “come together.” They will pull more hooey like that out of their ass in the days to come. Turn them off.

    3. Any Democratic member of Congress who didn’t wake up this morning ready to fight, resist and obstruct in the way Republicans did against President Obama every day for eight full years must step out of the way and let those of us who know the score lead the way in stopping the meanness and the madness that’s about to begin.

    4. Everyone must stop saying they are “stunned” and “shocked.” What you mean to say is that you were in a bubble and weren’t paying attention to your fellow Americans and their despair. YEARS of being neglected by both parties, the anger and the need for revenge against the system only grew. Along came a TV star they liked whose plan was to destroy both parties and tell them all “You’re fired!” Trump’s victory is no surprise. He was never a joke. Treating him as one only strengthened him. He is both a creature and a creation of the media and the media will never own that.

    5. You must say this sentence to everyone you meet today: “HILLARY CLINTON WON THE POPULAR VOTE!” The MAJORITY of our fellow Americans preferred Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Period. Fact. If you woke up this morning thinking you live in an effed-up country, you don’t. The majority of your fellow Americans wanted Hillary, not Trump. The only reason he’s president is because of an arcane, insane 18th-century idea called the Electoral College. Until we change that, we’ll continue to have presidents we didn’t elect and didn’t want. You live in a country where a majority of its citizens have said they believe there’s climate change, they believe women should be paid the same as men, they want a debt-free college education, they don’t want us invading countries, they want a raise in the minimum wage and they want a single-payer true universal health care system. None of that has changed. We live in a country where the majority agree with the “liberal” position. We just lack the liberal leadership to make that happen (see: #1 above).

  6. Bill Dithmer

    We have to come together as a country. That seems hard right now, but it has to happen. I also love the office of POTUS, thereforw I’m going to give our president elect, and his porn queen first lady all the respect that Mr Trump gave our current commander and chief from before he took office tel now.

    Wheres his birth certificate?
    Lets have a look at those college credit.
    And where are your tax returns?
    And can we have a peek at your emaild for the last ten years? It really doesnt seem fair that the american public got to see Clintons and we dont get to see what you have been up to .

    The Blindman

  7. mike from iowa

    On the brighter side, the Kremlin says they had numerous contacts with Comrade Drumpfski during the campaign, of course Comrade Drumpfski says he had no contact with them.

    More foreign interference with our election?

  8. mike from iowa

    Someone needs to come up with a word(s) to describe how far beyond pathological liar Comrade Drumpfski has gone.

  9. Donald Pay

    I’m willing to wait to see what Trump’s priorities are. I doubt the working class agenda will be at the top of his to-do list. It will be regulatory reform for the corporate elite which will be sold as job creation. And the stupid folks will believe it!!!

  10. Darin Larson

    Cory, I think the proper response to Trump depends on what kind of Trump shows up in the White House on January 20th.

    Trump is an actor, a showman and a salesman and he only knows how to play roles. He has no core belief system other than self interest. If he sees his role to play as the common people’s voice, and depending upon who he is listening to for advice, maybe and I say this is a huge maybe, he could work for the common good and temper some of the hard right proposals that will be coming out of Congress. Trump is not a true conservative at his core, although he can play one. He certainly can play the role of a fascist and racist as we have seen. Behind the facade, he may be more of a nationalist- populist. Depending upon who has his ear in the White House and how he sees his role, Trump could either be our country’s worst nightmare or he could be the biggest check on a Congress bent on a hard right turn.

    Trump’s fragile ego will always enter into the equation. Now that he has been elected, hopefully he will not be so insecure and lash out at every criticism of him. Maybe he can play a better role for our country than the one he presented to get elected.

    If he reverts to using the politics of the dog-whistle or going after HRC (lock her up) or any other fascist tangents that he has talked about, he will quickly destroy any chance that he had to work to unite this country and likely his legacy will be forever tarnished.

    I see the Democrats as the loyal opposition who will remind the country of our core values and warn the country when right-wing policies are proposed. In two years, we can remind the country of the promises that the Republicans and Trump made that are unfulfilled and in four years the empty rhetoric of Trump will be revealed. It is a lot easier to shout insults from the cheap seats than to actually govern this country. Trump and the Republicans are going to find this out.

  11. There`s this from the California legislative leaders:

    We will be reaching out to federal, state and local officials to evaluate how a Trump Presidency will potentially impact federal funding of ongoing state programs, job-creating investments reliant on foreign trade, and federal enforcement of laws affecting the rights of people living in our state. We will maximize the time during the presidential transition to defend our accomplishments using every tool at our disposal.

    While Donald Trump may have won the presidency, he hasn’t changed our values. America is greater than any one man or party. We will not be dragged back into the past. We will lead the resistance to any effort that would shred our social fabric or our Constitution.

  12. Now we know for sure So as long as we know that, lets enjoy some of these favorites from the Motherland or is it the Fatherland, I always get those confused, anyway, fire up that oven and let’r rip

  13. Donald, I agree and would add that this job creation will also fold in an attack on unions. The corporative narrative will be based on putting blame on worker organizations for their loss of jobs and wages and benefits.

  14. Porter Lansing

    Here are some suggestions for Dems from the party leader in my district in CO. I think they apply to South Dakota and the need to build. ( I like #5 a lot, but I’ve been a successful protester since we stopped the Vietnam War. #7 could be Cory Heidelberger.)
    1. We need President Obama to do and finalize everything he can before Trump takes charge (executive orders and agency rule-making – I don’t expect this Congress to help him much).
    2. We should consider moving away from the electoral college to national popular vote.
    3. We need campaign finance reform and while we are unlikely to get it at the federal level or through a Trump Supreme Court, we will want to shift focus to the states or initiatives where we might be able to get it done.
    4. We need to do assess how we can better include and represent more people in the Democratic party (national, state and local) and be honest in surveying or understanding what it would take for better participation and inclusion in our party.
    5. Find our voice and get ready to protest to protect: the environment, women’s rights, Latinos, blacks, immigrants, Muslims, people with disabilities, the poor, education, workers, Social Security, Medicare, Planned Parenthood, LGBTQ, Jews, separation of church & state — well everything.
    6. Find and recruit great candidates to run in 2018 and 2020. America will be sick of Trump, Ryan, McConnell by then. In the meantime, let’s look at where we have policy and political openings in certain cities, counties, states, school boards.
    7. I know it is soon but we need to be open to considering who our best Presidential candidate will be in 2020. It may not be anyone any of us have thought of before or yet.
    8. Join Boards & Commissions at the state or local level.
    9. Non-Profits and legal advocates may need to be ready to sue to block and stop harmful legislation or Trump executive orders or rules that violate the constitution.
    10. We need to keep finding and growing good community to stay connected, involved and engaged and continue to share ideas.
    11. We should keep our focus on what we can do, and what we can do better and avoid the temptation to simply blame and then disengage.
    12. We need to find Republicans and Unaffiliateds who share our values on many of these issues because their may have a strongest impact on stopping harmful legislation.
    13. Support the non-profits who fight for our values. They will be in the best position to issue action alerts for engagement on key issues and get on their email lists.
    14. Update your contacts to include your elected officials of any party, their emails and phone numbers so you can act / join quickly in calls, emails, petitions, twitter-bombs.
    15. We will need a true and functioning 4th Estate in the media. Get to know our local and national reporters (add their info to your contacts too) and be open to speaking or writing on record and to be the face, voice or story of how legislation might personally impact you, your family or loved ones.
    16. Own social media. Entire movements for democracy have been able to crop up through the power of social media where people can organize around a government that does not represent them. If the people lead, the leaders will follow.
    17. Be good to each other, find ways to be kind to people you know and strangers alike. If love is going to Trump hate in the end — we must live it by example.
    In solidarity for a better future – Ms. Morgan Carroll

  15. Donald Pay

    o, I agree. There will be an systematic attack on workers, particularly those in union jobs. There will be attack on Davis-Bacon and other laws that guarantee certain wage levels and benefits for jobs done for the federal government by private contractors or bidders. It will be a race to the bottom. That’s what Republicans have always advocated, and that’s what they will deliver for those poor fools who vote Republican.

  16. Douglas Wiken

    The Trump victory showed that we in the midwest can’t be ignored by the Democratic Party. Howard Dean was right when he said every race in every state needs to be funded and hard races run. Elections also can’t be won by appealing only to racial minorities.

  17. Greg Deplorable

    So ironic, the party that was demanding Trump be accepting of election outcome for the “sake of the Democracy” is the one out in the streets rioting and protesting.

  18. Donald, on the topic of “poor fools who voted for Trump,” one report of exit polls showed that 49% of union workers voted for Trump while Clinton got 51%. Ergo, the sweep of the Rust Belt.

  19. Last I checked, Hillary won the popular vote by 0.16%. If we had a nation-wide popular election, we’d be stuck doing recounts until June.

    I’ve said before. I’ll say again. I’m not a Trump fan. But I believe strongly in the electoral process. Nobody has to like that Trump won, but to refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the process solely because the outcome didn’t turn out the way you wanted is the epitome of sour grapes.

    There’s a huge difference between disliking Trump because he’s a heinous person and refusing to acknowledge he’s the duly elected Executor of our nation.

    The Capitol is now the Rupublicans’ to lose. They can’t be the Party of No anymore. In two years, there will be an opportunity to place the Republican party’s platform and policies under a referendum.

    That said, I’m taking a long vacation from politics and going hunting.

  20. matthew siedschlaw

    The absolute scariest part is he has 1000’s of nuclear weapons at his disposal. He has all of the authority to launch when he wants. So even if he is 1% as bad as Hitler…..Could you imagine the world if Hitler had 2 or 3 nuclear bombs at his disposal. Oh wait I can its called The Man in the High Castle on Amazon….the show is supposed to be America in the early 1960’s with the Nazi’s and Imperial Japanese splitting the world after being the first to develop nuclear weapons… now it is America in the 21st Century…..I am almost afraid to write this now as there will be proof when he starts setting up his “Commision For Public Safety” in each region…..I am not sure if I will get the Tatoo on the left arm or the right arm will probably be the last decision I get to make……

  21. Roger Cornelius

    Back to Cory’s topic for a moment, in my 70 years of life I have never owned a gun, but I am giving strong consideration to buying one.
    This is not a decision I take lightly and is not part of a plan to take up arms against the government it is for protection if Trump unleashes his federal and private goons against people of color.
    This is western South Dakota, specifically Rapid City, that has earned the title of Northern Mississippi, where Indian hate runs rampant.
    Trump is NOT my president, he never will be and I refuse to acknowledge his presidency as credible.
    It is my fervent hope that Democrats at all levels oppose his presidency and the damage he plans to inflict.
    I further decree that I will never refer to him as President Trump, he is now Fuhrer Trump.

  22. I reject the notion of wait and see, give him a chance. Trump has shown us the kind of man and leader he is, a sexist, racist fascist with no real regard for the working class and no realistic plans to help them. As Darin notes, what few specifics he has offered show tax policy rigged for the 1%. Trump has already made clear in 16 months of nonstop media attention (thank you, TV, for the Trump Reich) what he’s about, and I stand ready to oppose it now. My opposition does not pause on hopes that he might behave differently from almost every signal he sent throughout the campaign. I label him a fascist and oppose him as a fascist until I see good governance and consistent respect for the First Amendment and other rights.

    And good grief: a trophy supermodel wife as our First Lady, promising to centerpiece the bullying her husband inspires as her central issue? Bitter frosting on a bitter cake.

  23. Trump would not surprise me if he came after the guns as they are not allowed in his properties. He seems the logical choice of the trojan horse that the right wing was terrified of.

  24. I’ll say it: what democrats really need to do is get A LOT better at engaging your own voters, particularly the young, when you are anything but the opposition party. Quite frankly, you suck at it.

  25. Roger Cornelius

    Democrats need to borrow the republican play book of obstruction and destruction.
    Democrats need to follow what McConnell, Ryan, Boehner, Rounds, Thune and Noem have done to obstruct President Obama and completely reject Fuhrer Trump and his plan to destroy America.
    We may not be good at it right now, but with practice, we’ll get as good as republicans.
    Protecting The Constitution demands that we obstruct the Fuhrer.

  26. Yes, the best way to engage them is to lie your ass off while scaring them to death. Tell them about the Black man and the Indian man that they are gonna come and take your candy. Works every time to bring the little fellers on board. Toss in some more white privilege and voila, ya got a convert.

  27. mike from iowa

    Dems are not obligated to approve any judicial nominees and w/o Dems wingnuts can’t confirm Scalia redux unless wingnuts figure out a way to get rid of the filibuster.

    Like Roger says payback is a beach if Dems obstruct like girlymen wingnuts did.

  28. Porter, I will not run for President until I’ve fixed everything in South Dakota.

  29. Wayne, again, I acknowledge that Trump is the duly elected executor of our nation. I also acknowledge that he is a sexist, racist fascist and will oppose his unconstitutional attitudes and actions, as well as the anti-labor policies that Donald and O see coming, with all my might. That opposition includes standing with Roger in refusing to recognize Trump’s moral authority.

  30. The Feur can go screw himself.

  31. Daniel Buresh

    Bottle up all those tears boys so we can pressure test the dapl pipeline with them. Keep up the name calling and keep making enemies. That will surely bring your party back to reality.

  32. What’s this mockery about tears, Dan? I’m not crying. I’m laughing quite a bit. And I’m on the warpath, as always.

    And I have no fear about losing votes by calling Führer Trump names that accurately portray his attitudes and policies.

  33. Daniel Buresh

    And your continued use of ammosexual is why I talked to every gun owner I could in Brown county and shared your comments. You had me until then. You know what that name is tying trump to, and that ‘s an insult to everyone who actually understands history. Trump hasn’t even come close to such destruction, nor will he. What a wasted opportunity you had. It’s time to act like something more than a 2 year old who didn’t get his way.

  34. Trump will come for your guns dude, as that is what Bloomberg wants and what will keep Trump in the money. Buy more quickly. Squirrel… How ya gonna carry all those smoke wagons when the Blacks guys and Indians come to town. I am picturing a scarred feller with a red wagon pulling it through the streets cursing pot holes. Then getting to the destination and realizing that you forgot your ammo…

  35. Daniel Buresh

    I have every gun I need, and I never have worried about a president “taking our guns”. WE don’t have a gun problem, we have a culture problem. I’m sure that will allow you to label me a racist now. What do you think about Trump’s plan of implementing term limits and turning down his salary as president? I think he has proposed a lot of common sense ideas and I’m glad Bernie sees what good he will do and work with him. Tightening our borders and working on trades agreements that make sense. Nothing wrong with that and both of them know it. Those guys got it.

  36. heard today trump website took down its deportation/immigration stuff so either Night of Broken Glass, a massive, coordinated attack on Jews throughout Greater Germany, is coming secretly to America, or he didn’t mean it as a cheap voter getting rage stirring ploy.

  37. Douglas Wiken

    I watched a guy with last name something like Barakke this morning claiming he knew what a wonderful manager Trump is, etc. etc. He then claimed that Trump as President will not be the same as Trump the candidate. This suggests that Trump is all about what act he is playing in what situation. This is something like situational ethics to the nth power.

    If Trump tries to dismantle “Obamacare”, Democrats should raise hell and wage a major campaign across the country urging demonstrations and a flood of letters to Congress, etc. A national strike of somekind would start to have impacts on the economy that might make Trump’s incredible projections for economic growth negative instead of unbelievably positive.

  38. mike from iowa

    Daniel, want a little titty to suck on? Wah wah wah!

  39. Roger Cornelius

    I didn’t hear the one about Fuhrer Trump turning down his salary as president. Will he be donating it to real charity or to Trump Foundation to build another statue of himself?
    Naturally I want to see the proof that he actually does turn down his salary, but like most things the Fuhrer says, I don’t believe him.
    Now about his proposals for term limits, does he even know how to do that and what is required or is it just more lip service?
    How many sitting republicans in the House and Senate are willing to let the Fuhrer put them out of a job?

  40. Daniel, rush calls names all day every day for the last 29 years and is almost soley responsible for toxicity of politics today. last week he talked about millennials masturbating in fear of the election. society has become so steeped in this “bottom is never deep enough to get the point across” style that you shouldn’t be surprised to get some of your own medicine and quite blaming me or anyone else who happens to be more liberal than you with regard to the 2nd amendment for calling u an ammosexual when your particular post deserves a severe response. calling you an ammosexual isn’t the democratic problem in SD, and if it is, so be it. guns aren’t a solution.

    deniers are really the bigger picture. u will need your guns when the climate falls apart. we without will be your 1st victims. good on yah

  41. mike from iowa

    My best advice to Drumpf and followers- Rats Enjoy Being Tickled–When They’re in the Right Mood

  42. there is now nothing wrong with being as obstructionist as republicans have been. whether that’ll be my predilection remains to be seen.

    how republicans can assert such tactics and get re-elected is the question.

  43. Remember all the Republican calls for unity after his elections? Yeah, me neither! Only when they have complete control are we to unite for the good of the country. Otherwise, it is, “You lie,” and “You’re a Kenyan muslim.” But, perhaps I am a bit of a cynic.

  44. mike from iowa

    This shows how far away from reality Drumpf voters are. Unbelievable that people in this day and age are this uninformed.

  45. Watching Trumps victory speech, we all had to watch/hear a man in the crowd actually interrupt his very own President elect by yelling, “Kill Obama!” Trump just ignored it, but the cameras were rolling, and I couldn’t ignore the extra drop in the bucket of unprecedentedly awful behavior on the right.

    One thing is for certain, that Trump supporter who yelled that wasn’t just exihibing exceptionally deplorable behavior, he adds to the impression most sensible people get about Trump’s supporters being loud mouthed idiots.

    Don’t let conservatives pretend there’s no reason for the rest of us to be upset. A huge portion of loud mouthed idiots just spoke in mass, but once again, don’t ever forget, they lost the popular vote. It is crucial for the voice of reason in the world to unite in new ways and galvanize against the crazy.

  46. Douglas Wiken

    Read this again: ” Don’t let conservatives pretend there’s no reason for the rest of us to be upset. A huge portion of loud mouthed idiots just spoke in mass, but once again, don’t ever forget, they lost the popular vote. It is crucial for the voice of reason in the world to unite in new ways and galvanize against the crazy.”

  47. Daniel Buresh

    Keep calling them loud mouthed idiots. Repeat that everyday for the next 4 years. Keep it up. You’ll make it even easier for people to not show up for Democrats.

  48. Douglas Wiken

    My most pessimistic assumption suggests that Trump himself will prove that many of his supporters were loud-mouthed ignorant idiots. Voting for a Republican president and Republican congress critters after they have caused 8 years of deadlock and no good legislation and done absolutely nothing but oppose Obama programs which help these very people leaves me more than a little puzzled. This is a bit like trying to put out a fire by pouring on more gasoline.

  49. Roger Cornelius

    Is yelling “Kill Obama” acceptable language to you, it must be since you didn’t call out the loud mouth.
    Grow a thick skin and look for more name calling and truth telling about Furher Trump and his deplorables.

  50. Roger Cornelius


    Have you read Fuhrer Trump’s Twitter comments about the protestors around the country?
    You seem to want DFP commenters to quit name calling but your leader Fuhrer is the master of it.
    Your party isn’t exempt from name calling and the president-elect is a master of it.

  51. Daniel, I think it was Bill Maher that created the term ammosexual. Cory had nothing to do with it and it was me, I’m sure, that introduced it to this blog.
    The term is just comedic entertainment. Can’t progressives even have fun on a liberal blog. GOP blogs and comedians and fox news make liberals and progressives the laughing stock all the time. We have had every name in the book thrown at us.
    I don’t mean to be mean-spirited with it, I happen to think it is funny is all. Cory and I are 2nd Amendment supporters. Many liberals are.

  52. Hey, Loren! Here’s the difference: when I say Trump lies, I have the evidence:

    (Be sure to click on all three pages.)

    Those lies would include the one Trump fanned about Obama being a Kenyan Muslim. I make no such false claims about Trump’s birthplace or citizenship. I call him exactly what he is: a racist, fascist misogynist who has called multiple times for curtailing vital Constitutional liberties. I won’t burn an effigy or buy a gun—both cost too much money and waste my time. But I will keep blogging and calling out the threat Trump poses to our nation.

  53. mike from iowa

    Keep calling them loud mouthed idiots. Repeat that everyday for the next 4 years. Keep it up.

    If the shoe fits, they need to wear it. Any ideas how much money Comrade Drumpfski made off his campaign? Any ideas how much he will soak people for his innaugural? Any ideas how many crimes CD committed during the campaign? Any idea how many he won’t be charged with?

  54. Piggybacking on Roger’s observation about the double standard: hotter heads call Trumpists “loud-mouthed idiots,” and we deserve to lose votes. Donald Trump calls women pigs, Mexicans rapists, etc., and he deserves to be President. Explain, please.

  55. For the record, my use of the term “ammosexual” is not just comedy. I use the term to diagnose a distinctly harmful combination of male libido, movie fantasy, and Second-Amendment absolutism. Calling out such harmful quasi-thinking is part of the proper response to Trump fascism.

  56. Führer? How about Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief?

  57. That’s a good name, Mr. Chips, but we need one of those acrimonious things. PGIC? PuGraChee? PooGraChee. One of you fellows will have to come up with something better than I can.

  58. Douglas Wiken

    Comrade in Chief, Comedian in Chief, The Big Fooler, Master Baiter, Crash Commander.

  59. I am so glad the word “pussy” isn’t censored from this blog – LOL

  60. Donald Pay

    Regarding certain words pertaining to genitalia, normally I would think it wise to discourage gross language in a political blog that is meant to be taken seriously. I know I sometimes violate my own values on this, as do most of us. Trump has put some of these words in play through his example, just as he has given school boys carte blanche to harass girls. I don’t think, though, we should necessarily follow Trump’s example on much of anything, so I’m going to try to refrain in the future from using these words, except in quoting President-elect Trump.

    If Trump wants to develop an infrastructure bill to create jobs and improve bridges, roads, airports, water systems, sewage systems, etc., I’ll be the first to sign on. If he’s intent on dismantling the EPA, supporting bad infrastructure projects, dismantling, rather than fixing Obamacare, and giving away public resources to his fat cat supporters, or attacking minorities, you’ll see me at the barricades.

  61. Douglas Wiken


  62. The greatest shame ever would be an American President with such vulgar language that the American people aren’t comfortable/willing to quote it, talk about it or hold it accountable.

    If Trump said it, even though it may have used to be taboo, it’s now part of the common American lexicon.

    Time to come to grips with “keeping it real” more than sugar coating ‘it.’

  63. I’m not famous enough to run around grabbing pussy; I still have to ask first.

  64. mike from iowa

    Shorten pussy-grabber to Pig. That captures the essence of what Drumpf is about and doesn’t duly insult true swine.

  65. Adam, the word should be censored, but our President-Elect has normalized that bad behavior, too. Alas.

  66. barry freed

    Not coming back to say I have been extremely unhappy with my representation in District 32, but still didn’t vote for Hillary, or any Democrat.

    Not coming back to gloat about your 2nd Amendment loss. Of course, I lose too as Democrats gave me Trump. Democrats lost in 2010 because of their lies trying to create an issue of guns, now they have lost again. “Oh, this time it’s a winning issue with the women voters who will vote for the woman” Ha ha ha . Way to listen to yourselves in your Echo Chamber of Fantasy and Name Calling!

    Not back to laugh at Roger et al, whining about buying a gun to use on the President. That’s Sedition. Oh, the hissy fit on DFP if Hillary had won and somebody even mentioned a gun in their post. …”gonna buy a pistol”, with 10 million AR’s in the US, that’s just ignorant. Nature’s way of weeding out weak and/or debilitatingly emotional minds. Hillary’s lost 1,000 votes every time she said “gun” and now Democrats say: “My gun banner candidate lost, so I’m Gunna git me a shootin’ iron”. Then what? Barring Democrats from owning guns is an issue we can all get behind.

    Shocked by Cory’s defeat: In the “Pheasant Capitol of the World”, how could Aberdeen Ammosexuals NOT vote for Cory? Who could have guessed that they talk to each other? Can they actually understand each other with their low IQ’s and all of that drooling? How could MS victims, “Dopers” and “Stoners” as Cory likes to “assess” them from on high, (it’s not name calling if it’s HIS opinion) have voted for the guy who wasn’t the “Hate and Incarcerate Candidate”? © (catchy, n’est-ce pas?)

    You people are still in the same rotation of the circle jerk as when I escaped your negative trolling and childish name calling. You should be talking about:
    and brainstorming of how we can make sure our votes actually get counted in 2018. How to strengthen our IM Rights, and control the out-of-State interests who would subjugate us with crappy laws and the cost of enforcing them. You should be talking about the two unique and creative Medicinal Marijuana IM signature counts by the SOS that are frauds. A real leader fights that kind of corruption whether they believe in the issue, or not. A real leader fights for fairness and protecting the vote over personal beliefs.

    …and “Fuhrer”? A little premature to be calling people Nazis, but it fits the DFP theme song (to the tune of Rawhide):

    Trolling, trolling, trolling, keep them dogies moaning, keep them coffers growing, SKANKHUNT!!!!

  67. Darin Larson

    Barry Freed says “Of course, I lose too as Democrats gave me Trump.”

    Hey Barry, I don’t know if you have heard but Trump is a Republican. 90% of Democrats voted for Clinton and 90% of Republicans voted for Trump.

    How pray tell are Democrats responsible for the election of Trump?

    So, if Clinton would have won, in your mind she is terrible and Democrats are responsible for her? But since Trump won and he is terrible, Democrats are responsible for his election as well because they should have had a better candidate themselves?
    So, if it’s heads, Democrats are to blame and if it’s tails Democrats are too blame.

    Are Democrats also responsible for the next four years of the Trump administration?

    Barry Freed from logic and reason.

  68. Roger Cornelius

    Barry, you are responsible for the election of Donald Trump, you can not convince me that you didn’t vote for him with your ammosexual talk.
    You live in pure fantasy or your memory is much more worse than mine.
    Please find the post where I stated that I would buy a gun to use on Trump, if I said any such thing there would have been a Secret Service Agent pounding on my door by now.
    When you find that post be sure to tell the readers what I really said.
    That is the trouble with you Trump followers, you chose to ignore facts and embellish lies.
    Thanks for reminding me that this presidential contest was all about the 2nd Amendment and nothing more. Somehow I missed all those ammosexual headlines.
    Democrats elected Trump, just how does that work when Democrats cast their vote for Hillary, that too sounds very much like a Trumpism.
    Fuhrer is not a trite name calling, grab a Webster’s Dictionary and learn the difference between Nazi’s and the Fascism of Donald Trump.

  69. Roger Cornelius

    Democrats shouldn’t spend all our time talking about social issues and social justice.
    We need to plan on how to obstruct everything Donald Trump wants to do starting on January 20. That is our mission that is our future for the next four grueling years of a Trump presidency.
    Actually I am laughing, when the lies of Trump betray his base, he’s already started, (i.e. Obamacare, the Iran Nuclear deal and more to come). I can’t wait for the day when Trump bangs his head and realizes the Constitution is bigger than he is.

  70. I would like to take just one moment to say I told everyone so on this blog.

    A couple months ago I said something to the effect that, “when it comes to Republicans who say they won’t vote for Trump, you can’t trust them any further than you can throw them.”

    Turns out I was right on the money about people who vote with their guts not brains.