Sanders Endorses Clinton on Policy… the Way Endorsements Should Be

Senator Bernie Sanders brought the last two months of his bridge-building and platform-wrangling to their expected, logical conclusion: he said, in so many words, “I am endorsing Hillary Clinton” and told us why his supporters need to abandon any sour-grapes Fox-News-nattering loserism and get on board with electing the first woman President, fighting the tyranny of the Trumpist GOP, and forwarding the revolution.

Here’s the video of Sanders and Clinton together at the rally today in Portsmouth, new Hampshire, giving an endorsement that revolves, as it ought, entirely around the policy outcomes the two viable Presidential candidates offer:

Highlights from the transcript:

Together, we have begun a political revolution to transform America and that revolution continues. Together, we continue the fight to create a government which represents all of us, and not just the one percent – a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial and environmental justice [Senator Bernie Sanders, speech, Portsmouth, NH, 2016.07.12].

No matter how much some of us may not like Hillary Clinton, she has still dedicated her life to public service. Donald Trump has no inclination to public service. Trump is the One Percent personified: born into wealth, utterly self-absorbed, heedless of the poor or anyone else.

Hillary Clinton understands that we must fix an economy in America that is rigged and that sends almost all new wealth and income to the top one percent. Hillary Clinton understands that if someone in America works 40 hours a week, that person should not be living in poverty.

She believes that we should raise the minimum wage to a living wage. And she wants to create millions of new jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. – our roads, bridges, water systems and wastewater plants.

But her opponent – Donald Trump – well, he has a very different view. He believes that states should have the right to lower the minimum wage or even abolish the concept of the minimum wage altogether. If Donald Trump is elected, we will see no increase in the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour – a starvation wage [Sanders, 2016.07.12].

Senator Sanders says Clinton’s support for the 99% goes far beyond the minimum wage question. Clinton supports the public option to expand coverage and reduce health care costs; Trump wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act and strip millions of affordable insurance. Clinton wants a more progressive tax code that closes loopholes for billionaires, corporations, and hedge fund managers; Trump wants to give his rich peers more tax breaks and explode the national debt by $11.5 trillion. Clinton wants to get serious about climate change; Trump says science is a hoax and wants to burn more fossil fuels.

Most importantly, Trump rejects the American motto of e pluribus unum; Clinton supports it:

In these stressful times for our country, this election must be about bringing our people together, not dividing us up. While Donald Trump is busy insulting Mexicans, Muslims, women, African Americans and veterans, Hillary Clinton understands that our diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

Yes. We become stronger when black and white, Latino, Asian American, Native American – all of us – stand together. Yes. We become stronger when men and women, young and old, gay and straight, native born and immigrant fight to rid this country of all forms of bigotry [Sanders, 2016.07.12].

Senator Sanders spends not one sentence of his speech talking about e-mails or lawsuits or bankruptcies or scandals. As he has throughout his campaign, he looks at the policy options laid out before us, and he makes a powerful case that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party offer policies far superior to those of Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Senator Sanders makes clear that we Berniecrats have one practical option: if we want to put someone in the White House who will fight for the policies and the principles that made us vote for Bernie Sanders, we must in November vote for Hillary Clinton.

Related Polling: Never assume victory. Always run as if you’re behind.

That said, in a survey conducted from June 15 through June 26, Pew Research finds that Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump 51% to 42%. Those nine points are a larger spread than Barack Obama had over Mitt Romney in June 2012 (four points) and over John McCain in June 2008 (eight points). Trump wins among men 49–43, but Clinton wins bigger among women 59–35. Trump wins among whites 51–42, but Clinton creams him among blacks 91–7 and among Hispanics 66–24. The only age group going for Trump is the 65-and-over crowd 49–46. The old folks favored Romney and McCain over Obama by larger margins.

99 Responses to Sanders Endorses Clinton on Policy… the Way Endorsements Should Be

  1. sanders sold out dudes. big companys won

  2. I do like Bernie

  3. MK, I like Bernie, too. Millions of people like Bernie. Folks who just spent a year contending that Bernie was wise and moral enough to be President who now want to discount his wise and moral recommendation that we all vote for Hillary requires some serious mental contortions.

  4. Sanders sold out… for what? getting 80% of his agenda written into the national platform of a party from which he held himself at arm’s length for decades and in which many establishment leaders considered him an outsider threatening their ordained order?

  5. Don Coyote

    FYI. E pluribus unum symbolizes the joining of the original thirteen States into a single entity, the Union. Charles Thomson, the designer, selected e pluribus unum partly because the phrase had thirteen letters symbolizing the original thirteen states and stated as much. I can accept stretching the symbolism to mean that all 50 states are joined as one, however rhapsodizing that the motto is about “bringing people together, not dividing us up” and that will “rid this country of all forms of bigotry” reeks of rank historical presentism.

  6. The way it looks to me is that we almost have the complete platform that we wanted! Thank you Mr. Bernie! BTW, that platform is huuuuuge. I still don’t care to much for Hillary, but what the hell, we damn sure won’t get anything like that platform with Trump. Looks like the only thing with Trump and tall Trump (Thune) is the same bull—- we have been hearing forever, more tax cuts for Rounds and the rest of the rich crooks and liars. Now lets work on getting the SDDP changed as well, they must go for the crappy job they have done for a decade or thrice. When the apple tree does not produce, you prune the branches. I hope the tree can be saved, but we will not be able to if they are allowed to keep on doing what they are failing at.

  7. James Sanden

    If we don’t support the best of the worst we will certainly get the worst of the worst.

  8. Ewww, I’m definitely not voting for Hillary. I think there will be many liberals that will be leaving it blank.

  9. Look at his facial features, he can barely crack a smile having to stand there next to her. :(
    Sanders knows the presidential election doesn’t mean a damn thing now. Who want to guess when and where the next war will be?

  10. Richard Schriever

    Jenny, that has been Bernie’s typical physical presentation throughout.

  11. Jenny, consider voting for the platform itself. Think of the positive that we progressives and liberals can get out of this. I think much like you do, Hillary is flawed in many ways, but the platform that she will ride in on is not flawed whatsoever. There are the roads that we can achieve to make this country a much better place for all of us. Think of the platform! These things can be done with the right congress and the will of the people.

  12. “Ewww, I’m definitely not voting for Hillary. I think there will be many liberals that will be leaving it blank.”

    Enjoy Trump, then.

  13. jenny mor pepole I talk to at werk n other places tel me thay are votin fer gary Johnson or jill stein. thay wont vote fer bilary or trump. pepole sick of war n gettin screwed ovor!!!!!

  14. how was you sheep, kris?
    Cory, please! I beg you to block kris. I’m not able to enjoy your blog anymore

  15. Coyote, the words of the Founders were more powerful and more expansive than they thought. Your Scalia-like cling to a static past is ill-suited to the dynamic present.

  16. [Jenny, don’t let Kris’s feigned stoner illiteracy win. Just ignore him.]

  17. Nick Nemec

    Jenny, you live in Minnesota, a state where your refusal to vote for Clinton against your own best interests might be critical. If you still lived in South Dakota you could afford a protest non-vote.

  18. Screw pragmatism! Burn it all down! Give it to Trump, ON PRINCIPLE! Pretty awesome principles you got, Jen.

  19. [CAH edit: Kris: pause to edit your comment, please. It takes you longer to try to figure out a fake bad spelling for “over” than to just type the word correctly. Your rife misspellings get in the way of conveying your message.]

  20. And Jenny, come on, when does Sanders ever crack a smile? Aside from when sparrows land on his lectern, Sanders always comes across as focused and serious.

  21. [CAH edit: Kris: pause to edit your comment, please. It takes you longer to try to figure out a fake bad spelling for “over” than to just type the word correctly. Your rife misspellings get in the way of conveying your message.]

    wha? how?

  22. You cannot smile and be the “amendment king”. Sanders shows that by having a poker face, you can get important stuff done like winning your positions. Make no mistake, Sanders may have lost the nomination, but he showed progressives how to get stuff done without the support of the big boys. He now says to throw support to Hillary. Who am I to deny a man that I respect, I shall follow his sage advice.

  23. I was going to be crossing party lines to vote for Bernie. Hillary allowed the ideas in, but she won’t back them, so this is just posturing and while I understand it completely, I cannot follow Bernie’s wishes and vote for Hillary. For the first time in my life, I won’t be voting for a president, not that it matters here in South Dakota especially! Election day will be a very sad day.

  24. With Clinton as President, we might see Sanders in a leadership position where his message can have a positive impact. I also assume that in order for Sanders to endorse her, he was given some assurances that his movement would not end. He has made a difference – and people aren’t going to forget it.

    I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton and there were at least a half dozen others I wish were in her position right now, but I do admit all of the things I don’t like about her are minor in comparison to what Trump brings to the table. This is an important time, and 50 years from now I don’t want someone to look at our generation and wonder why we could let such a man get into a position of power. We have seen the aftermath of such inaction in the past, and I simply won’t stand by idly and pretend it doesn’t matter.

    I’m still somewhat hopeful the GOP will break into utter chaos in their convention and nominate someone other than Trump, but if that doesn’t occur then you can bet I’ll be checking the Hillary box come November. Even though I understand my vote in South Dakota may not matter, at least I’ll have a clean conscience knowing I did what I could to stop tyranny and fascism.

  25. It is my conscience that will keep from voting for Hillary and my gag reflex that will keep me from voting for Trump.

  26. [CAH edit: Kris, learn to spell. Your misspellings are not time-savers on any keyboard, full or mobile. Try this: Hank, I hear you. No way, Billary! Can’t trust her! No more wars… and she’s owned by those who have the moolah. See how much less distracting proper spelling is? Now practice and revise.]

  27. Hank, I’m glad you’re not voting for Trump. I share your sadness at finding neither Presidential candidate worth your vote. I respect your decision not to dignify either with your ballot.

    I hope you will still take the time to vote on your down-ticket races. Make your vote matter as much as possible.

  28. Roger Cornelius

    For the Clinton haters, Donald Trump refused an invitation to speak with NACCP. Is this the kind or president you want, one that won’t even bother responding a major black organization.

  29. Douglas Wiken

    Hillary aggravates me but Trump scares me. I get the impression his policy positions are determined by some randomizing system for current positions and we don’t know what is all in that randomizer or the deck of policy cards he shuffles.

    Unfortunately, it seems Hillary takes the wrong position earliest and only gets to the right position after having her tits in a wringer.

  30. dudes trump wont win. ya tryin to scare pepole not to vote for somone not bilary.

  31. Roger Cornelius

    Just as the crude racial jokes dominated Obama’s 2008 campaign, I suppose we can look forward to vulgar jokes about Hillary’s anatomy.

  32. dudes and dudettes, Trump can win, don’t bull—- yourselves. Think of the platform, that is the way forward. Think of the down ticket as forward thinking as well. If you were a hold out like yours truly, you can now see what is being put forth by the the Democrats, it is a beautiful thing man. So pull your heads out and if you still don’t wish to vote for Hillary, vote for the ones who will do a job in Washington. Vote the down ticket.

  33. Steve Sanchez

    Endorses Clinton on Policy? Disagree. Her “policy” changes as frequently as the audiences to whom she tells lies. That’s a lot. Bernie knows it. That’s why he couldn’t wipe the disgust from his face yesterday.

  34. mike from iowa

    Drumpf the brainiac is calling Notorious RBG senile and unfit to be on the Scotus.

    Vote against HRC at the nation’s peril.

  35. mike from iowa

    Judicial Watch is promising to file FOIA and lawsuits against HRC until they get every piece of paper she has ever looked at-hoping to find a crime she can be charged with. They did the same when Bill was Potus.

    Vote against HRC to the nation’s peril.

  36. Steve, Bernie always has disgust on his face. That’s one of the things that makes people trust himL we can tell he’s not faking a smile in all of his campaign speeches. He’s always showing us exactly how he feels.

    Hitler won an election. Trump can win an election. Don’t let your guard down.

    I do agree with Steve and Douglas that Hillary doesn’t really have policy positions; she triangulates, just like Bill, to pass bills and survive. But at least she is susceptible to changing her views toward ours when we put her through the wringer. Bernie put her through the wringer and got her to and the party platform to change. We will need to keep cranking that wringer through the Second Clinton Presidency. The work of democracy is never done.

  37. Steve Sanchez

    Bernie exhibited seriousness, passion and conviction during the primaries. That look yesterday was pure disgust. He endorsed Clinton because she isn’t Donald Trump.

    Because Independent voters will play a yuuge role in the general election, have you considered running one of your surveys to gauge how Bernie primary voters will vote in the general? For Hillary or not for Hillary?

  38. Steve Sanchez

    Roger, Hillary Clinton referred to black Americans as Super Predators.

  39. Sen. Bernie Sanders fought one helluva campaign against HRC. Going up against the most powerful political machine in our country, emanating from a sparsely populated state (like our South Dakota) with great passion and commitment for the needs/demands/desires of the PEOPLE, all while the entire Democratic CORPORATE establishment and mainstream media ignored/opposed him vehemently, Senator Bernie Sanders has in many ways already won this Presidential primary election, albeit not with the Democratic Party Nomination. Should the super delegates regain their sanity, which they won’t, Hillary Clinton….

    Bernie Sanders is nobody’s fool, yet I’d like to imagine he realizes the Democratic Party Establishment rides The Ship of Fools, and his immediate mission has therefore become for HRC to defeat Donald Trump….which is going to be hard, very hard! How can any Democrat/Independent not beat Donald Trump? Oh wait, our Presumptive Nominee is Hillary Clinton….one of the most uninspiring candidates ever….except for Jeb Bush. We, the Sanders Wing of the Democratic Party, now have to fight for HER….yay…go team…yay. We have to fight for HER, not us. And they accused Bernie Sanders of being selfish!

    Cory, I regret to notice that you are becoming more and more of a preacher, and a sometime insulter. What is all this impatience about? Can’t you let the good people grieve? and in their own time?

  40. I voted for Nader. I don’t know anyone today who thinks, “since Ralph Nader couldn’t be President, I’m glad we gave it to George W. Bush.”

    If I met such a person, I would have to ask them to remember the near continuous nuclear grade train wreck our country and middle east endured with the W Administration. Everything that’s wrong with the middle east right now is the W Admin’s fault, and so is far too much of what we’re still trying to repair in our own economy. For what we spent on the George W. Bush’s War on Terror, we could have fed the world for the next 80 years and built a city on the moon – and so called Christians conservatives loved it – our military blowing up all those Islams “-over there- so we don’t have to fight them over here.” The god damn Loony Tunes were running our Federal government. I fear this happening again 4,000% more than I fear any harm that Hillary could ever do as President. Trump might just be as stupid and crazy in a similar enough way to George W. Bush to surround himself with madmen if President.

    I was a true victim of torture by the W Admin. It was psychological torture as I was younger and trying to figure out how politics works in my country, and world, and it was a damn horror show.

    When I watch old clips of Rumsfeld, Cheney, W himself, and the like, they nauseate, anger and sadden me today just as they did 15 years ago. My age and ‘maturity’ today does not seem to change my view of their dumbassery back then.

    Fellow Bernie supporters, I just really feel that if you lived through that crazy ——- Republican Presidency, you would wish everything in the world to stop another one. A self aggrandizing dumbass President can do incredible amounts of harm. I very much believe that WE ALL make far less money today than if Al Gore had just beaten W – it was so close.

    I don’t deserve Trump, you don’t deserve Trump, but the GOP – they do deserve Trump stomping all over their party and getting his ass beat – by us.

  41. AND we killed 1 million + people on the other side of the world – for the love of God – under last Republican President! – Noteworthy in itself.

  42. Adam, take a breath. Within our Constitution we have separation of powers/checks and balances. Please do not compare the campaign of Bernie Sanders to or with that of Ralph Nader…..really, the circumstances/bio are not the same at all, nor are the times….try as you or others might. Bernie Sanders actually won many states in a Democratic primary! A lot of States!

    False Equivalencies are pervasive! Stop making them, or else maybe you do deserve President Trump.

  43. I am really trying more to compare George W. Bush to Donald Trump.

  44. And I am comparing today’s Green Party candidate to Ralph Nader without mention.

  45. Steve Sibson

    “For what we spent on the George W. Bush’s War on Terror”

    Hillary voted for it, Sanders voted against it. There is very little difference between the Clintons and the Bushs.

  46. She made millions as sec. of state, winning the presidency will bring in billions for her family.
    For a family that doesn’t own a business or sell any product that is one heck of an accomplishment.

  47. As a progressive Bernie follower and supporter (still), I will follow the direction of the man I choose to respect. Why I choose Bernie was his ideas for change and I see that the Democrats have adopted those changes in the platform. I may not get to vote for Bernie, but I will get to vote for the platform he endorsed. I do not care for Hillary Clinton, never have and probably never will, unless she adds even more progressive directions into her presidency.

    Regarding Trump, we just as well use one bullet from our ammo storage and end it all. The sooner the better as he and the rest of the clowns will destroy us all. So there you have it, a bullet with Trump or a ballot with Hillary, that is our medicine in the sorry state of affairs we call a country as we limp on down the road.

  48. Here is Trump and the rest of the fascist’s platform. Sibson and Nelson are a joyous as a 13 year old seeing his first nudie picture.
    After throwing up, you can easily see that even with her warts, Hillary beats the hell out what we could expect with yet another republican train wreck.

  49. Steve Sibson

    jerry, platforms are just feel good BS for the deceived.

  50. mike from iowa

    Greg-you got proof of your claims that HRC made millions as SOS?

    Sibby-for the last time HRC did not vote for war- the vote was to give dumbass dubya wide latitude in handling the aftermath of 9-11. Most of congress,I believe, assumed diplomacy would be tried first, but dumbass had previous ideas.

  51. That is why this one from the Dems scares the hell out of you Sibson. You and Nelson want that bible thumping deal and that scares the hell out of me. Think of platforms rather than candidates as where the issues are, where the rubber hits the road. Any damn fool can be president (Warren Harding comes to mind). Now, think of this, if you thought the ACA had all things accomplished for healthcare in this country, you are mistaken. Here is what the Democratic platform intends to do about that.

    In our own state, thanks to Neanderthals like Daugaard, Hickey, and Nelson along with the rest of the haters (sounds like a punk polka band), we have no Medicaid Expansion. We can achieve the highest goals if we demand it to be done. Vote for the Democratic Platform!

  52. Steve Sibson

    jerry, the GOP platform is just as much BS as the Democratic one. If you think the Democratic Establishment is going to push that platform, then you are among the deceived. And that is sad because you do seem smart.

    Mike, your explanation for Hillary’s vote is pure spin designed to deceive true believers. Hillary is part of the establishment that controls both parties, and so are the Bushs. The Business Roundtable education policy has been implemented with efforts from both parties. It is the same economic elites that benefit from war.

  53. Roger Cornelius

    Since you consider the GOP platform BS, is it a safe assumption that you won’ support it?

  54. Sibson, you’re way out of your element and league. You should really spend more time preaching to your choir. After all, they are the only ones who will ever buy the BS you peddal.

    You’re trying to sell gasoline, here, to people who figuratively own/drive a Tesla. Everyone makes more sense then you – every single time you talk.

  55. 7/15: Hillary Clinton is losing to Donald Trump in polls in important swing states, i.e. Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio despite Trump’s horrible, most recent behavior and terrible campaigning. He must still be trying to lose, and he is winning. Aaargh! There is still time for HRC to be a true public servant and withdraw her name from the Democratic Party Nomination before the Convention for the nation’s sake.

  56. Roger Cornelius

    It is foolish notion to think that Hillary will withdraw her name at this point in the campaign.
    There is still plenty of time to turn those swing states around.

  57. Roger Cornelius of the HRC Faithful. Keep believing that and ignoring the realities – you will feel much better….for now anyway.

  58. Darin Larson

    Leo– put the bottle down. There are far too many days left until the election for you to be drinking heavily each time a new poll comes out.

    “New polls show Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump handily in several key battleground states.”

  59. Roger and Darin, you HRC supporters really know how to win over the Sander’s people with all of your glowing compliments. Go Team! You are so smart and diplomatic. Congratulations.

  60. Darin Larson

    Leo- you come on here trying to say Hillary should withdraw. She prevailed fair and square. What do you want, flowers and chocolates?

    I’m sorry to have to explain this to you, but Hillary and Bernie share similar if not the same views on 90% of the issues. Bernie has moved the party his way. Hillary can get stuff done. They will do better together.

    Trump is an absolute dumpster fire and a danger to everything we hold dear.

  61. Trump is an absolute dumpster fire! That is the point Darin. Trump is beating her in the polls in key swing states, or they are tied. If you cannot see the insanity of that, then I would suggest you are not reading the mood of the electorate correctly. People do not want more of the same because it is not working for them. Polls in swing states actually find Trump to be more honest….which is a complete joke, but what it conveys is that….well you take your time to figure that out. You are smart.

  62. Trump and Bush are about equally stupid, naive, and dishonest.

    Sandra Day O’Connor became upset when the media initially announced that Gore had won Florida, her husband explaining that they would have to wait another four years before retiring to Arizona.[58]

    According to Steven Foster of the Manchester Grammar School:

    On the eve of the election Sandra Day O’Connor had made a public statement that a Gore victory would be a personal disaster for her.

    Clarence Thomas’s wife was so intimately involved in the Bush campaign that she was helping to draw up a list of Bush appointees more or less at the same time as her husband was adjudicating on whether the same man would become the next President.

    Finally, Antonin Scalia’s son was working for the firm appointed by Bush to argue his case before the Supreme Court, the head of which was subsequently appointed as Solictor-General.[59]

    Various ethics experts have asserted that there was no conflict of interest for Justices Clarence Thomas or Antonin Scalia.[60] wiki, of course

  63. Darin Larson

    Leo- Because Trump is doing better than he should be in the polls does not mean we panic and dump our party’s nominee. That is a Trump move. If you notice the national polls, Trump stays about the same, but Hillary goes up and down. She is down after the worst of the email attack weeks, but she will be back up again.

    Trump’s VP choice will do him no favors. Pence actually endorsed Ted Cruz. Even Trump’s running mate didn’t want to vote for him. Pence is the same guy who tried to allow discrimination in his state and had to back off after public pressure and potential loss of business.

    As for public polling and voting outrages, how about this example: Alabama’s constitution still prescribes segregated public schools thanks to two different public votes that failed to get the required votes to amend their constitution.

    Keep calm and vote HRC!

  64. Copied and pasted, and will review on November 9th, Darin. Thanks for your prognostications. Keep calm. I am sure it will all work out after this long, hot summer.

  65. Roger Cornelius

    Leo – the reality, as you call it, is that Hillary has won the nomination. Bernie Sanders has endorsed her and the Democrats have adopted much of Bernie’s platform
    While there is still an active move by some republicans to ‘dump Trump’, there is no such move against Hillary that I know of, except you.
    Trump and now Pence, will continue to make asses of themselves through the campaign. In many ways this campaign has hardly begun.
    If you want to hang out in la la land thinking Hillary will step down, that is your choice, but the reality is that regardless of recent polling it ain’t gonna happen.

  66. Trump got his two cents worth with Pence as that is all a pence is worth. Damn, I am getting snarky.

  67. Darin Larson

    Pence has a 40% approval rating in his own state. The joke that Indiana may vote for the Trump ticket just to get Pence out of Indiana is apropos. Except, I think he already had to drop out of running for reelection for governor to run for VP.

  68. Roger, don’t take me for a fool, your condescension notwithstanding. I did not say that it was going to happen or even likely, I am suggesting that it should happen. Nuance. By the way, we call it the Presumptive Nominee for a reason, so no one has WON/EARNED the nomination yet. Don’t worry, I am not making “any moves” against Hillary Clinton. I am just stating an opinion on a blog site in South Dakota. Just dismiss me as irrelevant, I am merely an attentive, opinionated South Dakotan. What is the fuss? You seem so incensed.

  69. Let me step into Hillary’s shoes and entertain Leo’s suggestion:

    I won more popular votes than my primary opponent and enough delegates to secure the nomination. I have the endorsement of that primary opponent and of the increasingly popular President of the United States. My opponent is Donald Trump, who just nominated a double-down anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-LGBT, anti-diversity white male. Now is an insane time to quit. Now is the time to lead. I will lead my party to victory. I will go to every one of the state’s where the polls show me losing and I will kick Trump’s butt.

  70. In an ideal, logical US political world, I would agree with you Cory. Obviously, I agree with you on these basics that you set forth, but how do you explain these polls? I don’t think we live in that “normal, centrist” world anymore because it is not working. The most basic fact is that people do not trust Hillary Clinton, nor do they like her. Did you hear that? You are a good cheerleader for the South Dakota Dems. Good on ya!

  71. Darin Larson

    Leo- Let me use your perspective here. If people don’t trust or like Hillary, then why did she beat Sanders 28-22 in states won, by 350 delegates, by 550 superdelegates, and by 3.7 million more popular votes? So your recommendation is to pick the loser of the Democratic primary to take on Trump?

  72. Steve Sanchez

    Independent voters, generally, do not like Hillary, her false promises, pledges, or BS responses to questions about all those scandals. I have a good amount of experience dealing with people who are prone to creative storytelling and sorry attempts at justifying their misdeeds. That experience leads me to this. HRC is full of lies and less-than-truths. (I’m not sure even half of what she says is true.) She may – may – prevail. But, unlike the primaries – and DWS be damned, all Independent votes are going to be counted in the general election. So, don’t get too confident just yet.

  73. mike from iowa

    Clinton has yet to be charged with any crimes in over thirty years of right wing interrogations.

    New thug Chaffetz admitted to Bill O’rally that he has no chance of indicting Clinton for perjury-because she didn’t perjure herself. He is still going to waste more time and taxpayer dollars hoping to damage her chances of being elected. That is not the job of congress. It is clearly wingnuts running amok wasting money in the hopes they can nail Clinton for any little crime-like jaywalking.

  74. Steve Sanchez

    Lying, by itself, isn’t a crime. Now, if one is being interviewed under oath by the FBI, well… that’s a different story. Did you hear the one about Hillary’s FBI interview?

  75. mike from iowa

    Yes I did.

  76. mike from iowa

    Wingnut Jason Chaffetz, who pushed the perjury hearing on Clinton, basically admitted to Bill O’reilly that he can’t nail her for perjury because she did not perjure herself.

  77. Darin Larson

    Steve Sanchez– why is it that Trump lies everyday and gets a free pass? It is almost like people expect it of him, so it is no big deal. As Trump said, he could shoot somebody in the street and none of his supporters would care. He has been in lawsuit after lawsuit, bankruptcy after bankruptcy, caught in lie after lie.

    If you are on the wrong side of him, you are Lyin’ Ted. When you get in line behind him, suddenly Lyin’ Ted is a great guy again. He has switched sides on every major issue that I can think of, depending on if he thought it would get him votes or not. His whole life has been about himself and this run for the presidency is just a continuation of that narcissism.

    No Hillary is not without her faults. But she has devoted much of her life to working on issues for the betterment of our citizens. Trump has worked all of his life for the betterment of himself. If a majority of American voters can’t see the plain difference here between Clinton and Trump, then God help us all.

  78. Steve Sanchez

    Nor did she lie under oath. Just sayin’. In fairness, she didn’t answer truthfully under oath, either. Shocker, huh?

  79. Steve Sanchez

    Darin, please don’t confuse me for a fan of Donald Trump. As such, I don’t have a good answer for any of your questions.

  80. Darin Larson

    Steve Sanchez– “Darin, please don’t confuse me for a fan of Donald Trump. As such, I don’t have a good answer for any of your questions.”

    Well, where is your diatribe against Trump then? Why are you being critical of Hillary without examining her GOP rival in comparison?

  81. Steve Sanchez

    Darin – “Sanders Endorses Clinton on Policy… the Way Endorsements Should Be”

  82. mike from iowa

    In fairness, she didn’t answer truthfully under oath, either. Shocker, huh?

    You talking your idea of truthfull? Or is a new standard just for HRC?

  83. Steve Sanchez

    No, mfi. My point was that she was never required to answer questions under oath and there was no recording of the interview. This appears to be a deviation from prior investigations. Perhaps it is the new FBI standard. Perhaps, it isn’t and applies only to some. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  84. mike from iowa

    t’s longstanding FBI policy not to record interviews. Normal practice is for agents to jot notes during an interrogation and then summarize what was said in a Form 302, which you’ll hear John Mica mention here. Why would a federal agency eschew recordings in an age when A/V equipment is ubiquitous? Good question. A lot of civil libertarians have been asking that for a long time. The unhappy truth is that the feds don’t want an objective record of what was said so that, when the case goes to court, it’s the agent’s word against the suspect’s. That reality was so obnoxious that Eric Holder reversed the policy two years ago and permitted agents to begin recording interviews — of suspects who are in custody. Hillary was never in custody. She sat for her interview voluntarily.

  85. Steve Sanchez

    “So, I can just volunteer to go visit with a whole team of seasoned investigators at FBI HQ? Sweet. Where do I sign up?” – This is not how Hillary’s appointment was made almost 2 weeks ago; unless, you believe she sent Bill to talk to Loretta about it a couple days beforehand.

    You’re a good cutter-and-paster, mfi. Good night.

  86. Darin Larson

    Hey Steve Sanchez– if it was you in Hillary’s position, maybe the GOP wouldn’t have spent $10 million investigating your use of a private email server. I’m sure they will be investigating Colin Powell and Conde Rice for their use of private servers just as soon as they have time.

    Do you think they should just hang Hillary on the Mall like this GOP state house member in West Virginia who tweeted: “You should be tried for treason, murder, and crimes against the US Constitution… then hung on the Mall in Washington, DC” –Michael Folk (@MichaelFolk34) July 16, 2016

  87. Steve Sanchez

    Darin Larson, I don’t want to see anyone hung – anywhere. I have a feeling you’re not going to like my answer here, but I want anyone and everyone investigated for intentionality using a private server to store and transmit classified information. When that fact has been determined, I’d also like to see the guilty parties charged with the appropriate crimes.

  88. Darin Larson

    Steve, I guessed you were not the hanging type. :) I think the key here is there is no evidence that Clinton intentionally transmitted classified information on the private server. It was poor judgment to use the private server, but it was similar to what Colin Powell and Conde Rice had done so it is not exactly earth shattering. Someone likely gave Clinton some bad advice on this issue. She is not a techie by my estimation. If you want to know what I suspect without any shred of evidence backing me up, I think the private server was used so she could have the information available for her private memoirs and book in the future. Trump talks about 33,000 missing emails. They aren’t missing; they are on the government computer servers which was the other end of the email chain with Clinton.

    Steve, you act like there hasn’t been an exhaustive investigation by the FBI headed by a Republican with no love for the Clintons. He called her out for bad judgment, but said there was no criminal case to be made here. What more do you want for goodness sake?

  89. Leo, you ask how I would explain the negative poll numbers for Clinton. Sure, I can. So can Steve and Darin. So can 25 years of a GOP spin machine cranked to 11 and dedicated to the proposition that all Clintons are created evil.

    But as a candidate who has won the primaries, secured the nomination, and raised millions of dollars to lead my party to victory, I don’t look at those polls and say, “Oh, darn, I’m not ahead, I guess I’ll quit.” I work harder. I raise more money. I recruit more staff an volunteers. I mount a fifty-state strategy to spread the field and sap my weaker opponent’s will and resources. I arm every state and local candidate I can with resources to ensure they can not only overcome and negative impacts from being associated with my brand but can, if they choose, turn our shared brand into coattails (or maybe even get creative and look for ways to ride the coattails of good local candidates and popular ballot measures). I counter 25 years of GOP spin with facts, contend that I’m actually going to do a pretty competent job as President, and point out that the other candidate is worse than Barry Goldwater with his finger on the nuclear button (yes, I run the Daisy ad).

    I also nominate Elizabeth Warren as VP.

  90. Quite tired of GOP operatives subverting Democratic Party and Progressive ideals and policies whether by the hand of Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, or Ann Tornberg! Talk about your “shared brand” all you like, but that is not happening, not in this progressive’s mind. The only candidate left in this Presidential race with any integrity and who fights for the people of this nation is Dr. Jill Stein, and I am with HER!

    Hillary Clinton is not working for my vote – she is working for her corporate masters/allies/friends. I vehemently oppose the TPP & TTIP and want a ban on fracking. She gives me that and a Bernie Sanders VP slot, then maybe I could be swayed to change my mind. Of course, she won’t, and even if she said she would, she wouldn’t. We don’t trust her.

  91. Darin Larson

    Bernie Sanders hit it out of the park tonight. He gets it. His issues are carried forward through the Democratic platform and through Hillary Clinton’s presidency. His issues are her issues.

    Although Bernie was great, Michelle Obama stole the night with her speech. Truly powerful and moving. Best speech by a first lady that I can remember.

  92. Darin Larson

    Trump is taking lessons from Sibby when he says on Twitter tonight: “Sad to watch Bernie Sanders abandon his revolution.” But Bernie can’t count on the Russians for assistance with a revolution like Trump can.

    What would truly be sad is if Bernie’s revolution comes to nothing because of a Trump presidency. The only thing more insane than doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is to do the exact opposite of what your cause is all about. Trump and Bernie might be the outsiders, but Bernie and Hillary are bosom buddies on 95% of public policy. So if the Bernie supporters want Bernie’s policies to prevail they will support Hillary in the final analysis. Secretary of Labor for Bernie or Secretary of Treasury?

  93. Roger Cornelius


    How about Senate Majority Leader if we take the senate

    I like Sanders as Treasury Secretary tool

  94. mike from iowa

    So when do we get false reports of Michelle’s plagiarizing someone else’s speeches?

  95. Darin Larson

    Roger, good point. Senate Majority Leader it is!

  96. “Leo, you ask how I would explain the negative poll numbers for Clinton. Sure, I can. So can Steve and Darin. So can 25 years of a GOP spin machine cranked to 11 and dedicated to the proposition that all Clintons are created evil.”

    Couldn’t be any of her or the DNC’s actions. Nope, has to be the GOP’s fault. Clinton is definitely faultless here.

  97. Don Coyote

    @Darin, Roger: “Roger, good point. Senate Majority Leader it is!”

    Highly unlikely since Ol’ Snowball isn’t even registered as a Democrat and is a ranking member on only two committees. He’ll also have to duke it out with Chuck Schumer who has Harry Reid’s and Dick Durbin’s support for the next Senate Democrat leader after Reid retires in January.

  98. Sanders would make a good Secretary of Labor in the coming Clinton Administration. I’m not a Clinton fan, but if Trump doesn’t get the minority vote Hillary wins in a landslide. Ohio is polling for Hillary with steady numbers. As goes Ohio, so goes the nation.

  99. No way, no appointment. Leave Bernie Sanders in the Senate. Hold that seat, lead that revolution from the Legislative Branch.