Tupper Captures Essence of Trump Campaign in Fake Biker for Trump

Seth Tupper practices real journalism at the Sturgis Rally and unearths a brilliant cameo of the grand deception of Trumpism.

Tupper talked last week to Chris Cox, the founder of “Bikers for Trump.” Tupper asks a few straight questions, looks up a few documents, and learns that…

  1. Cox trademarked “Bikers for Trump” and incorporated it not as a PAC or non-profit but an LLC in Delaware;
  2. Contrary to implications on his website and a statement from one of his Rally workers, Cox does not appear to send proceeds of his Trump gear sales to the Trump campaign;
  3. Cox thinks his lack of financial accountability is a good thing;
  4. Cox affects an everyman persona but comes from a politically connected and apparently wealthy family;
  5. Cox does not own a motorcycle.

Tupper focuses on getting the facts and Cox’s own words on the record, but he slips this one brilliant observation into this article:

…Cox may be a bit like Trump — a driven opportunist who has crafted and benefited from a man-of-the-people persona [Seth Tupper, “Bikers for Trump, or Bikers for Personal Profit?Rapid City Journal, updated 2016.08.17].

Chris Cox isn’t really fundraising for a political movement; he’s cashing in on a name and a moment. Likewise the man on whose name Cox is capitalizing: Donald Trump isn’t really running for President; he’s playing out the game he teased in 1988, 1999, and 2011, a game whose current round metastasized from an effort to avenge his bruised ego. The Trump campaign is not about winning the White House, let alone figuring out what constructive or even coherent policies to implement therefrom (Dennis, seriously, you know this). The Trump campaign and its remoras and pilot fish are working simply to put Trump’s name everywhere, especially in your head, and separate more fools from their money.

6 Responses to Tupper Captures Essence of Trump Campaign in Fake Biker for Trump

  1. Trump has sent his signals to Russian officials that he’s ready to do business with them. If Trump is able to launder some money for crooked Ruskie bureaucrats and put up a building in Moscow he’ll consider this campaign a win. That’s all he really wants, folks. He’s been wanting to do business with Russia for years, and with Paul Manafort vouching for him he may just get that done.

  2. Darin Larson

    This guy is a mini-me for The Donald, but The Donald reminds us that everyone else is playing for second once again:

    “According to the article [from the New York Times], the state fought in court to collect overdue taxes, which had grown to nearly $30 million – but after Christie, a Republican and Trump ally, took office, the state in 2011 accepted a $5 million settlement.”


    Trump skated on $25 million that his casinos owed the state of New Jersey shortly after Chris Christie takes office as Governor. How is this not bigger news?

    Being Trump means never having to pay what you owe even if it is owed to a state department of revenue. Do you think they would have settled for 16 cents on the dollar if it was a mom and pop small business that owed the money?

  3. ROrschach @16:54 IVanka is vacationing in Croatia with wendy deng Murdoch, Rupert murdoch’s ex and Putin’s rumored new girlfriend, … Thinking the PR has begun with working with Russia ….

  4. Roger Cornelius

    If Donald Trump gets wind of Chris Cox capitalizing on the Trump trademark, he’d probably file one of his notorious lawsuits to stop Cox.

  5. Roger Cornelius

    There don’t seem to be anybody wearing Trump T-shirts or other of his junk.

  6. Douglas Wiken

    Police report finding a man’s body in the River Hudson. The dead man’s name will not be
    released until his family has been notified.The victim apparently drowned and was wearing black fishnet stockings, a red garter belt, a pink G-string, a strap-on dildo, purple lipstick, and a ‘Trump for President’ T-shirt. He also had a cucumber in his rectum.

    The police removed the Trump T-shirt to spare his family any unnecessary embarrassment. In spite of what we sometimes think, the Police do care!