Likin’ Wiken, Journey with Bernie on Ballot Measures

Evidently I haven’t messed up on the ballot measures! Grand Old Man of the South Dakota Blogosphere Douglas Wiken weighs in on our initiatives and referenda, and we agree on all ten! Here’s the SD Blogosphere Ballot Measure Scorecard updated with Wiken’s votes:

Issue Dakota Free Press South DaCola SoDak Liberty Bob Newland Sioux Empire Podcast Dakota Today
Amendment R: Regents/vo-tech authority split Yes Yes No No Yes
Amendment S: Glodt’s crime victims bill of rights No No No No No No
Amendment T: Independent Redistricting Commission Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Amendment U: Usury! Payday Lender Protection Clause No No No No No No
Amendment V: Open Nonpartisan Primary Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Initiated Measure 21: 36% Payday Loan Rate Cap Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Initiated Measure 22: Anti-Corruption Act Yes Yes No No No Yes
Initiated Measure 23: “Fair Share” Union Dues Yes No No No Yes
Referred Law 19: Incumbent Protection Act No No Yes No No
Referred Law 20: Youth Minimum Wage Cut No No Yes No No No

South Dakota’s online think tank thus remains unanimous on three measures: Yes on T, to create an independent redistricting commission to stop gerrymandering; No on S, the costly and redundant crime victims bill of rights; and No on U, the payday lenders’ decoy amendment.

Wiken notes that he and I also line up perfectly with outgoing Senator Bernie Hunhoff (D-18/Yankton), who blips each ballot measure on Facebook. I agree with his reasoning on each measure. His best line is on IM 21, in rebuttal to one of the seemingly reasonable arguments I’ve heard in favor payday lenders:

Industry apologists say such loans are the only thing available to people drowning in debt. That’s like saying it’s better to throw an anchor to a drowning man if you can’t find a life jacket. The loans are killers. Vote Yes [Bernie Hunhoff, Facebook post, 2016.10.20].

When we say “Berniecrat” in South Dakota, we mean “Bernie-Hunhoff-ocrat!”