Rep. Noem Wrong: Gary Johnson on Ballot in All Fifty States

Can any South Dakota Republican offer an honest reason to vote for sexual predator Donald Trump for President? Rep. Kristi Noem can’t. Asked by a Bon Homme High School student yesterday about the Libertarian option, Rep. Noem misstated the facts about Gary Johnson’s ballot access:

Bon Homme High School student Jacob Olson… asked Noem if she ever considered bucking party lines to support Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, but Noem stood with Trump.

“Have I considered supporting Gary Johnson? No, I haven’t,” Noem said. “I don’t agree with some of his positions and he’s not on every single ballot in the country, there’s no path for him to win. So I want to vote for the candidate that has a real opportunity to potentially win” [Evan Hendershot, “Noem Hopes Women Understand Her Support of Trump,” Mitchell Daily Republic, 2016.10.12].

Um, Kristi, read the paper:

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s campaign said Tuesday that he will be on the ballot in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, marking the first time in two decades a third-party presidential ticket has appeared on every state ballot.

“With a majority of Americans wanting a choice other than Donald Trump andHillary Clinton, today we now know for certain that on Election Day, every voter in America will have that alternative option,” Mr. Johnson said.

No third-party presidential ticket has qualified for all 50 state ballots since 1996, when Libertarian Harry Browne and Reform Party candidate Ross Perotwere on every state ballot [Byron Tau, “Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson to Appear on Election Ballots in All 50 States,” Wall Street Journal, 2016.009.14].

Kristi, supporting Donald is not the only way to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House. Your fellow Republican Stan Adelstein is pointing you toward the moral, Libertarian path. Use your clout, get your Republican caucus together, unite behind the Libertarian ticket, and you can get a third President Johnson instead of a second President Clinton.

12 Responses to Rep. Noem Wrong: Gary Johnson on Ballot in All Fifty States

  1. Roger Cornelius

    Between now and election day, republicans, including women are hoping to repeal the 19th Amendment in order to secure a Trump victory by allowing only men to vote.
    Does Kristi plan to support this repeal to get her sexual predator elected?
    Or, does she know what the 19th Amendment is?

  2. mike from iowa

    Noem is voting for HRC-

    So I want to vote for the candidate that has a real opportunity to potentially win”

  3. Would someone please hand Kristi the updated daily talking point? She is absolutely lost without them!

  4. Bob Newland

    “I want to vote for the pussy-grabber who can WIN!”

  5. Bob Newland

    By the way, I LOVE Donald Trump. He has allowed every stupid m************r in the Republican party to show his/her REAL stripes. VIVA TRUMP!

  6. Mr. H, I am likely to follow Mr. Stan’s advice and vote for this Johnson fellow, but I have to ask this: Are you trying to subvert the Great State of South Dakota on behalf of your your global capitalist masters?

  7. Roger Cornelius

    grudz read Sibson’s post today.

  8. Bob Newland

    grudz, why don’t you suck Noem’s d?

  9. Mr. C, I seem to still be on Mr. Sibby’s mailing lists. Sometimes he has great insights, as does Bob on those days he’s not surly about past things.

  10. Grudz, you know I have no master.

    Roger, Sibby’s obsession is downright creepy… but I predict Aberdeen voters will soon receive a mailer spotlighting Sibby’s last seven headlines, paid for by either the SDGOP or the Prairie Values PAC.

  11. voting for someone only because they have the greatest potential to win is pretty much the definition of a sheep….

  12. mike from iowa

    Rep. Noem Wrong: Now that is a surprise!