Hoffman, Trzynka Back Clinton; Hubbel Stumbles in Trump Stump

USA Today has dueling features on supporters of the two major-party Presidential nominees in every state. Who speaks up from South Dakota?

Lincoln County Democratic chairman Brett Hoffman straightforwardly endorses Hillary Clinton’s experience and vision:

Hillary is a candidate who has a tremendous wealth of experience, as First Lady, as senator from New York, as Secretary of State. She has an ambitious and positive policy agenda for the U.S. and, as a new father, you try to think about what you want your child to inherit from you in their country and I see her vision as the one that I want my child to grow up in [Brett Hoffman, in “Clinton Nation,” USA Today, August 2016].

Joining Hoffman in endorsing Clinton is the man with the best Scrabble® name in South Dakota, Sioux Falls attorney Bob Trzynka:

I think the thing that I find most attractive about Hillary Clinton for this election is the fact that she has the experience, the knowledge, and the aptitude to take on a job as challenging as the President of the United States. We’re at a critical crossroads, to a certain extent, in where we move forward and where we sit in the world and we need a leader who has demonstrated the ability and the experience to handle the various minefields associated with the modern world. Hillary has done that [Bob Trzynka, in “Clinton Nation,” USA Today, August 2016].

Trzynka’s mom Judy was a delegate to this year’s Republican National ConventionUSA Today missed a chance for a nice mother-son discussion of the relative merits of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Instead, they found Sioux Falls conservative Lora Hubbel to speak up from South Dakota on Trump. Her endorsement of Trump seems far less direct than what Trzynka and Hoffman say about Clinton:

I am intrigued by him, I represent the religious right, I am a born-again Christian and a conservative, and that is kind of how I vote, usually. He doesn’t necessarily fit that bill, but the last one who did was Jimmy Carter, so him being the second-worst president, you know, behind our current one, maybe you don’t always want, you know, what you think you want. So that is why I was kinda open to Donald Trump. I have taken his courses, I love the messages behind his courses. They are very difficult and he actually expects people to do what he says [Lora Hubbel, in “Trump Nation,” USA Today, August 2016].

If I’m reading that right, Hubbel is rejecting the notion that godly candidates are automatically good candidates… although she’s also propounding the glorious contradiction that evangelical Christians need to vote for Donald Trump specifically because he is not an evangelical Christian. And while Hoffman and Trzynka point to real policy experience, the best Hubbel can offer is an endorsement of “his” dubious courses and an affirmation of his autocratic tendencies.

Three voices from the Minne-Linc metroplex are far from a rigorous sample of South Dakota opinion on the Presidential race. But the endorsements presented suggest the weakness of the case for Trump and the cause Clinton may have to launch the fifty-state strategy and wage at least a diversionary skirmish in South Dakota.

11 Responses to Hoffman, Trzynka Back Clinton; Hubbel Stumbles in Trump Stump

  1. mike from iowa

    Hubbel better hang on to her day job. She ain’t gonna make it as a comedian. Only in Wingutsville can we find people who are this seriously deranged about what constitutes a good Potus. Wingnuts will never know since they have forgotten Dwight D. Carter was one of the first victims of right wing dirty tricks. He never claimed to know everything and was simply a simple human being with a nukular scientists brain who did his best for America. Unlike the last five war criminals on the wingnut side of the ledger who did their best to destroy everything America ever stood for.

  2. I knew Hubbel was disconnected from reality, but to suggest our current President is the worst President in all of US history is a whole new level of ignorance.

    A self-proclaimed born-again Christian surely can’t fault him for his desire to put more people on healthcare (I’m not an expert of Jesus, but I assume he would want his flock to be healthy), so it sort of makes you wonder where her views originate from. Maybe she is just a really big fan of Hobby Lobby.

    Obama hasn’t started any more wars – he has improved the economy, fought for equal rights for ALL citizens, oversaw the capture and death of Bin Laden, saved the auto industry, has a record number of months of consecutive job growth and is one of two Presidents to decrease the deficit in the last 50 years. Yes – a real horrible track record there.

  3. Robin Friday

    Hubbel’s comment: Ugggghhhh.

  4. Darin Larson

    Hubble says “maybe you don’t always want, you know, what you think you want. So that is why I was kinda open to Donald Trump. I have taken his courses, I love the messages behind his courses. They are very difficult and he actually expects people to do what he says.”

    So, by her logic, shouldn’t she be voting for Hillary because that is the person that she doesn’t want. Otherwise, is she saying she would vote for Clinton, but she is doing the opposite and voting for Trump. I think she is in bizarro world where up is down and right is wrong.

    She seems to be a proud Trump University grad. Maybe, Trump can have her testify in the lawsuits for him. She could say “maybe you don’t always want a good education even though you think you do want a good education.” Maybe, she could testify that being a winner is better than getting a good education.

    I’m pleased that Ms. Hubble supports Trump because that validates my world view of Trump and Hubble as peas in a pod.

    My world view is also reassured by this:
    “An open letter released on Monday and signed by 50 fixtures from decades of Republican Pentagons, state departments, White Houses and treasuries rejected Trump’s “alarming ignorance” of basic international affairs, his competence at understanding US national interests and his temperament.”

    “From a foreign policy perspective, Donald Trump is not qualified to be president and commander-in-chief,” states the letter, which was first reported by the New York Times and includes several top aides from the George W Bush administration.

    “Indeed, we are convinced that he would be a dangerous president and would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being.”


  5. mike from iowa

    Drumpf dismissed the letter from foreign policy experts, saying he wasn’t going to hire them and they wrote the letter because of that.

  6. Darin Larson

    Holy cow! Just when you think Trump can’t possibly top his stupid and dangerous commentary he implies that Clinton could be assassinated to stop her from appointing anti-second amendment Supreme Court Justices.

    Donald Trump set off a fierce new controversy Tuesday with remarks about the right to bear arms that were interpreted by many as a threat of violence against Hillary Clinton.

    “Hillary wants to abolish — essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know,” Trump said.


    The former head of the CIA, retired Gen. Michael Hayden, told CNN’s Jake Tapper: “If someone else had said that said outside the hall, he’d be in the back of a police wagon now with the Secret Service questioning him.”

    Maybe Hubble can explain this for us.

  7. Darin Larson

    More on Trump from NBC news:

    It’s not the first time suggestions of violence have become part of the campaign. Last month, the Secret Service said it was investigating New Hampshire State Sen. Al Baldasaro, who serves as an adviser for Trump’s campaign on veteran’s issues, after he called for Clinton to be executed for “treason” related to her use of a private email server.

    A Trump spokesperson said the candidate did not agree with those statements. Still, Baldasaro received a shout-out from the candidate at a campaign event last weekend.

    Sopan Deb ✔ @SopanDeb
    Trump shouts out Al Baldasero, who once called for HRC to be shot & pushed Khizr Khan being an agent for the Muslim Brotherhood.


  8. Roger Cornelius

    Cory, you’re too kind to Lora in your title, Lora didn’t stumble, she fell flat on her face. It would be embarrassing for me to give such a disjointed answer like that in the national media.
    In all the presidential elections I’ve endured over my years this is absolutely the scariest one I have encountered.
    There was a measure of entertainment with Trump’s candidacy until recently, he does seem to becoming unhinged and there is nothing entertaining about that.
    There was an all to true comment on Facebook where the writer said, “Give Donald Trump the nuclear code, hell, I wouldn’t give him my Netflix password.”

  9. mike from iowa

    Meanwhile, out Californy way- On July 5, a blogger who goes by the alias “The Real Right Winger” wrote a post characterizing the legislators as “tyrants” and “legisexuals” for passing laws that the author criticized for thwarting the rights of gun owners. Among them is a law creating a registry to track ammunition sales throughout the state.

    The blogger retaliated by posting a “tyrant registry” of 14 senators and 26 Assembly members who voted to approve the gun laws, saying the people listed could be removed in only two ways: by repealing the laws, or by dying.

    Read more at http://wonkette.com/605336/california-gun-group-very-upset-it-cant-tell-you-exactly-where-state-legislators-live-so-you-can-visit#YhPIO6iEl0GRkxRw.99

  10. So according to Hubbel, even “Godliness” cannot overcome “Democratness?”

  11. Roger uses the right word: disjointed. All of us looking for logic in the statements of Trump hangers-on are looking for unicorns. Clinton supporters can make a logical case for her Presidency. Trump supporters are reduced to contorted excuses, diversionary attacks, and outright falsehoods.