Novstrup Versus Heidelberger on Campaign Finance Reform: Who Knows the Topic?

In our first and possibly only head-to-head candidate forum on September 24, Al Novstrup and I (along with our House ticketmates) faced a question about campaign finance reform “as being spearheaded by Shantel Krebs.” Novstrup, the seven-term legislators, offered this seven-second response:

That came out within the last day or two, and I read the headline. I just can’t comment on it with having just read the headline [Rep. Al Novstrup, candidate forum, Aberdeen, South Dakota, 2016.09.24].

Last day or two? I hope Al counts campaign contributions more accurately than he counts days. Bob Mercer’s story on Secretary Krebs’s ideas about campaign finance reform hit the papers on September 6, eighteen days before the September 24 forum. Al had eighteen days not just to read the headline but show the curiosity to read an article about an issue of keen interest to all political candidates.

O.K., let’s turn to the rookie Legislative candidate. If Novstrup can’t comment on campaign finance reform, what can Heidelberger know? (Note: House candidates Rep. Dan Kaiser and Nikki Bootz spoke between Al and me; neither expressed knowledge of the Krebs proposal.)

I didn’t know this question was coming. However, I was ready to answer it, because I blogged about the Mercer article and the Krebs campaign finance reform discussion on September 7. Plus, having read and frequently discussed all ten ballot measures, I was ready to compare what Krebs is talking about with Initiated Measure 22, the Anti-Corruption Act, which gives voters the chance to reform campaign finance right away this fall.

Political candidates have a duty to be informed and to inform the voters. At our forum, on this question, I was able to do that duty. My opponent was not.

19 Responses to Novstrup Versus Heidelberger on Campaign Finance Reform: Who Knows the Topic?

  1. oldguy7850

    Nice job CAH

  2. Just by looking at the photos, Cory, has a nice polite presence. Novstrup has his hands held down on the table like he’s a bit nervous and perturbed. The look on his face is saying that he doesn’t want to be there.
    I just clicked on the video to see what Novstrup said and he sure enough said he can’t comment and moved quickly back to his seat. I was correct, he doesn’t want to be there.

  3. No one can deny Cory’s passion to make South Dakota a better place to live! No one can deny compassion to fight corruption.

  4. No one can deny ‘his’ compassion to fight corruption.

  5. Cory, send me an email, tell me how you’re doing for money and let me know if you need some.

  6. Roger Cornelius

    Campaigns always need money, click the link to the right for the use to donation process.
    I’ve made my monthly contribution to Cory and hope others will follow suite.

  7. Roger, you are the man! Thank you! Jenny, check your e-mail!

  8. Is contributing to the blog tip jar the same as giving money to Mr. H’s campaign? That’s slightly disturbing, but I guess it all goes to the same place anyway. It’s just a little disturbing when the Paying Pal thing says going for the Dakota Free Press, not the “Campaign to Beat Almanzo Novstrup”

  9. Roger Cornelius

    If you take a moment and look to the right of your screen you will find the tip jar where you can contribute to the number 1 blog, Dakota Free Press.
    Continue further to the right and you will find a place to make a campaign contribution to Cory’s senate race.
    You sound like a wealthy man so contribute generously to both.

  10. Mr. C, you know I am a man of modest means, but I have and will contribute to the blog. I did not see now the two different pictures you can click on so I’m sorry I confused them. Nothing against Mr. H, I think he would be just swell in the legislatures but Mr. Novstrup has far more experience and less dangerous ideas. But as far as the blogging goes, I am saving up to donate some more.

    Thank you for correcting my oversight. I should have known Mr. H would keep his donations separate because he is a pretty good egg, all considered.

  11. Grudz, Roger is right: the Dakota Free Press Tip Jar and the Heidelberger Campaign Fund are two separate entities. I have not spent one penny from the Tip Jar on campaign materials. Roger has no problem keeping the two funds separate. If you’d like to support my Senate campaign, click the following link:

  12. Roger can likely explain campaign finance better than Al. Roger, when are you going to join me in the Senate?

  13. Roger Cornelius

    All republicans can do about campaign finance reform is mouth the words and then vote to keep things the way they are. Al’s sputtering is proof that good ole boys want to keep things as they are.
    The days of active campaigning have long passed Cory, but I’m always willing to donate and do what I can from behind the computer and on the phone.
    Thanks for kind words.

  14. Past active campaigning? Nertz!

    Well, Roger, looks like I’m going to have to run for Governor so I can sit in the big chair an appoint you to something. Consider yourself warned. ;-)

  15. Ironic that I confused the blog fund with the Mr. H for Senator fund on a posting about campaign financing. Or as my friend Lar likes to say, init? And if Mr. C runs I would help him put up signs or at least enlist some young helpers to do so.

  16. Iconic is more like it Mr. Grudznick, the confused part, just sayin

  17. Roger Cornelius

    It didn’t happen as quick as I thought it would, but I see Powers at the Dump Site and the SDGOP are attempting a hit job on Cory.
    Powers and the hypocritical SDGOP can easily hold Cory responsible for a situation that happened in 2001 but can wipe away what a sexual predator did and said in 1995.
    Powers, where is your outrage about Trump’s words and actions?
    Even your godly Daugaard and Thune said it was time for Trump to withdraw in favor of someone better qualified and didn’t have the morals of an alley cat.

  18. Cory, you are outstanding! Your opponent truly has had plenty of time to learn about the issue, but he just doesn’t have his fingers on the pulse of South Dakota anywhere near the way you do. You understand every issue and you deliver the facts wonderfully.

    You’re so much better than Novstrup in so many ways. I really believe in you dude!

  19. Thanks, Adam! Spread the word!