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Williams and the Other HRC Campaign at Oglala Lakota Nation Wacipi Saturday

In more Indian-friendly news, Henry Red Cloud and Jay Williams are campaigning together this weekend. The Democratic Public Utilities Commission and U.S. Senate candidates will march together in the Grand Procession at the 31st Annual Oglala Lakota Nation Wacipi Saturday evening in Pine Ridge. Williams will also tour the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center on Sunday.

Candidate Williams offers praise for Red Cloud’s practical efforts to promote renewable energy on the reservation:

I am looking forward to visiting the Pine Ridge Reservation and joining in the Grand Procession with Henry Red Cloud on Saturday. Henry is a visionary leader who is leading the way for our country in the transition from fossil fuel energy to clean renewable energy. Henry’s solar energy company provides Native Americans with solar energy systems. Henry’s in-depth knowledge of solar energy systems brings a new dimension to the Public Utilities Commission. South Dakota is fortunate to have a man of Mr. Red Cloud’s stature running to serve on the PUC. With the extraordinary warming of our planet which scientists agree is a result of man’s use of fossil fuel energy, it is imperative that we move away from fossil fuel energy and Henry Red Cloud is leading the way [Jay Williams, press releases, 2016.08.04].

Williams is all about getting off fossil fuels; Red Cloud’s renewable energy efforts are crucial to that goal.

Speaking of Democratic synergy, as he touts clean energy, Red Cloud is looking for some up-ticket synergy with our Presidential nominee:

If we had been systematically working to support renewable energy and building the infrastructure, we would be poised to become a world class producer of clean energy. South Dakota has great minds and business people. We have outstanding solar and wind resources.

But we haven’t been making the investment in the future. Instead we are putting our farmers, ranchers and tribes at risk. Their health…their children’s health should be all of our concern. Let’s make the transition to a better future and stop forcing our farmers, ranchers and tribes to accept ever more pipelines that split our lands and leave the oil spill liabilities on our land owners!.

VOTE for the OTHER HRC – Henry Red Cloud! [Henry Red Cloud, Facebook post, 2016.08.03]

The other HRC—Dems, you gotta love that!


  1. Robert McTaggart 2016-08-07

    The reduction of fossil fuels in the transporation sector either means an intent to power vehicles by electricity, or the use of clean energy to process alternative liquid fuels, such as biofuels or hydrogen.

    The infrastructure does not exist to do that today on a commercial basis. We are not ready to provide the additional energy that is necessary, and the public at large is not going to afford the vehicles that take advantage of those alternative fuel sources.

    I am not a fan of trying to do everything with wind and solar, but I am a fan of maximizing their contribution by taking advantage of their true nature. It would not be bad at all to help recharge electric cars or process alternative liquid fuels whenever solar and wind were available, as that would bypass any issues with intermittency.

    Instead of listening to the soapbox speeches about the pipelines, I would rather hear more about the plans for alternative infrastructure to displace fossil fuels in transportation, how to actually provide the power we will use every day throughout the year, and how much it will cost.

  2. Douglas Wiken 2016-08-07

    We just got a promotion of solar power that claimed they were interested in renting up to 160 acres near a 3-phase powerline and claiming they were willing to pay something like $100,000 per year for up to 40 years. I am wondering if anybody knows anything about this or if it is even a legitimate business.

  3. leslie 2016-08-23

    Iowa State Bank I notice uses noticeable substantial solar panels through out the state I assume.

    these don’t appear to be $70 Million glass 5 story view shed blocking air conditioned buildings like BLACK HILLS ENERGY’s new corporate headquarters looking up at BLACK ELK PEAK on the way to Mt. Rushmore. Too bad BHE wouldn’t be caught dead setting a solar energy example for this state on its new TIF building site. (Yes, grudz, I know BHE’s CEO is a CRST member)

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