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District 13 Legislator Says He Lives in District 15

An attentive reader goes looking for his state legislator’s address. A denizen of District 13, Attentive Reader finds he is represented by The Next Governor of the Great State of South Dakota G. Mark Mickelson. (That “G” stands for Grandson.) Attentive Reader jots down the home address listed on the Legislative Research Council website, but pauses midway through…

Rep. G. Mark Mickelson contact info 20160209

Attentive Reader knows his way around Sioux Falls and its gerrymandered legislative districts. Attentive Reader knows 101 N. Main is north of District 13…

Central Sioux Falls Legislative Districts
Central Sioux Falls Legislative Districts (click to embiggen!)

Would you look at that? If you could believe everything you read on the Internet, you’d have to conclude from Rep. Mickelson’s address that he lives good Democratic District 15 and couldn’t be eligible to run for office in District 13. Attentive Reader might have to go grab a petition to run to fill that vacancy.

Fortunately, we know that Republicans from Sioux Falls say some pretty incredible things. Attentive Reader, thanks for checking the map!


  1. larry kurtz 2016-02-09

    omg. he’s kinda cute, init?

  2. larry kurtz 2016-02-09

    but i’m in a committed relationship and boys are just so dumb.

  3. Gail L. Swenson 2016-02-09

    The address listed is Mickelson & Company, LLC, his place of work. Here is the website:

  4. jake 2016-02-09

    These guys have rigged the game in Pierre for so long they think they can be get by with any kind of sh– and they are above it ll. The ignorance and arrogance is beyond the believable. He HAD to know this when he put in his papers to run for certain.

  5. Cody Johnson 2016-02-09

    Can I please have Suzy Blake back!

  6. mike from iowa 2016-02-09


  7. Nick Nemec 2016-02-09

    I suspect this is his business address rather than a home address. Where is he registered to vote?

  8. Les 2016-02-09

    Check the county tax records on them. Owner occupied or non. That in my opinion is the residency issue for elected officials.

  9. grudznick 2016-02-09

    This is the kind of French Logic that will get you beaten by Sen. Sibby on the floors of legislatures, Mr. H. First, what the LRC puts on a website probably doesn’t hold a candle to your swearings and notarizing on petitions. Second, young Mr. Mickelson probably lives somewhere else and not in a bank or the business district or slum zone of Sioux Falls. I’m just sayin…

  10. grudznick 2016-02-09

    Mr. Claussen. I question any address on a contact website by the LRC as an “official address.” That’s just downright scary. Those are the people who wrote law bills about astrology. Just because it’s on a website, I have learned, does not mean it is correct.

  11. John K Claussen 2016-02-09

    Well, it is obvious, or should I say I am confident, that Mr. Mickelson and Mr. Omdahl do actually live in the legislative districts of 13 and 11, respectively. But the real issue is not a question of carpetbagging or dual residency, rather the issue is how this reality concerning the addresses suggests the sloppiness, the indifference, and perhaps the arrogance which comes from governing in a reality of one party rule in a state for over 40 years. That is why it is imperative that as Democrats that we have candidates at all levels running for office in South Dakota in 2016 from the US Senate all the way down to dog catcher, in order, to restore an equilibrium to our state political system, which all good Republicans, Democrats, and Independents can appreciate and definitely deserve.

  12. grudznick 2016-02-09

    Mr. Claussen, you misunderstand my point. Perhaps I have not figured out how to communicate it in a manner that is easily understood by you. My theory is this:

    Mr. Mickelson lives wherever he lives in that district he represents.
    He has an office he uses as his primary contact in some other crappy part of Sioux Falls.
    He put that office on a list for the LRC to mail him his pay check or other paper work.
    They put it on the web.

    I would suggest you and Mr. H, who is very tight with Ms. Krebs by the way, contact the State Secretary Office and demand a list of Mr. Mickelson’s addresses. Do it right away. I’m just sayin…

  13. Curtis Price 2016-02-10

    White Pages lists his address as 2901 S 5th Ave

  14. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-02-10

    Cody, you can if you vote for her (and get five thousand other people to do the same)!

  15. Kathy 2016-02-10

    Usually, legislators have an office at the capitol and that’s where you would write to them. In other states, where legislators meet most of the year, and being a lawmaker is a full-time job, this happens. But since South Dakota’s legislative session is only for a couple months and once a year, so it would kind of make sense to have a PO box or have it sent to another address besides home. That said, if you’re not using your home address as your official contact address, that address should still be in your own district.

  16. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-02-10

    Grudz, how dare you suggest that LRC, the keepers of our online statutory archives, would post anything less than accurate information. I would suggest the burden for accuracy falls on the shoulders of Mickelson and Omdahl. Rep. Mickelson has voted for HB 1123, which requires the unique publication of abortion clinic inspections. If an abortion clinic attempted to hide its actual address by providing a P.O. Box or some other alias address, I’ll bet he and his colleagues would raise a stink and accuse Planned Parenthood of all sorts of nefariousness. Honesty in addresses! Roar! ;-)

  17. mike from iowa 2016-02-10

    If N Main is his business address,is it legal and ethical to backhandedly advertise your business on your political bio?

  18. Craig 2016-02-10

    I am assuming the standard web template includes the text “home address” but in this case Mickelson opted to use his business address for correspondence. Is this really something we should care about? It isn’t as if he is advertising his business, but if someone did want to reach him they would have a better chance of finding him there during business hours. It appears his home address is within his district so there are no rules being broken here.

    As far as Omdahl, his physical home address is also within the district he represents. So again, no rules being broken. I really can’t fault these guys for wanting to use PO boxes or business addresses because they still have a right to a certain separation between their private lives and their public roles in the legislature. Democrat or Republican this shouldn’t be an issue and we should only care in those cases where someone actually lives outside the district he or she represents.

    I won’t condone any witch hunting and I won’t even post their home addresses, but if you know how to use the Interactive maps on the website you can verify for yourself. It is all a matter of public record.

  19. Donald Pay 2016-02-10

    I grew up in the neighborhood north of 33rd on 4th Avenue. That was a middle class neighborhood. Once you crossed 33rd you got newer housing and higher income folks. Mickelson lives in some of the nicest housing in that district. I remember running through the nice lawns there as a teen and we were up to no good. The trees there have grown to just the right height.

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