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Aberdeen HS Dems Condemn Branstnerism

While Aberdonians who are old enough to know better get ready to throw their money down a rathole of hate, the Aberdeen High School Democrats issue the following critique of the absurdly dishonest tactics of Ron Branstner and his anti-immigrant followers. For the record, here is the young Democrats’ account of the Branstner/Bob Enos anti-immigrant hate session, held in Aberdeen on Thursday, September 22:

At first walking into the Eagles Lodge, it was known that the crowd gathering there was that of strongly opinionated republicans. This was noted by the sight of at least 3 Trump for President bumper stickers. While walking into the Bingo Lodge, a petition to stop said refugee settlement was available on a table, as well as DVD’s of the next scheduled speakers, and a pamphlet of what looked to be explaining the workings of the Communist party in present day politics. Yes, you read that correctly. Now, immediately after, Ron Branstner approached us and shook our hands asking us to make our way up to the front of the event, as he had saved seats for us. This complete separation was very distinct to us, as we noticed the ability for everyone to see us if we were to object to anything. He immediately stated that he did this to allow us to learn a new topic that our education system refuses to teach us; as they teach us actual facts instead of analytical and false arguments. In the first few slides of the presentation, a few more people joined our group. A few slides later, one of our invited people objected to the statements being made. This invited person was then escorted away, not by security but regular listeners of this presentation. After that, we listened intently and refuted each part of the presentation in our minds. After an hour, we realized that the chain of the actual arguments being made was non existent. We then left the event, peacefully, after Branstner finished his presentation and before the second speaker could begin. We did this impart to two main reasons, one being the unsafe and overall sense of helplessness displaced on ourselves while attending the event, second being the realization that no one question could refute his entire argument without fully just questioning the ignorant logic displayed [Aberdeen High School Democrats, statement, 2016.09.28].

Much as it pains rational beings to admit that true debate is not possible, the Aberdeen HS Dems recognize that the Branstnerites will brook no honest discourse. The best response may be not toward Branstner, but toward a broader audience, in hopes of preserving Aberdeen’s good reputation and our shared American ideals:

We see no need to refute the arguments made throughout the presentation as said arguments were already falsely warranted in any grand scheme. This being said, we would like it to be known that all ideals and concepts presented at the Eagles Lodge and the, roughly, 300 people in attendance does not represent our great town as a whole and their ideals. We the Aberdeen High School Democrats will stand to show all that Aberdeen has much opposition to these beliefs as a whole [AHSD, 2016.09.28].

I hope Aberdonians young and old will continue to seek the proper, civil response to ignorance and xenophobia in our midst.


  1. mike from iowa 2016-10-01

    Let’s see-what democratic form of gubmint allows no dissent? Besides Drumpf’s that is.

  2. Porter Lansing 2016-10-02

    At first I thought the young Dems should get their own volunteer, adult, military style security team to accompany them. They should sit where they want and say what they want and not be ushered in or out by any of these radicalized haters. But what would be the point of pitting two groups face to face with the possibility of violence escalated? Not much benefit in the long run. The mission is to promote public ridicule of Branstner’s Bullies not pound them into the street. W.W.G.D.? (what would Ghandi do?) ~ “An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

  3. ddb 2016-10-02

    They write better (more valid material) than the Aberdeen American News. However, they require a repeat of basic grammar courses. A dictionary might be helpful as well. Must be the new common core strategy.

    That aside, this immigration issue only deals with political parties so far as politicians going for a vote grab. The real citizens of the country who are speaking out are from various political affiliations. It is not a partisan issue for them. Three political bumper stickers in a parking lot of over 200 cars does not a Trump rally make. The people were escorted from the event because they were heckling and behaving like the typical radical protestors that have been seen at the political rallies throughout the country all year. Disrupters were expected at the event and intercepted before they could cause trouble. Nothing wrong with that. Private security, as well as law enforcement, were present in anticipation and things were handled appropriately. The only thing hurt was some people’s pride and feelings because they were outmanoeuvred.

    Also, you imply that they received special invitations to the event. They did not. It was an open event that was advertised. They were kindly invited to sit up front so that they could be addressed. They were not forced to sit anywhere. Again, they were graciously invited to the front row if they chose. They could have sat anywhere, but they smugly thought this would position them in the best place to be disruptive. That did not work out for them. At no time were they in an unsafe situation. Law enforcement was available to keep all safe.

    They argue that they have freedom of expression. Other people also have freedom of expression. The price of freedom of speech/expression is that you have to hear some things you don’t agree with as well. The event sponsors have the right and responsibility to keep attendees safe. Removing hecklers and troublemakers is an effective way to do that.

    You argue ignorance and xenophobia. Perhaps that also fits those that are afraid of people who speak out against corruption and lies. Terrified to hear others and let others have a voice. Intolerance to those that have asked valid questions and labelling them racists, bigots, xenophobes, incorrigibles, and demagogues because the accusers are too intellectually lazy to engage in a real conversation equates to ignorance and hate. Or perhaps they have no argument to present. Or they are trying to avoid answering questions because they have something to hide.

    All I see from the accusers and disrupters is name calling and sarcasm. No real discussion. No facts. No solutions. Perhaps when they begin to behave like individuals that want to have a real conversation rather than disrupt and bait, they will be taken more seriously.

    I certainly hope that these young individuals will be taught better going forward. A society that can only kick and scream and whine when they do not get their way instead of being productive, especially when they have no idea what they are fighting for, is a society in shambles. They need more effective role models. Taking action does not mean name calling and intolerance and disruption, it means having a plan and having discussions that others participate in constructively. They can have their own event with their own discussions and I am sure not one of those “radical” and “dangerous” people from Ron’s event will show up and bother them. I am not sure why it would be considered productive or appropriate to disrupt and interrupt other people’s discussions. That is simply rude and uncalled for. Raise your hand, ask your question or make a quick statement without fanfare and drama, then open your ears and listen in order to participate in a conversation. That is how progress happens.

    Rather than the Alternative Right, it truly appears that the “rathole of hate” runs infinitely deep with the Altered Left.

  4. ele 2016-10-02

    Thanks Porter for setting the record straight.

  5. ele 2016-10-02

    Let’s try this again as I didn’t see it posted.
    BTW If anyone of the people of Aberdeen feel threatened by Islamophobia or Xenophobia you’re all welcome to come to Missoula Montana. Look at what we have.
    (92) Racial Justice Teach-In: Telling the Immigration Story
    Refugees in the US: Montana-based group call for refugee resettlement – Al Jazeera Video–/5146798624001
    More from our “welcoming city” We now have a BLM group
    Rally on UM campus brings attention to police brutality, water rights | Local |
    and this:
    Missoulians (74) Standing Alongside America’s Muslims – SALAM

    And please don’t let the affordable housing shortage stop you(or available employment). I believe IRC is diligently working on both. ” Missoula is the first MT city to have refugee families coming in. Recently it’s been reported that there is no housing available so the first family from Congo is living in temp facilities. At the time, all the needs for this family of 6 (and the 4 other families due by end of Sept) can’t or may not be met or provided for within Missoula on a permanent basis. Missoula Refugees face housing issues

  6. Porter Lansing 2016-10-02

    Middle Eastern immigrants are here. Branstners Bullies are the ones not getting their way. Branstners Bullies are the ones doing the kicking, screaming and whining. Maybe Branstners Bullies society is in shambles but Young Dems society is progressing quite well. Branstners Bullies are behaving in a ridiculous manner and the Young Dems mission is to fully ridicule and confound their every radicalized effort. On with the show.

  7. Porter Lansing 2016-10-02

    Love ❤️ Missoula and the pride they deserve. It’s no wonder radicalized haters live in societal shambles. Missoula gives energy to immigrants and Missoula has a reason to thrive. Branstners Bullies give fear and lies and beg for your money. Don’t you think that’s what it’s all about? Making people afraid so they’ll pay for Ron Branstner’s lifestyle?

  8. Darin Larson 2016-10-02

    ddb says: “A society that can only kick and scream and whine when they do not get their way instead of being productive, especially when they have no idea what they are fighting for, is a society in shambles. They need more effective role models.”

    Are these the role models of which you speak?

  9. Widerstandfahig 2017-01-01

    I was studying dark money electioneering, corporate and private foundations anonymously bankrolling campaigns through single issues like Anti-immigration when I came upon your blog. Donors Trust, Scaife Foundation, Bradley Foundation, Sheldon Adelson, John Menards, Hobby Lobby, Koch Brothers are bankrolling ACT! For America, Center For Security Policy and people like Ron Brantsner. This type of public relations electioneering is called Astroturf, (Fake Grassroots) Anonymously bankrolling 501c3 nonpolitical nonprofits that are actually political fronts is currently legal due to precedent like John Doe Vs. Scott Walker and Citizens United. Good luck and goodspeed.

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