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Spink County Commission Hears Two Residents on Deep Borehole Field Test Tuesday Morning

Spink County residents, are you ready to take up the challenge to maintain the participation and oversight necessary to hold the U.S. Department of Energy, Battelle, and the School of Mines to their word that they won’t do geological research on nuclear-waste-disposal technology in Spink County without your consent? Then read up on the science of the Deep Borehold Field Test and come to the Spink County Commission meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, May 3, at the courthouse in Redfield.

According to the commission’s agenda, the meeting starts at 8:30. After grinding through a couple hours of regular business—state’s atttorney’s update, sheriff’s discussion of fees for copies, a zoning request from Lance Fuhrman and Thomas Willie Dvorak to install ten RV hookups—the Spink County Commission will turn its attention to two Tulare residents who want to talk about the Deep Borehole Field Test. Jamie Fisk is slated to speak at 10:45 a.m. Deb Schultz is on at 11:00 a.m. Fisk opposes the project, according to KSFY.

It may be worth noting that the Spink County Commission showed itself willing to accommodate the environmentally hazardous Dakota Access Bakken oil pipeline with approval at its March 15 meeting of oversize hauling on its roads and ten applications from the pipeliners to occupy rights of way in the county. Dakota Access is also building a pumping station south of Redfield, which has won the favor of local officials with its promise of eight jobs. In the materials it circulated at last week’s public meetings in Tulare and Redfield, Battelle claims that it will spend about $1 million in and around Spink County during its five-year lease of private land for its drilling project and up to $10 million on materials and services statewide.

Say, on those RV hookups: I notice that the Spink County Commission’s last meeting included a request from Terry Clark, Brian McFadden, and Jamie Akin to install 12 RV utility hookups. Hmmm: what if Battelle has a secret plot to put their engineers in RVs for 90 days and gets them to vote to create their own science town, New Los Alamos?

To find out if the Spink County Commission is ready to take any position on the Deep Borehole Field Test, come to the meeting at the courthouse in Redfield tomorrow morning, with the good part starting at 10:45.

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