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More Photos: Democrats in Gypsy Days Parade

My friend Mike Ewald took some great photos of us Democrats marching in the Gypsy Days Parade here in Aberdeen Saturday. Here are some of my favorites (click each photo to embiggen!):



  1. Darin Larson 2016-10-02

    I see the Heidelberger campaign is running a low carbon footprint, minimalist approach that is true to their values, relying on the little wagon and people power for their presence in the parade. Given Cory’s use of the bicycle for local transportation, I can safely predict that Cory will run the more environmentally friendly campaign in his race for the senate. Maybe when he gets to Pierre he can figure out a way to harness the hot air that emanates from the capital building. I’m certain it could heat thousands of homes in the winter.

  2. Porter Lansing 2016-10-02

    Good one, Darin. :)

  3. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-10-02

    People power—that’s the key, Darin! Also improving our ecological impact: handing people a small campaign card that they can also use as a voting guide on the ballot measures and then keep for easy contact with their next Senator. The campaign litter along Main Street after the parade included very few Heidelberger for Senate cards, because I gave folks something they can keep and use.

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