Britton Constituents Hide from Khaki Cowboy Thune

John Thune hasn’t found the courage to distance himself from Donald Trump, but some Britton workers apparently tried to keep their distance from Thune:

On a tour of the Marshall County Health Care Center — which houses a hospital, clinic and assisted-living facility — Thune made sure to chat with nurses, patients and anyone else he happened to encounter.

The same thing happened at R and D Welding and Repair, which was celebrating the grand opening of its new building. When some of the employees tried to hide, Thune sought them out and made sure to say hi [Katherine Grandstrand, “Thune Makes the Rounds in Britton,” Aberdeen American News, 2016.08.10].

Providing visual detail to help readers engage with the piece’s subject, Granstrand notes that Thune wore “a crisp white shirt, khakis and a pair of cowboy boots” that seemingly rendered him “ready for whatever the day offered.” I have to ask: if you’re wearing khakis, are those boots really still cowboy?

12 Responses to Britton Constituents Hide from Khaki Cowboy Thune

  1. Darn it Cory, I was expecting to see a photo.
    Ya gotta play cowboy when you come back from the big city.

  2. That’s our boy, ready for ANY photo op!

  3. mike from iowa

    Rumour had it that cowboys wear sneakers so people don’t confuse them with truckers.

    Marlboro Barbie wears khaki and boots his horse will disown him. Prolly already does if it has horse sense.

  4. Let’s expand on “hiding” just a little bit. Maybe they were refusing to participate in the heavily scripted, screened, only civilized people invited event that passes for congressional visits these days. Maybe they had better things to do than being a bit part actor in the Senator’s script for the day, like do their job or eat their lunch in peace. Maybe they suffer from bouts of high blood pressure or depression easily triggered by encounters with plastic public officials. How do you look pretty boy Senator in the face without asking him what the hell he’s doing to keep our country from going down the tubes besides playing party politics? If he had the brains God and his good Murdo upbringing gave him, there’s no way he could live with himself playing the part he’s playing these days. Local involuntarily drafted bit part players have no obligation to help him do that. Endorsing Trump? Allowing the Senate to keep one branch (no: two) of our government on hold until hell freezes over? Cavorting around home on summer recess while the Zika virus spreads for lack of Congressional attention? But since that’s not in the script…Really, Cory: give the Britton people a little more credit.

  5. Toss some shrimp on the barbie, Thune has gone Aussie. Thune, the man from snow job river.

  6. bearcreekbat

    Great post irads1!

  7. Irads1 wins the day!

  8. Jenny, ask and ye shall receive. Here you go, from Senator Thune’s Twitter account:


    lrads1, I will happily give the people of Britton that credit. I’d enjoy hearing from some of those hiders that Thune sought out.

  9. thune is an empty shirt. best wishes, Jay. He is a QUALITY candidate that deserves to win this election. He has more potential as a candidate than Thune has a supposed DC veteran.

  10. John Thune ought to know that “If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.” – Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanack

  11. John Wrede

    Take a hard look at the boots…….. There isn’t a self respecting cowboy anywhere in the west that would get caught dead in a pair of boots with squared toes. Pretty hard to fit those clod hoppers into the stirrups hanging on a saddle horse. Them aint cowboy boots pardner, them is motorcicle ridin boots. Any bet’s there’s a bit of pork grease on that Sturgis 2016 T shirt underneath that starched white surrender flag.

  12. Darrell Solberg

    The difference between Thune’s boots and those of a true cowboy, with the cowboy’s the manure is on the outside!!!!