Newland Sends Love Letter to Barack and Michelle Obama

Bob Newland, who is no left-winger, reminds us that, in electing Donald Trump, we are trading down—way, way down:

I am a cynic. Some have said I am their favorite cynic.

That said, I say with sincerity: Barack and Michelle brought a dignity, courage and sensibility to the White House that I have not seen in my lifetime. I am too young to reasonably assess Kennedy’s White House, and I think Jimmy Carter, while arguably the most decent politician to to have lived there during the last quarter of the century, is excluded because of his innocence.

Barack and Michelle are both still young and vibrant. I hope we hear more from them. I am sure we shall.

As I wrote this, I suddenly remembered Barack’s Nobel Peace Prize, awarded before he had actually peed into a White House urinal. EVERYONE, including Mr. Obama, was embarrassed by that impulse-acted-upon-before-reasonable-people-can stop-it. Eight years later, the award seems less ludicrous.

We’re gonna miss those folks [Bob Newland, Facebook post, 2016.11.10].

The good and decent Obamas are as young as the Clintons were when they left the White House in 2001, and just a bit younger than Jimmy Carter when he left the White House to build houses. There is still much Barack and Michelle can do… including joining us on the warpath to stop Führer Trump from unraveling the Obama legacy.

6 Responses to Newland Sends Love Letter to Barack and Michelle Obama

  1. mike from iowa

    OBAMA is a man of class
    to be replaced by a pompous ass
    misogynistic, vile and crass

  2. Sanford Ader

    Well put Bob, great letter.

  3. See, Mike! Life isn’t all bad in the Resistance: Trump inspires poetry!

  4. mike from iowa

    Obama and Michele inspire poetry. Comrade Drumpfski inspires despicable deplorables.

    Seeing nude Melanoma Drumpfski wouldn’t inspire me.

  5. bearcreekbat

    Great observations Bob!

  6. Just heard on the radio that the new first lady plans to make bullying a cause that she wants to concentrate on during her administration. Well, I guess she certainly should be familiar with it. Good letter. The contrast with the Obama’s is stark.