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Sanders Supporters Dominate Delegate Picks in Aberdeen; Stroschien Explains “Superdelegates”

District 3 chair Jennifer Slaight-Hansen (standing, right), explains the delegate selection process to interested candidates, with help from District 2 chair Sharon Stroschien (standing, left). Aberdeen, SD, 2016.03.12.
District 3 chair Jennifer Slaight-Hansen (standing, right), explains the delegate selection process to interested candidates, with help from District 2 chair Sharon Stroschien (standing, left). Aberdeen, SD, 2016.03.12.

Democrats from Legislative Districts 2 and 3 gathered in Aberdeen this morning to select delegates for the statewide Presidential caucus taking place in Pierre next weekend.

The District 3 caucus selected five delegates for Senator Bernie Sanders: Joseph Berns, Monica Hale, Stephanie Hollatz, Jerome Roemmick, and Justin Roemmick. District 3 named one Hillary Clinton delegate, Jennifer Slaight-Hansen.

The District 2 caucus selected one Sanders delegate, Cully Williams, and one uncommitted delegate, Caroline Hansen.

Williams took a moment to explain why he is backing Sanders:

Monica Hale says Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are both good candidates, but protecting the planet from fracking tilts her to Sanders:

Joseph Berns boils his support for Sanders down to a nice, tight elevator pitch:

Democratic national committeewoman for the state of South Dakota Sharon Stroschein is super, and she is a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, but she’s not a “superdelegate”. Stroschein explains that’s a press term, and that the proper term is “unpledged” delegates:

Stroschein endorsed Barack Obama before the primary in 2008, but she says she hasn’t thrown in with either Clinton or Sanders yet. She does note that in her travels around the state, she is hearing more Bernie buzz, but she says either Clinton or Sanders would be solid candidates. Casting a wary eye toward the Republican circus, Stroschein admits to hoping early on that the GOP might surrender the election by nominating Trump, but now Trump is getting “so scary” that she could prefer Cruz as our general election punching bag.


  1. Mark Winegar 2016-03-12 18:27

    Bernie Sanders wins Clay County.

    Bernie – 4
    Hillary – 0
    Undeclared – 2

  2. John Kennedy Claussen 2016-03-12 19:32

    District 12

    Bernie – 7
    Hillary – 2
    Undeclared – 0

    Total attendance was 10 for Bernie and 2 for Hillary.

  3. Jeff Barth 2016-03-12 21:57

    District 25

    Bernie – 3
    Hillary – 2
    Undeclared – 1

    Attendance was 7
    The only folk actually wishing to go to Pierre were the 2 Clinton people.

  4. Jeff Barth 2016-03-12 22:00

    I am of the opinion that Bernie has a good chance to win the SD primary but Hillary Clinton will win as many or more delegates than the Senator.

  5. Shawn M Colson 2016-03-12 22:53

    District 13.
    Sanders 17
    Clinton 3
    Undecided 1

  6. Don Coyote 2016-03-12 22:59

    By June SD will be meaningless. Dream on Bernie supporters.

  7. jerry 2016-03-12 23:07

    Dream on indeed. Hey man, speaking of dreaming, I had a dream that having Medicaid Expansion would actually bring jobs to the state and increase the income to the state of South Dakota by millions. I got that from believing in the progressive left’s way of thinking and of course, reality. Here is what is going in smart states. Try that dreaming stuff Don and actually pull your head out so you can breath before dreaming.

  8. leslie 2016-03-13 20:34

    Trump is just like geo. Bush, sara palin and dan quail. Manipulated by handlers. Dangerous. Otoh, ted Cruz Is Seriously Smart, like Scalia Was. Cruz Has Substantial Legal And Political Experience, is MUCH smarter, sinister and the risk of his double speak running against either Hillary OR Bernie, frightens me. Imo

  9. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-03-14 09:57

    Interesting note from Jeff on District 25: are Sanders folks excited enough to go to Pierre, to engage in the tedious, time-consuming parts of the process?

  10. John McNaughton 2016-03-15 05:12

    From what I have seen so far each district has more Delegates for the Senator than for the Secretary. I know for my own District 20 two of us for the Senator and one of us (because it is STILL an us folks we are all Democrats) one of us for the Secretary came to the local caucus looking to go to Pierre and that seems to be the trend in most Districts I have heard about .

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