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I’m sure that Tim Kaine and Mike Pence are both preparing more like Hillary Clinton for tonight’s Vice-Presidential debate. Perhaps they’ll review the notes I gave in my Friday, September 30 conversation with Greg Belfrage. Producer and world traveler Todd Epp summarized our conversation thus:

Liberal blogger Cory Heidelberger isn’t just a political activist. He’s also an accomplished debater, debate coach and debate judge.

He noted with Greg that he would not have let his high school debaters go into a match as unprepared as Trump was Monday night [Todd Epp, “S.D. High School Debaters Prepare Harder Than Trump,” The Greg Belfrage Show, 2016.09.30].

You can listen to our 14-minute conversation about Clinton’s trouncing of Trump and more ballot measure fun on You can also tune in this Friday, October 7, at 8:05 a.m. CDT for more liberal blogging on the radio, as Greg Belfrage grills me about Referred Law 19. Listen on KELO AM 1320, FM 107.9, or online live!

3 Responses to More Dakota Free Press on KELO Radio!

  1. mike from iowa

    RNC launched a Willie Horton style ad against Tim Kaine. Kaine’s crime? He was defending people charged with murder. I think the constitution has something to say about everyone entitled to a lawyer or some such non-sense wingnuts can’t understand. They pulled this on HRC, too.

  2. Roger Elgersma

    Pence was the only Governor who lead a stop Trump campaign when he tried to get Indiana to vote for Cruz just to stop Trump. So can we believe anything Pence says when he does a complete switch to be for Trump.

  3. Porter Lansing

    THIS JUST IN … Are Pat Power’s annoying robo-calls disrupting your home? Isn’t it disgusting that a rude person like him is making money interrupting you? This is new where I live and it’s coming soon to you, highly recommended. It’s called NOMOROBO (no mo robo) and it intercepts and stops robo calls before your phone even rings. Sorry Pat. Go get a new scam! (Somebody needs to morph this into the Post Office and stop those misinformation post cards before they get to our mailboxes)