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Caleb Finck, District 19’s Good-Time Charlina

Let’s get this out of the way….

Pat Powers mocks Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jay Williams and GOP black sheep and alleged District 19 Senate candidate Stace Nelson for subpar online content.

Yet at the drop of a press release, he fundraises for novice District 3 Senate candidate and Rounds errand-boy Caleb Finck, whose Facebook photos would not rise to Pat’s standards for social media image management:

Caleb Finck enjoying beer, Facebook, 2014.07.14
Caleb Finck enjoying beer, Facebook, 2014.07.14
Caleb Finck, Hobo Days Homelycoming Queen, 2014
Caleb Finck, Hobo Days Homelycoming Queen, 2014
Caleb Finck, Homelycoming swimsuit competition, 2014
Caleb Finck, SDSU Homelycoming swimsuit competition, 2014
Caleb Finck in drag, SDSU, 2013
Caleb Finck in drag, SDSU, 2013

Whether it’s Hobo Days or just another Friday night, everybody’s entitled to have some fun. But if Finck’s frolicry is fine with Powers, then he should get the heck off Jay Williams’s case.

As for Finck and his potential District 19 Senate primary opponent Stace Nelson, well, I dread the debate they may have over House Bill 1008.


  1. Roger Cornelius 2016-03-19

    Caleb seems to be enjoying his drag role way too much!

  2. grudznick 2016-03-19

    That young fellow almost seems to need to have the Ohmdal head treatment. Which rest room does he use?

  3. Rorschach 2016-03-19

    That doughboy doesn’t have just one drag outfit. He has a whole drag wardrobe. Where’d he get all those lady clothes that fit? PP lives in Brookings doesn’t he?

  4. Rorschach 2016-03-19

    Anyway, I’m the popularest guy in the group. Big a$$ stomach. B*****es think I’m cute. 50 told me to do situps to get buff. Did 2 1/2 and couldn’t get up.

  5. mike from iowa 2016-03-19

    Has similar appearance to Texas congressweasel,Blake Farenthold. He of ducky pajama and underage girl fame.

  6. Loren 2016-03-20

    Cripes, how do I un-see that????

  7. Spike 2016-03-20

    I’m with you Loren,

    Always appreciate your stuff Corey, but geeez…. lol

    Looks to me like our guy Caleb will fit right in Pierre.

    On a much more pleasant note. Happy Spring to all

  8. mike from iowa 2016-03-20

    Sign up and run,Spike,run for the lege. That would be worth winning the lottery and moving to South Dakota to vote you in. Might just be the inspiration I need to win the lottery.

  9. grudznick 2016-03-20

    I like the picture of Mr. Finck with the you SDSU queen. The makeup he is wearing along with the cameraman’s skill with angles makes his head look way too big even for his body. It is like an optical illusion magic shot. Well done.

  10. Loren 2016-03-20

    Grudz, are you sure that is an optical illusion?? :-)

  11. owen reitzel 2016-03-20

    I guess I don’t really have a problem with any of the pictures.
    Being a resident of District 19 I’m more interested in his views. Since he’s a Marion Mike Rounds disciple I’m guessing he’ll talk in vague terms and he’ll say a lot without really won’t say anything.
    What will be interesting is how he does in debates against Stace. Stace will surely use the RINO moniker and bring up abortion over and over again. It’ll be interesting how Finck will handle it.
    It’ll be fun to go and watch.
    Plus I don’t give a crap what Pat Powers thinks.

  12. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-03-20

    Spike! Indeed, Happy Spring!

    You know, Owen, I can go with you on not minding the pictures. As I said, everyone’s entitled to some fun, especially during Hobo Days. And I certainly don’t care what Pat Powers thinks, since there’s not much thinking there, just sitting up and barking to please his masters. But we owe those who care what Powers “thinks” reminders like the above of Pat’s inconsistency.

  13. scott 2016-03-20

    Dean Vernon Wormer: Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

  14. private richard 2016-03-20

    That Caleb’s pretty dern cute for a guy. I imagine republicans in his district will vote him in to our pretty dern good state legislature because he probably has some pretty dern good connections.

  15. Troy 2016-03-21


    I think both of you are guilty selectively using unflattering pictures of people pulled from places like Facebook to paint those you disagree with in a negative light.

  16. Rorschach 2016-03-21

    You don’t get it Troy. Cory is pointing out PP’s hypocrisy here. It’s very low hanging froot in this instance.

  17. Troy 2016-03-21


    Pat uses unflattering pictures. Cory uses unflattering pictures. Neither can throw stones without being a hypocrite.

  18. Rorschach 2016-03-21

    You think the pictures of Finck are unflattering? Is it the old lady helmet in the top photo you object to?

  19. mike from iowa 2016-03-21

    Troy,are you suggesting there are flattering pictures of this guy out there?

  20. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-03-21

    Troy, Pat uses unflattering pictures. I point out the unflattering pictures that Pat chooses to ignore for his personal and political reasons. You should bring that up at your next editorial meeting (especially since you’re the only one bringing reasonable, principled political commentary to DWC).

  21. Dave 2016-03-21

    Troy, be a good guy and leave a comment on DWC pointing out PP’s hypocrisy, won’t you?

  22. Troy 2016-03-21

    It is not so much about hypocrisy as it is just taking something personal. likely out of context, for a political purpose. My main reason for not liking them is it brings out the worst in people as they pounce on it in ways that don’t serve any discussion of the issues.

    While I don’t like the use of such pictures, I don’t recall Pat criticizing Cory for using unflattering pictures but he may have. When he did use one about Jay Williams, I defended Jay as a person and his fun-loving nature (from which the picture appears to have been an example of). While I’ve probably known Jay my entire life but haven’t seen him for maybe 20 years, my earliest memory of him (might have been his brother Bill) was him showing me how to play a board game he had gotten for Christmas. I still remember how “cool” it was to go into a high school guys room. Haven’t thought about that in years. As I think about it now, I think it was just basic kindness as my younger brother and sister were close to his sisters’ ages and I probably had nobody to be with.

    You will note that coincidentally on the DWC some posters (not Pat) made derogatory comments about a candidate and her picture today and I did say that it was inappropriate. I don’t know the time but I might have done so before I even commented here.

    For the record, I don’t think when CH transposes a politicians face on a cartoon for satire, that is out of line unless it is mean-spirited in a personal way. Humor is a legitimate means for making political points.

  23. grudznick 2016-03-21

    Messrs. H and Troy, I really have no problem with pictures in general and feel the flattering and unflattering aspects are probably relative and subjective.

    But when Mr. H says that Mr. Troy is the “only fellow bringing reasonable, principled political commentary” to Mr. PP’s blogging site, that is subjective and just downright inaccurate.

    The fact of the matter is that Mr. H posts as many unflattering pictures and blogging headlines as the next guy. It’s all about partisan politics and is Mr. H’s right, of course. But he’s less objective than…say…the Argus Leader. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but we should all be honest about it.

  24. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-03-22

    Troy, I’ll try to keep those cartoons coming. ;-)

    Grudz, I have always been honest about my subjectivity.

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