No Toy Guns Allowed at Haunted Forest; Concealed Weapons OK

We just can’t have any fun any more. The Aberdeen Optimist Club opens the Haunted Forest at Wylie Park this Friday and Saturday, but the terror will only come from zombies, axes, and fake blood and gore, not play guns:

After a request last year to have Haunted Forest volunteers and organizers scale back on their use of firearms and shot-replicating equipment, the Aberdeen Police Department asked that those types of props be dispensed with completely this year. The Optimist Club, which organizes the event, is honoring that request.

“We’d favor not having anything that simulates gunfire in a big event like this,” [Police Chief Dave] McNeil said. “If there were a discharge (that was not part of the event), it would be tough to determine.

“It prevents any miscommunication. It’s a safety and security issue for us,” he said [Kelda Pharris, “Police Ramp up Haunted Forest Presence, Guns Eliminated as Props,” Aberdeen American News, 2016.10.20].

But don’t worry: if you feel the need to bring your pistol to the playground, the cops are still cool with that:

Anybody attending Haunted Forest with a concealed handgun must follow applicable laws, said McNeil and Capt. Eric Duven. A permit is needed to carry, but there’s no law that prevents concealed weapons at parks.

“There are countless ways someone could get themselves in trouble if they weren’t following the law,” McNeil said [Pharris, 2016.10.20].

Have fun kids… but watch out for those grown-ups with unusual bulges under their clothes.

6 Responses to No Toy Guns Allowed at Haunted Forest; Concealed Weapons OK

  1. huh? u’ve got to be kidding.

    Barry Carry? Daniel? Spenser?

  2. mike from iowa

    Here is the solution to guns and gun violence-

    Don’t ban toy guns- deport toddlers. Common sense gun control legislation wingnuts can get behind.

  3. in the last debate Hillary agreed w/ trump who said she “appeared very, very upset”, so she clarified her concern was that toddlers were using parents loaded weapons to kill. remember the kid in the back car seat who shot his mom (the gun activist) in the back as she was driving the family SUV? anyway, for you concealed carriers that must not have any thought about banning plastic toy guns but allowing 2d amendment concealed carriers, or for that matter open carriers I suppose, to carry at a Halloween public event so it doesn’t turn out to be gun free zone to what, avoid a mass tragedy?

    what do the last 130 mass shootings say about you? anyone, anyone?

  4. Unfortunately what we have been teaching our kids is this. That using a handgun is an acceptable that adults settle conflicts.

  5. And Jon, that’s exactly why I so strongly oppose the school gunslinger law that our Legislature passed in 2013, why I will never carry a gun in my classroom, and why I will not send my daughter to any school that arms its teachers.

  6. amen, gents