Heidelberger on KELO Radio with Greg Belfrage This Morning 8:40!

If I were half as good at getting on Aberdeen radio as I am at getting on Sioux Falls radio, I’d be elected by now. ;-)

Greg Belfrage, KELO Radio
Greg Belfrage and I both go for the talkative, short-hair-and-whiskers demographic.

Last week Rick Knobe invited me to speak on KSOO about our statewide ballot measures; this morning, KELO AM 1320 gives me another opportunity to fill the Sioux Falls airwaves with more talk about initiatives and referenda. Greg Belfrage will have me on at 8:40 Central to talk about however many ballot measures we can fit into the final segment of his show, just in time for everyone to take our conversation to their office water coolers.

And mark your radio calendars: if I don’t get in trouble this morning, Belfrage is inviting me back to the airwaves Friday, July 22, to offer a post-mortem on the Republican National Convention and on Republican Presidential nominee (this is still a bad dream, right? a Mirror-Universe episode of Star Trek?) Donald Trump’s acceptance speech.

Listen on air or online.

Update 9:35 CDT: James Nord of the Associated Press listened to Greg and me and thought it was a good discussion:

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 9.35.07

If you missed the program, keep an eye on the Greg Belfrage Show podcast page—he just might archive our audio online!

Update 12:36 CDT: Whoo-hoo! New producer Todd Epp has my conversation with Belfrage online. Listen to the podcast and see what you think!

8 Responses to Heidelberger on KELO Radio with Greg Belfrage This Morning 8:40!

  1. no way he could debate you.

  2. Hey, Mose! I don’t need a debate when I can get a good conversation.

    But if Belfrage would ever like to host a debate between me and, say, David Novstrup on the youth minimum wage, or Sen. Ernie Otten on the Incumbent Protection Plan (he forwarded some of the unpleasant amendments), or Al Novstrup on our District 3 race, I’m game!

  3. Outstanding interview Cory!

  4. Thanks, Adam! Maybe radio is my forte… where people can’t see me waving my arms. ;-)

  5. Cory, body language is very important, and I like yours.

  6. Thanks again, Adam! We should do a test sometime: have me do an in-studio interview with Belfrage or Knobe, record it on video, present the audio to 100 listeners and the video to 100 viewers and see which group gives the most favorable reaction.

  7. Mike Kokenge SR

    Every once in a while I check the belfrage podcasts to see if he has anything of interest to listen to. I will listen to perhaps one in ten to get a feel for how far off the rails this guy goes. I did listen to your segment Cory. Very good job. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why belfrage does not have a liberal voice as a co-host. It could do wonders for his ratings. Right now all he’s doing is preaching to a very far right choir. He bloviates on talking points given to him straight from his faux news updates. Knobe, a decade ago had a liberal co-host, Randy McDaniels, who made that show interesting. When McDaniels left VPU, so did I, and so did a lot of others I suspect. You would make a great point, counter point to the airbag known as belfrage, and I would become a daily listener.

  8. Thanks, Mike! Pass that comment on to KELO-AM management—I’d be happy to have a regular role on the airwaves (and maybe even make some grocery money doing it!).

    As you noticed, my conversation with Greg wasn’t conservative or liberal gas-baggery. It was two reasonably informed South Dakotans talking about real South Dakota issues. There are certainly ideological/partisan angles to the stories of the ballot measures (and notice that when I pointed out the Republicans’ responsibility for turning Referred Law 19 into an attack on voters, Belfrage did not try to correct me with any sort of spin that would switch blame to Democrats), but for the most part, ballot measures allow us to focus on policy rather than party politics or labels.