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Sanders Backing Legislative Candidates, Including Clara Hart!

Bernie Sanders is moving to expand his revolution from cult of personality to a broader effort to elect progressives downticket. Yesterday Sanders sent supporters an e-mail urging them to donate to eight progressive legislative candidates across the country. Among those lucky eight is South Dakota’s own awesome Clara Hart, who is contending for a District 6 House Seat.

Bernie for State Candidates, ActBlue screen cap, 2016.05.25
Bernie for State Candidates, ActBlue screen cap, 2016.05.25

The ActBlue page set up for this contribution call says that the Sanders campaign will split the take evenly among the Sanders Presidential campaign and the eight lucky state candidates.

I have to say, I am envious. Any South Dakota candidate should thrill to the opportunity to have a national figure helping raise money for a state legislative race. Tapping resources beyond the usual South Dakota Democratic donor base can make a huge difference in challenging the demoralizing and corrupting one-party rule of the South Dakota Republican Party.

Now let’s see how well those Sanders supporters can put their money where their mouth is.


  1. Douglas Wiken 2016-05-25 10:51

    Sanders campaign has always been more than a cult of personality. Trump support might partially result from cult of personality. Hillary opposition may be result of no personality.

    Maybe you can get Hillary operation to dump some money into your campaign coffers.

  2. Troy 2016-05-25 11:11


    You raise a really perceptive point. As both of us go back a few years and are a bit old school with regard to elective politics, I’ve thought the same thing subconsciously but you brought it to the forefront. I probably missed it because Sanders has been outside the Democratic Party (Independent who caucused with Democrats). And, for that reason it is ironic.

    In the past, direct affiliations (whether with persons (candidates or officeholders) or special interest groups (in Dem case groups like unions) ultimately served the higher cause (i.e. electing democrats). In the last few years, the parties have subordinated their “cause” to that of the specific groups. The result is the frustration with the individual that their interest is subordinated to the interest of the amalgamation of affiliated groups.

    Both Trump and Sanders have a overall message that their interest is the individual and aggregate of individuals vs. group interests. Unlike Bernie, because Hillary’s coordinated efforts seem to have either a quid pro quo or is articulated in “group speak”, Hillary (and Cruz) don’t/didn’t have the transedental appeal.

    Doug, you are smarter than most give you credit for. :)

  3. Paul T 2016-05-25 19:19

    Don’t be envious for long Cory, I think Bernie is going to have at least four years of lengthening out his coattails. As we speak, there are Bernie inspired state candidate PACs shaping up across the country. Who needs Bernie’s endorsement if the revolution will come to us?

  4. Douglas Wiken 2016-05-25 20:35

    “Doug, you are smarter than most give you credit for. :)”
    Thanks, but that may not be saying much.

  5. Troy 2016-05-26 06:57


    Yes, but you could just be under appreciated. What I value most is when someone says something especially perceptive not seen or said by anyone else. And, when what is said brings clarity to something I had been having trouble articulating or grasping, it is a golden nugget.

    The phenomenon of Bernie and Trump are a function of many things which are likely complementary and to some degree inter-related. Timing is right (which is what most people are focusing on). An ability to connect is clear to me (not discussed that much) for reasons that are debatable. But, I sensed something more and your comment gave me that insight.

    I know I’m in a big minority (like maybe by myself) but I still think the odds are high Sanders or Biden will be the Dem nominee. The inability of HRC (like Cruz) to connect just isn’t going to change and they have a hard time getting commitment beyond those who think ideologically (a smaller % of the body politic) than people like us who read and post on blogs.

  6. Good Sense 2016-05-26 09:15

    Do you suppose the news (already known by most) that HRC violated many, many rules concerning emails and servers will have any effect on her campaign? Or do many of her supporters don’t care that she broke the rules?

  7. mike from iowa 2016-05-26 09:22

    State Dept says many of the issues are SYSTEMIC.m That means they have been problems since before HRC.
    …Rice and Colin Powell have not released their private emails as requested by the State Dept Inspector General. Gonna hang them,too?

  8. Douglas Wiken 2016-05-26 12:20

    Hang em all, short and tall.

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