Chelsea Clinton Speaks in SF on Hillary’s Policy Priorities

KSFY tops its TV competitors in summarizing the policy positions Chelsea Clinton discussed while campaigning for her mom at Augustana last night. The policy rundown of what Chelsea says President Hillary Clinton will work on:

  • Raise the minimum wage.
  • Develop clean energy.
  • Make college more affordable—”Everyone who has federal debt, that should be reet at the lowest prevailing interest rate because the federal government should not be in the business of making a profit off of students.”
  • Help homeless veterans.
  • Spend more on drug treatment centers as part of a holistic approach to addiction.
  • Ensure coverage for contraception and fund Planned Parenthood.

KELO-TV mentions the contraception question, but only talks about how excited the student was to ask the question and get an answer instead of actually reporting the answer. KDLT misses that boat, too. Sioux Falls freelancer Lacey Louwagie offers the most detail on the exchange between Chelsea Clinton and Augie senior Sophia Silverman:

South Dakota is home to just one Planned Parenthood clinic, which charges for contraception and other services, according to the student.

“I’m pro-choice,” the student said, “like everybody else should be—”

An audible gasp arose from the audience, along with some nervous laughter [Lacey Louwagie, “Chelsea Clinton Gets Conversational in S.D.,” Courthouse News Service, 2016.10.05].

Why the gasp, audience? South Dakota Right to Life gets to clutter our highways with billboards telling us we should adopt their political agenda to make blanket decisions for all women; why is it so surprising that a young woman should suggest that we all should respect her autonomy and dignity?

The student, flustered, started to squeak, “I’m sorry—”

“No, don’t apologize for your opinion,” Chelsea said firmly. “That’s something that women, particularly women and young girls, do too often” [Louwagie, 2016.10.05].

Hear, hear, Chelsea.

Chelsea said this was the first time she had been asked about contraception this election cycle.

She pushed for federal funding of Planned Parenthood and the expansion of Medicaid, which could cover contraception for people on limited incomes. She added that many of the 9 percent who remain uninsured in the country live in states that have not accepted federal funding for Medicaid expansion.

“I’m not naming any names,” she said, referencing South Dakota’s refusal to take the additional funds [Louwagie, 2016.10.05].

Zing! Policy chops and situational awareness—Chelsea ties an unexpected question to a larger issue of how South Dakota restricts access to health care… and how it would be in our best interest to vote for progressive leaders like Hillary Clinton rather than our usual choices.

50 Responses to Chelsea Clinton Speaks in SF on Hillary’s Policy Priorities

  1. Steve Hickey

    Zzzz. Her mother is corrupt to the core—- the layers of dirt so thick it makes anything EB-5 look like light dust on the mantle. It’s quite peculiar to me the corruption detectors who frequent this blog won’t go off on her. It’s okay to go after corruption in your own party. I did. So did Palin.

    And abortion is so 1973. Come on Chelsea, even the NY Times says your mother is brutal on women… hiring “a private investigator with a bare-knuckles reputation who embarked on a mission, as he put it in a memo, to impugn Ms. Flowers’s “character and veracity until she is destroyed beyond all recognition.” This is a story repeated many times over.

    All that aside. Hillary means more war and more Wall Street. Chelsea’s husband is a hedge fund insider. Russia is warning their citizens of an imminent nuclear war with us. Not because of Trump, but because Hillary morphed into such a hawk…

    We are given two lousy choices this election day. But I am the only one who wearies of the hype-fear and hyperbole with Trump… there will be flooding on the moon if he’s elected. Blah, blah, blah.

  2. mike from iowa

    You heard it here first-HRC is corrupt because Reverend Mo….er…Hickey decrees it so.

  3. Darin Larson

    Steve, Republicans that have never voted for a Democrat and conservative newspapers that have never endorsed a Democrat for President seem to think that Hillary Clinton is a superior choice for president over the Trumpster. Basically, Steve, they think your nominee is such a dumpster fire that they are backing Hillary Clinton for president. They think Hillary Clinton is a sane choice even though they disagree with much of her policy agenda. Think about that for a second. You managed to nominate for president the one guy who could prompt Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton. Congratulations on your brilliance!

  4. Darin Larson

    Figuratively speaking, Donald Trump is wearing no clothes, but Steve Hickey is worried more about the color of the pantsuit that Hillary Clinton is wearing.

  5. Troy Jones

    Policy Chops? Hilarious.

    Chelsea Clinton: “She added that many of the 9 percent who remain uninsured in the country live in states that HAVE NOT accepted federal funding for Medicaid expansion.”

    You realize that the following is also true: “many of the 9 percent who remain uninsured in the country live in states that HAVE accepted federal funding for Medicaid expansion.

    The vast majority of people not insured would not be eligible for Medicaid even with expansion. While there is some small overlap her statement misleads. But, I will give her the benefit of doubt and not say she was lying. Not all children carry on the foibles of their parents.

  6. Darin Larson

    The Wall Street Journal, that bastion of liberalism, is reporting that Donald Trump made $140,000 in contributions to state attorneys general “while they weighed decisions affecting his business.”

    “Mr. Trump has been open about his motives. “As a businessman and a very substantial donor to very important people, when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do,” he told The Wall Street Journal in July 2015 in discussing donations to Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. “As a businessman, I need that.”
    In total, Mr. Trump has given about $140,000 to a dozen people who either were state attorneys general or running for the post from 2001 to 2014, according to donation records. Some of the recipients returned the contributions. Totals before 2001 weren’t available.”


  7. Steve Hickey

    No. What we have going on, both sides, amounts to nothing more than partisan polarisation. Whoever you put up isn’t even an option for me. Whoever I put isn’t even an option for you.

    Yet there is more. The reason Bush and other Republicans are going for Hillary is because Trump isn’t a member of the Oligarchy – the stealth political and money structures that control the nation. In fact, when it comes to the continuation of the skank American military and monetary manipulation of the world, Hillary is an acceptable tool. Those people or structures don’t own Trump and they don’t control him. They own the media and Hillary though. Trump truly is a threat to their world order. But all that is conspiracy nonsense here on this blog. Yet again, it’s curious how the EB-5 corruption conspiracies are indubitable here.

  8. Darin Larson

    So, Steve Hickey, in your world view, the only reason that conservative media outlets and lifelong Republicans are reluctantly supporting Hillary Clinton is because they control her and not Trump. Interesting, can I get the design specs for your tin-foil hat please?

  9. Steve Hickey

    7.5 hat size.

  10. Porter Lansing

    The Reverend’s thin skin apparently can’t repel our charges that he’s a “conspiracy kook”. That’s overinflated pride, folks.
    “As long as you are proud you cannot know God. A proud man is always looking down on things and people: and, of course, as long as you are looking down you cannot see something that is above you.”
    ― C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

  11. mike from iowa

    30 plus years of a vast, right wing conspiracy investigating every facet of HRC’s public and private life has turned up zero actionable criminal charges.

    Americans can sleep sound knowing that if HRC gets elected the conspiracies against her will continue. Congressional buttplug Gowdy has so declared and decreed.

  12. Darin Larson

    Troy, speaking of policy chops, I just saw a Trump commercial touting his plan to make childcare expenses deductible. It claims to save $5,000 for the average family. Of course, what it doesn’t say is it will save Trump’s family $75,000 a year and for fourteen other family’s with low income it will save $0.

    Man, Trump is going to make America great for rich people again. You know, they have been falling behind the rest of us and need someone to represent their interests.

    Trump’s plan to eliminate the estate tax for husband/wife estates above $10 million will ensure that we create the aristocracy that this country has been missing. The ideal of a classless society is so 20th century. In addition, Trump’s plan to reduce corporate taxes greatly will trickle down to the wealthy who can park their money in a tax shelter in the Caribbean. Of course, the trip down to the Caribbean becomes a tax deductible business expense when the family takes their winter vacation. I hear good things about the Cayman Islands.

  13. mike from iowa

    If dog didn’t love the wealthy so much he/she/it would send hurricanes to destroy tax havens.

  14. The Rev. Mr. Hickey, who preaches the gospel according to Breitbart, extends his theological contortions to interpreting the The New York Times. He cites a passage from an article: “a private investigator with a bare-knuckles reputation who embarked on a mission, as he put it in a memo, to impugn Ms. Flowers’s “character and veracity until she is destroyed beyond all recognition.”

    But he neglects what is said in the rest of the article:

    “Mrs. Clinton’s level of involvement in that effort, as described in interviews, internal campaign records and archives, is still the subject of debate. By some accounts, she gave the green light and was a motivating force; by others, her support was no more than tacit assent.
    “Mickey Kantor, the chairman of Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, said that Mrs. Clinton wanted to separate fact from fiction and to size up the women making the claims.
    “Her campaign also released statements from James Carville, Mr. Clinton’s top campaign strategist, and two lawyers who worked for Mr. Clinton, saying that Mrs. Clinton had not overseen the counterattacks.

    “Those who took the lead in responding to those attacks at the time have plainly stated that Hillary Clinton did not direct their work,” Mr. Fallon [a campaign spokesperson] said.”

    Allah Akbar, eh, Rev.?

  15. Geesh Hickey, ya need to stop drinking that rotgut over there as it has caused a vapor lock. “Yet there is more. The reason Bush and other Republicans are going for Hillary is because Trump isn’t a member of the Oligarchy”. Just keep saying that while you check in at Trump Towers or golf on his course there in Scotland. Maybe you could even be a contestant on his new tee vee series “How to fleece America”. You can learn and use the term there where you are now, at least with those sheep you just nick them with the shears rather than bleed them out.

  16. All the bile aside, may I interject to ask why a household making $119,999 should be eligible for free tuition, but a household making $120,001 should not? Is there a rational explanation for why the former needs the assistance but the latter needs none?

  17. mike from iowa

    Innocent Gennifer Flowers bragged about shagging Bill C in the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, Ark five years before the hotel was built. Sounds credible to me, your honor.

  18. Porter Lansing

    @WayneB … Good question. Many think all assistance is the same amount. Did you know that the majority of food stamp recipients get under $20 a month. The income of $199,000 may only receive $1.00 in aid. It’s means tested and slides from high to low. It’s gotta end at zero, Wayne. *Can anyone crawl inside their bias and give me the name and address of anyone getting gov’t aid falsely? Just one name to go with the false assertion that welfare abuse is rampant. Just one?

  19. @WayneB, if I may, a subsidy for a household of 4 making $97,200.00 will qualify for subsidy (government aid) for the ACA. If you make less than that, all is good, $97,201.00 and it is zilch.

    I believe that the scale goes by a formula like the poverty guidelines described in the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. That makes sense to me on how they derived the numbers and limitations.

  20. I’m okay with means testing to some extent, Porter. But HRC’s free college tuition plank says nothing about means testing:

    Every student should have the option to graduate from a public college or university in their state without taking on any student debt. By 2021, families with income up to $125,000 will pay no tuition at in-state four-year public colleges and universities. And from the beginning, every student from a family making $85,000 a year or less will be able to go to an in-state four-year public college or university without paying tuition.

    My mistake about the boundary (it says $125k). But there’s no mention about any sort of sliding scale for assistance for families making $125k and over.

    Families making $125k already get scaled-down benefits for tax deductions. They’re paying a higher marginal tax rate, and they still have to worry about putting their kids through college. Sounds like a pretty powerful incentive to figure out how to make less than $125k come tax time.

    Public tuition at state universities runs about $9,500 (national average). That’s a significant break for the $124,999 household, and a significant penalty for the $125,001 household.

    In a household of four with two college-age children, there’s a mighty powerful incentive to make less than $125k. They would have to make about $14,700 more to pay for that tuition and be in the same position as the family who makes just a couple dollars less.

    Porter, I don’t know where your comment about falsely receiving gov’t aid comes from; it wasn’t germane to this discussion. Nowhere did I mention welfare abuse.

    And it doesn’t have to end at zero, Porter. If free public tuition is so important, then it shouldn’t matter if your parents make a million bucks or make $40k a year. It should be available to all. The truly rich – those who can afford private universities – will send their kids there anyway and won’t get the free tuition.

    But to think a family making $125,000 is rich and doesn’t deserve assistance with skyrocketing tuition and fees isn’t very attuned to reality. Out here, $125,000 is darn good. In San Diego, $125,000 is just OK.

  21. Porter Lansing

    Wayne …
    – You say “free college” as if that’s equivalent to “debt free” upon graduation.
    – Free public tuition absolutely IS so important, that it shouldn’t matter if your parents make a million bucks or make $40k a year. It should be available to all . It is in Europe. Although, you could be a billionaire and if your kid can’t pass the entrance exam they can’t get in free.
    – I’m old enough to remember when a freshman could go to UCBerkley for $84 a semester. Why buy a war when educating kids is a better bargain?
    – Comments about people complaining that welfare frauds are falsely receiving gov’t aid are germane to any discussion about aid. I was speaking to the general right-wing readership of this blog and not you. ( i.e. It’s vital that low self-esteem, underachievers who need to portray themselves as winners have a loser to blame their lives on. The poor, disabled, elderly, racial minorities and women are common choices. )

  22. Porter Lansing

    Here’s a general outline for the plan. Of course, tweaking along the path is always necessary, as it now is in Obamacare.

  23. Troy Jones


    What’s this about needing to tweak Obamacare? It was a month ago or so when I said it was imploding you called it a right wing lie and it was perfect as is.

  24. Porter Lansing

    You have me confused with another of the many intelligent liberals you feel a need to argue with. Why? I don’t know but I’ve run your bio and am aware of all the pain you’ve been through. Chin up, friend. God’s here for you.
    I’ve often made it a point of calling for Republicans to get off their anti-Obama crusade and make the small tweaks necessary for the program (any program, really … government or private) to progress. Your Republican negativity bias and obstructionism is one of the major obstacles to USA voters health options. Here’s an example. Higher premium rates are being caused by too many older people buying policies while younger males are paying the penalty, instead. Much of that is fueled by your Republican’s obstructing and misleading the youth that Obamacare is going to be repealed so they should just pay the penalty. I talked to a right wing friend (mid 50’s) on Tuesday who’s paying the penalty. He’s paying $1200 a year not to have to buy a policy; a mooching free rider if you will. I asked him, “If the penalty was instead $12,000 a year, would you reconsider?” Of course he would and that’s a first tweak that would level the field for insurors and stop the free riders that are a pariah of health insurance. Raise the penalties until they really hurt. *Also tweak the ability to buy a plan after you become really sick.
    Mr. Jones is a prodigious writer whose information is sometimes accurate and sometimes not.

  25. The real tweaking of Obamacare would be to add Medicaid Expansion to control the rising cost of premiums to those who do not qualify for a subsidy. Ask Wellmark, they will tell you much the same. Pretty simple to do, have the legislators pass the bill. The governor claims he will implement it when that happens.

  26. Porter Lansing

    Well said, Jerry. Then on to Medicare Part E. (E is for everybody)

  27. Mr. Lansing, consider this, if the young male that can afford the insurance chooses to ignore, he gets a fine. If he has an accident that costs 60 grand, he has to pay for it. The medical bill will not go away, it is cannot be discharged. So he has to wait until open enrollment to come on aboard. By then, his party days are long over. Sucks to be young and dumb, but that is how lessons are learned.

    Now take a young family that is the working poor. This is a family of 3 that works very minimum wage and makes $20,000.00 per year. They are young and there is a health issue that must be addressed. They do not qualify for the ACA, they do qualify for Medicaid but not in South Dakota. They purchased an insurance plan, had the procedures and then dropped coverage. The insurance company gets stuck paying the $225,000.00 bill and passes it along to the regular policy holders as a cost of legislative foot dragging. Doesn’t seem fair that 8,000 should pick up these bills when they could be shared globally with all taxpayers.

  28. mike from iowa

    Wingnut means testing-we have never seen a billionaire that didn’t need more tax breaks. Those who live in poverty have gotten enough help from the government and need to make it on their own.

  29. Porter Lansing

    I see your point and I like your thinking. Not a rebuttal but just as an aside, “When you’re in the business of making money off sick people the word “fair” isn’t often applicable.” Citizens in Europe have their health care provided as a service of the taxes they pay. You’ll hear from the Republicans that Europeans pay way more in taxes. Here in CO single payer is on the ballot for the first of it’s many elections until we get it finally passed. Big insurance has dumped millions into ads against it with the message that the voters will pay way more in taxes. Yes, we will BUT just as it is in Europe, after all the bills are paid at the end of the month each voter will have more spending money by buying insurance as a group. Taxes go up but overall expenses go down. Think COSTCO.

  30. Porter,

    I’ve read the fact sheet. That’s where I pulled the block quote. Hence the challenge of offering free tuition for some but none for those making $125k and over.

    Not only that, but the way to pay for it is apparently by reducing tax deductions for the “wealthy.” Apparently everyone who makes more than $125k is wealthy. And those making $125k aren’t even in the top 10% of household incomes – they’re just within the top 20%.

    So this is what rubs me. Hillary is promising to pay for 84% of American’s college tuition by having 16% of Americans carry their water for them, as well as their own water (sorry for any pronoun confusion; I mean to say the $125k+ families get to carry two buckets of water).

    I tell you what, everyone who’s marginally over that $125k range is going to find every way to make their adjusted gross income fall to $124,999 (I assume that’s what they’ll use as the litmus test). My bet is you’ll see accountants advising much higher contributions to 401(k)s, medical savings accounts, etc.

    Your lambaste is extraneous to the conversation and has no place here. Your comments were in response to me, and didn’t say anything about any other folks reading this blog. How is anyone supposed to realize you suddenly changed the audience for your comments in the same paragraph? So please in the future check your need to speak to everyone if you’re going to talk to someone in particular.

  31. Porter Lansing

    WayneB et al,
    As we males age it’s easy to slide into the abyss of negativity bias where more brain energy is spent on what could go wrong with an idea instead of how new things can be made to work. It’s easier to just say no then to do some thinking about how much better things can be.

  32. Ah, but fair is not to be confused with allowing insurance companies to set the standards. In Europe, private healthcare is offered and is taken by many. This is a simple matter of utilization for quick needs at private clinics and so on, people buy those, most do not. Most understand the reason they have the insurance is for the catastrophic coverage provided by Social Security for which they have paid in with their taxes. When there is a major issue, the Social Security is where you would go for your that serious need. Something else Mr. Lansing, the taxes they pay there also include disability, unemployment, sick leave and paid leave to care for a new born or sick family member, as well as healthcare.

    Taxes have remained static there, but I would think in Colorado, taxes would go lower as you would not be subsidizing the hospitals with tax dollars after the passing. Most of us do not know the high cost of what taxes we were paying before the ACA came into play. With a combination of the ACA and Medicaid Expansion, the real change would be noticed immediately just like it was noted in Louisiana with its recent expansion.

  33. Troy Jones

    Anybody know if now infamous $2,700 Clinton contributor Dr. Jonathan Cohen attended any of these events?

    P.S. I don’t hold Clinton responsible for the conduct of her contributors or believe it reflects on her unless the relationship was more than a donor/donee relationship (which I am sure is not the case here). I’m just asking as it would be interesting to here any comments about his conduct or if he brought his “guest.”

  34. You are so coy Troy. Of course you hold Clinton responsible for that time you hit your thumb with a hammer. Or how about the time you burned your widdle fingers on the barbie while cursing Obama. Yep, all of your problems have to do with those pesky Democrats.

  35. Hickey, you say “This is a story repeated many times over” as though that gives the story credence. But it has been repeated by the same entities that have said over and over that Barack Obama is a Muslim, that he was not born in America, that he and Clinton want to ban gun ownership, that Clinton is a lesbian, that Michelle Obama is a man, and on and on. Does sufficient repetition of a lie make it true? I ask because I have heard, more than once, that you left on your current sojourn to Scotland one jump ahead of the law. I haven’t really heard it that often though, so who knows?

  36. Troy Jones

    Jerry, I absolutely don’t think this jack – – – supporting Clinton reflects on her in any way or that campaigns have an affirmative duty to screen donors/attendees. But, because he is a large donor, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was invited and wondering if anyone saw/met him.

    I’m wondering if he is a sociopath (able to hide his sick proclivities) or if he came across as creepy/dirty. I just talked to a Sanford employee who said he had a really good practice and it is a total surprise. A person in my building talked to someone who said he was a jerk.

  37. ‘Pubs are just upset ‘cuz their loud mouth misogynist is losing. HRC will take it in a landslide my prediction, you heard it from me, Troy.
    (And I am not a HRC supporter.)

  38. You know it’s bad when No Carolina and Ohio has Clinton ahead in the latest polls. Sorry SD ‘pubs, the country is just getting more progressive thanks to minorities and women, groups you suck at getting votes from.

  39. mike from iowa

    libertynewsnow claims to have caught HRC paying off FBI director Comey. That darn HRC can’t stay out of trouble, can she?

  40. Troy, I am quite sure you know what the word ironic is, but maybe not. So if you will allow, Donald J. Trump. There ya go. “I’m wondering if he is a sociopath (able to hide his sick proclivities) or if he came across as creepy/dirty. I just talked to a Sanford (change name to Trump) employee who said he had a really good practice and it is a total surprise. A person in my building talked to someone who said he was a jerk.

  41. Roger Cornelius

    Prior to coming here to read the comments, I was over at the Powers Dump Site to see what was going on, so I’m not surprised Troy would follow up on Powers rabbit hole.
    Of course if we were able to do an examination of all of Trump’s donors we would find that they are all lily white clean.
    I do wonder that since Troy doesn’t hold Clinton accountable for this donation why he would even bother to bring it up since Pat already covered it and Troy has commented over there.
    From what I can tell of the timeline between the Cheslea event and the time of the arrest of Dr. Cohen, he could not possibly have attended the Clinton event at Brendan Johnson’s home.

  42. Roger Cornelius

    Jerry, that is a great a appropriate link to Snopes, do you think Troy will bother to read and comment on it?

  43. Naw, he knows that old saying in the Book about being your brother’s keeper. How in the hell can you control who gives you the thumbs up on facebook or who gives you a donation or even, who gives you the random finger. I am sure there are dogs in shelters someplace who have gotten a couple of bucks or some cat who received cat food from a person that was questionable.

  44. Porter Lansing

    All Doctors aren’t created equal, ‘ya know. What was Dr. Cohen’s specialty?
    ~ Your surgeon is probably a Republican and your psychiatrist is probably a Democrat.
    That’s according to our new data analysis, which found that physicians’ political leanings tend to vary according to their specialty.
    Urologists and anesthesiologists also tended to be registered Republicans, while two-thirds of doctors in infectious disease, psychiatry and pediatrics are Democrats. – NYTimes

  45. What about this dude and his association with the top brass right here in Pierre, South Dakota. The man one corruption scandal from banging the gavel at the big meetings. Mr. Mustache had an association that may have been an infringement on rights as well.

  46. Troy Jones


    The reason I ask here is I don’t think anybody on DWC went to the Chelsea event.

    And, which you fail to note did I say anything there different than here?

  47. Hickey: wow. hate much?–“Zzzz. Her mother is corrupt to the core—- the layers of dirt so thick it makes anything EB-5 look like light dust on the mantle.” show me one item that proves what you said. btw, EB5 unaccounted for $600,000,000 in this state, any state, or in the federal budget is anything but “dust”.

    one item. cite it.

  48. Hickey- I too was sorry to read of your health dilemma and your uncle’s cancer and suicide. I too had a recent loved one pass of pancreatic cancer, and lost a teen child to suicide.

    your party is a big part of the world problem. hate, obstruction, denial, obsessive capitalism, odd service to the 1%, anti-education (rush went on about how higher education is brain-washing, today). idiots espousing bullsheit, as you do here today.

  49. Troy, you never know who goes to any event unless you go yourself. The reason you did not ask anything at DWS is because, you were afraid someone would say “hell ya. I went and it was worth every dollar” or “Troy, you had a booger in your nose that I noticed at the Chelsea event” Both are likely scenarios.